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Since childhood, I have read a quote by Charles Darwin: “A man who dares lớn waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life”. But I think that one hour is still too generous, even just a couple of minutes, wasting time can easily make people fall into regrets. There are opportunities that come once và never come back. I never wanted to feel that way.

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This is the sharing of businessman Pham Huy Can, in an exclusive conversation with World of Watches Vietnam about his hobby of watches, and somehow, it transcends the boundaries of models and collecting hobby, which becomes a conversation about life philosophy và gentleman style.


Dear readers, not only Huy Can, but in this publication you will have the opportunity to lớn learn many other aspects of the trò chơi of clocks without borders, from Tattoo Artist Maxime Buchi, who has brought unique aesthetic principles from its artistic designs to lớn the world of mechanical watches through an impromptu collaboration with Hublot (page 20); khổng lồ Jerome Cavadini — Chief Operating Officer of the Panerai brand, on the brand’s sustainability work, to lớn continue pushing the boundaries of the watch industry as far as possible, both in terms of precision & crafting materials (page 140); and Alexander Bigler — Vice President of Christie’s Asia Pacific và Head of Watches, to lớn reveal the secrets behind the world’s largest watch auction (page 146).

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Besides, readers will also have the opportunity khổng lồ learn a lot of interesting stories about the watch world in recent days, such as the revival of the HYT brand, which is likened by players to lớn the “King of Technology” in the world of luxury watches (page 38), or interesting results from the GPHG Awards 2021 (page 32), và Only Watch 2021 (page 44). Along with that are a host of new timepieces from well-known names, from Patek Philippe, Rolex, Omega, Hublot, Tudor, Bell & Ross, và MB&F, among many others.


Continuing the in-depth articles on the watch world, this WOW issue also offers in-depth discussions on the mastery of the seas of the masterpieces of time from Breguet’s Marine collection, especially Marine 5517, Marine 5527 & Marine 5547, one of which we respectfully put on the cover (page 54). Technologists & lovers of new materials will also be interested in an analysis of the superior properties of titanium — a new material that possesses many special advantages over other materials in the industry (page 106), or intuitive guidance & answers to lớn questions in the familiar WOW’s Lab.

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