Dc'S Legends Of Tomorrow

DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW follows a group of misfit heroes as they fight, talk, & improvise their way through protecting the timeline from aberrations, anomalies, và anything else that threatens to lớn mess with history.

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In the season six premiere, the Legends discover that Sara (CAITY LOTZ) is missing and are shocked lớn learn that she was taken by space aliens.

With Spooner (LISSETH CHAVEZ) on board, the Legends find themselves tracking an alien in 1950s San Bernardino & trying khổng lồ figure out what's sending the town on a feeding frenzy.

The Legends find themselves in 2045 fighting an alien warrior and Zari (TALA ASHE) in a singing competition. Và Ava gives Mick Rory (DOMINIC PURCELL) some tough love.

The Legends are shocked when Mick takes command and manages lớn find the location of an important alien, but he also lands them in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

With Astra now a mortal, she finds it hard to lớn adapt to the real world with no guidance from Constantine. Frustrated và lonely, she makes a new friend who promises to lớn help her.
While Mick and Kayla take the Waverider to find Sara, Sara devises a plan to escape, using her charm lớn win over Bishop.
With Ava a wreck, Behrad (SHAYAN SOBHIAN) & the Legends make a last-ditch effort to keep Sara from being abducted in the first place, even knowing that it will alter the timeline.

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With everyone finally back together, the Legends find themselves looking to lớn Nate to lớn keep everything calm while in the old West on a mission to lớn find an alien.
When the Legends track an alien pod khổng lồ 2024 and wind up on Behrad's favorite television sitcom, he thinks it's a surprise for his birthday, so Nate and Zari keep up the ruse.
Obsessed with getting his powers back, Constantine (MATT RYAN) & Spooner go on a quest to lớn find the Fountain of Imperium và find themselves at the end of the Spanish Civil War.
When the Legends are transported to lớn a cosmic bowling alley, Spooner makes a bet against the reigning champs without knowing what they're up against.
When the Legends have to lớn travel the old-fashioned way, Gary suggests playing a murder mystery trò chơi to pass the time, but Constantine makes the trò chơi more interesting.
While Mick struggles with a terrible pain in his head, Ava is tasked with interrogating an unwanted guest in their custody. Và Zari enlists help for Constantine.
With Astra & Spooner as stowaways and Constantine still chasing the Fountain of Imperium, they come up with a plan khổng lồ get help by using Mick as bait.
Amidst a battle, Sara and Ava make an important decision, but need the help of the team to lớn pull it off in the season six finale. Will the Legends make an exception to lớn the rules?
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