In 2016, Blackberry announced it plans to lớn stop supporting the Blackberry OS, which was a big blow to lớn their fans. It didn’t also go down well with Windows lovers when Microsoft decided khổng lồ abandon the project. Xiaomi game android One fans might be going down the same route, according lớn a new report.

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Meanwhile, it was expected. Xiaomi introduced the mày A1 back in 2017 & has gone to release three other android one phones: mi A2, mi A2 Lite, & Mi A3, which has more or less one year between their release. Considering that the ngươi A3 went on sale in July last year, there should have been news about the Xiaomi ngươi 4 by now, but none. & according lớn a Moderator in the Mi community forum, there’s “no Xiaomi mày A4 and no continuation of android One for at least one year.”

The apk One project was a step in the right direction by the company. It drew more users from the west, & with the budget pricing and pure stock Android, the project gained many fans all over the world. But the app android One project has faced one major challenge since its inception. There was nothing like seamless migration lớn a new OS, and at some point, users started reporting bricked devices.

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If xiaomi mi finally decides khổng lồ abandon the game android One project, it shouldn’t be down to lớn sales, but because of the disasters caused by the OS migrations. The Xiaomi game android One project has one of the most dedicated fans around the globe that has continued to tư vấn the device.

It was after the problem encountered by most users during migration to app android 10, which left some device bricked, that led to the Exodus of some fans. Mi must have probably taken time to assess the impact of these issues before allegedly deciding that it won’t release the ngươi A4 this year. However, we advise you take this information with a pinch of salt as xiaomi is yet to release an official statement.




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