Cách tải và chơi game zingspeed mobile trên pc đơn giản, chi tiết


This is how to lớn install ZingSpeed ​​Mobile on TGB and ZingSpeed ​​mobile control instructions on GameLoop

ZingSpeed ​​mobile inherited most of the highlights of brother ZingSpeed ​​PC, from manipulation, skill sets from low lớn high & familiar play styles such as Plot, Props Racing, Speed ​​Racing, Fighting Class.

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One of the highlights of ZingSpeed ​​Mobile is the combination of music and racing. This is what appeared on ZingSpeed ​​PC ten years ago. You can listen lớn hot tracks on the chart or from your own music library.

And although it is a thiết bị di động version, but ZingSpeed ​​Mobile also takes care of every graphic detail for characters or cars, trendy fashion sets . To attract & give players an interesting experience. .

Currently ZingSpeed ​​thiết bị di động is available on Android & iOS operating systems, if you want lớn try on the trachồng in ZingSpeed ​​Mobile on your computer, you can install và play ZingSpeed ​​sản phẩm điện thoại in Tencent Gaming Buddy Android emulator (GameLoop) according to instructions down here.

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Instructions for installing & playing ZingSpeed ​​Mobile on PC with GameLoop

Download ZingSpeed ​​mobile for iOSDownload ZingSpeed ​​sản phẩm điện thoại for Android

Step 1: Download the Tencent Gaming Buddy software then install the software on your PC. Go khổng lồ My Games và select ZingSpeed ​​Smartphone.


Then clichồng Install khổng lồ install ZingSpeed ​​di động on GameLoop.


If you want to lớn play ZingSpeed ​​mobile, you must install Google Installer on the GameLoop emulator.


If you don"t see Google Installer , please update Tencent Gaming Buddy khổng lồ the lachạy thử version, then go khổng lồ Settings> Basic settings và select Multiple Games, clichồng save sầu và then restart TGB and see the results.

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After completing the installation of ZingSpeed ​​Mobile, start the game, select the character & gender appearance with six icons around the character. Write down the character name below & cliông chồng Create character .


Next is to lớn start your journey with four navigation keys, Shift with Shift và use Nitro with the Ctrl key.


To learn more about the function keys in the game, clichồng on the keyboard icon in the toolbar.


Here you can edit the function keys that are mounted on each position on the control inhỏ of ZingSpeed ​​thiết bị di động. Done editing, click the xanh Save sầu button in the edit panel.


For other games in the game lượt thích Skill, Achievement, PET . you can use the mouse khổng lồ cliông xã.


Now you can enter & participate in the races with gamers in ZingSpeed ​​di động. If your configuration is not healthy, turn off the unused programs lớn run ZingSpeed ​​Smartphone on the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator smoother.


If you"ve sầu ever played racing games then you"ll see how ZingSpeed ​​Mobile"s controls on Tencent Gaming Buddy are somewhat similar lớn the controls of most racing games.

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So when you have the experience of "driving" on those titles, you will get used to faster with ZingSpeed ​​điện thoại. In addition khổng lồ ZingSpeed ​​Mobile, you can also experience many other games on GameLoop such as PUBG mobile, Lien Quan mobile, Garena Free Fire .

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