Released 2017, May 150g, 8.7mm thickness app android 6.0.1, up khổng lồ 7.1.2, MIUI 11 16GB/32GB/64GB storage, microSDXC 4.3% 17,561,865 hits 5.0"
areTrueX}w20 Mar 2022

One of the most solid android phone. Nowadays the screen are getting bigger & biggers maybe the next time it come close khổng lồ tablet size & it sucks you can't type with 1 handed anymore. For non gaming và productive activity this phone was the one of top choice, big battery capacity (even for 2022 standar), quite kích cỡ just perfectly 5inch và not wide (still can put on the pocket), infrared (control tv, ac, any electronic devices supported). Still recomended lớn buy và change with the newest custom rom version for uptodate don't using mặc định obsolete system. Waiting any similar size to this for the next release with better new uptodate hardware no matter what the brand is & come from.

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AnonymousPBb25 Jan 2022

Iruzz, 02 Jan 20222022 anyone ??? still using the 2/16 mã sản phẩm since 2018, never had any issues, still the same sc... MoreI'm still using Redmi 4x but it's a secondary phone. My main phone is mày 8 Lite, i'm using the 2/16 when i first time bought it, it has about 3-4 GB of available storage. But after updated to Miui 11 it has 6gb but now become 3gb i like this phone because it's fun, it has Infrared and it can play mobile legends so fun without any issues. But when i'm using the tempered glass the cảm biến isn't responsible so i decided for not using the tempered glasses

AnonymousrKN23 Jan 2022

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2022Typing on Redmi 4X 3/32. About 4.5 years passed since I bought this phone. It's a very go... MoreFlash custom rom in it.

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djukan0uV19 Jan 2022

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2022Typing on Redmi 4X 3/32. About 4.5 years passed since I bought this phone. It's a very go... Morehi, bởi vì you know which model now is continue line from redmi 4x?

Anonymousp6J06 Jan 2022

Typing on Redmi 4X 3/32. About 4.5 years passed since I bought this phone. It's a very good phone, everything is original: battery, screen, etc. But it constantly freezes in different apps when I actively use it. This phone would be super cool for using in light mode. I guess, one more year và I'll have lớn switch khổng lồ something else. So yeah, awesome device, but it's old và I'm already feeling it.

ArchiebaldS3$03 Jan 2022

Yep, still rocking the Redmi 4X 4Gb ram 64Gb rom. It's absolutely insane how much value for money this device gives. Bought it in Juli 2017 for €150,- and more than 4,5 years later it runs perfectly smooth. Gcam mod shoots decent pictures, even better compared to lớn cheap budget phones today. Battery lasts 2 days for me because I don't use it that much but with some background restrictions and half the brightness it still gives about 7/8 hours screen on time, which is also decent for today's standards. Great custom roms are still being made & this way until today it has always had the latest security patches and runs app android 11 at the moment. How the hell on earth that is possible for a €150,- almost 5 years old is a mystery but I'm not complaining:)

KiP02 Jan 2022

2022 anyone ??? still using the 2/16 model since 2018, never had any issues, still the same screen, the battery, never any repairment, performance still good, still manage to lớn a full daily lite usage, anyone the same?

KiP02 Jan 2022


IruzhKiP02 Jan 2022

at this very moment I'm texting on this device, the screen, the speaker, are still good, the battery maybe a bit lower but still manage lớn a full day usage, anyone the same?

ubet7A20 Dec 2021

avatar, 14 Dec 2021no fast charging support for this modelits obvious cuz its a budget phone and 2017 phone model, dumb.

alex33J18 Dec 2021

Carla, 12 Mar 2020please tell me how to remove the back cover so I can get lớn SIM card.I dropped phone in wa... Moreno need to mở cửa cover just turn on side và look for tiny hole,after stick small needle in the whole & card will release .

avatarN1a14 Dec 2021

does all redmi 4x owners noticed good wifi signal, mines beats all other phones about connecting to internet via wifi on very weak signal

avatarN1a14 Dec 2021

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2021Please suggest fast charger for redmi 4no fast charging support for this model

AnonymousYM009 Dec 2021

Please suggest fast charger for redmi 4

AnonymousD0d27 Nov 2021

Mi 4x i updated MIUI 11 after not working incoming & outgoing call & messege

Rambof3h24 Nov 2021

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2021Definitely same here và totally agree with you. Fast browsing, strong wifi, LTE 4G sensing.... MoreI am using Redmi 4 from 2017. This is the fifth year of usage. Amazing & excellent phone. Have not replaced screen. Have not replaced battery. Battery is slowing down. But, Redmi 4 is one of the best.

AnonymousKZK17 Nov 2021

avatarma, 04 Nov 2021very good phone fast browsing good battery & the vị trí cao nhất is very high wifi sensitivity it beats ... MoreDefinitely same here và totally agree with you. Fast browsing, strong wifi, LTE 4G sensing. It is a stone-like phone. I always left it in the car in the middle of very hot sunlight (~42deg.C ++).. But it does not affected the condition or performance

AnonymousKZK17 Nov 2021

Truly I am writing up & send this comment using my 4x Redmi, bought from Aliexpress global version back in 2017 & it works lượt thích charm until now. Amazingly the battery still strong và no need khổng lồ charge regularly. 2-3 days every full charge.. With the original trắng charger.. And I AM HAPPY USING this nokia3310-robust-like smart phone!

AnonymousHB914 Nov 2021

It was been 4 years since I bought this device & I'm really happy with the durability & battery life. Now I'm struggling to find a new budget phone with this size... Its

x}k10 Nov 2021

I bought this way back in July 2017 & to my utter disbelief it is still going on strong! Received MIUI updates a couple of times và running MIUI11 at present. Sadly, came lớn know that mi will not roll out MIUI 12 for this mã sản phẩm anymore, thought they announced last year that Redmi 4 should be getting one final update, but not. My handset looks almost new, only the internal memory is always gets used up to lớn 24GB & a through manual cleaning is needed every now & then!! This has made the phone a bit slow. The battery these days is draining too fast, a normal usage made it go almost a day between charges, now it is hardly 12 hours! But, that is normal after 4 years of intense usage, I guess? Other than that, a very stable device & a reliable one for all conditions và climate!

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