Compatible processors with gigabyte z370 aorus gaming 7


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flawless operation for years now, stylewise its on the more "gamer" side but is tame. The rgb is whatever i phối it lớn mono color to lớn match a theme, looks good some neat lighting accents on the board. All preference though


Some of the LED accents on the board have sầu started crapping out on me, but functionally it"s fine. Kindomain authority wish I had gone with an ASRock Taiđưa ra.


The board gets the job done, but I have sầu not been impressed with the UEFI bgame ios. the Interface is laggy, & the người control has limited options. I"ve sầu also had lớn rodeo the người setting a couple of times, post bgame ios update.

The driver support has been a bit of a pain too. This probably has something to bởi with a combination of the Specter và Meltdown vulnerabilities, that Hãng sản xuất Intel has been addressing through btiện ích ios updates and the constant barge of forced Win10 updates. On more then one occasion, I"ve had to lớn mess with the audio drivers.

Had khổng lồ uninstall the RGB Fusion software, because it was causing DPC latency issues.

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Found a deal on it that I simply could not pass up. This board was designed with the six-core/12-thread i7-8700k in mind, however it has zero issues pushing the 8-core/16-thread i9-9900K to 5 GHz on all cores.

Had this motherboard for about a year now & its been roông xã solid. Has every connector you will ever need. Lots of người headers, 3 M.2 slots và tons of customizable LED"s onboard.

Purchased "Gaming 7-0P" variant with 32GB of optane memory for less than the cost of the standard Gaming 7 version.

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The user guide for the install on this was top notch, it made connecting the components a breeze. Well labeled & the colors on the board look stunning.

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