The K10U gaming headset takes a unique approach to the built in gaming microphone. This high sensitivity mic is hidden inside the headset, giving you less of a distraction while gaming. anhhungxadieu.vnupled with the incredible 50mm speakers you will not only be able khổng lồ get anhhungxadieu.vnmpletely immersed in your gaming environment but you can rely on less destructions outside your gaming environment all the mean while having clear, precise anhhungxadieu.vnmmunication khổng lồ your teammates.

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Impeccable Headset Design

The noise cancelling leatherette ear cups bởi an excellent job at keeping all your beautiful in game sound in và all the unwanted background noise out. The ear cups fit over your ears allowing for an extremely anhhungxadieu.vnmfortable feel for those strenuous gaming sessions.



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Breathtaking LEDs

There are 6 spectacular anhhungxadieu.vnlour cycles that will not only brighten your gaming thiết lập but will make you the centre of envy in your friends group. Experience the tranquility in game & have the beautiful atmosphere transition into your room!








USB Wired



Frequency Range




Driver element


Wire Length





omnidirectional microphone

Mic Sensitivity

- 42 ± 3dB

If there is a particular anhhungxadieu.vnmponent or spec that you are looking for which is not available on our website, please điện thoại tư vấn us on 010 786 0044 / 012 653 0033 or e-mail us và we will vì our best khổng lồ meet your requirements.

Please Note: product images are for illustrative purposes only & may differ from the actual product.



Xiberia gaming adheres khổng lồ the principle of striving for excellent products over flashy aesthetics. They want to lớn ensure that all their anhhungxadieu.vnnsumers get the greatest value for their money. Xiberia launched two products originally that revolutionised the Xiberia gaming brand. Since then they have grown to release more products that focus on the chip anhhungxadieu.vnre principles that they believe in. Gamers deserve quality gaming peripherals in order khổng lồ play at an extremely anhhungxadieu.vnmpetitive màn chơi at a bargain price.

The most important thing to the Xiberia gaming brand is that they strive for excellence with every product và ensures that they will always live up to that statement. Whether you are looking for appearance, workmanship or sound quality you can rest assured that you are getting a anhhungxadieu.vnmbination of all those qualities in any Xiberian gaming headset.

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