Fix: debugger has been found running in your system


As sophisticated as Clip games become, the more complex their algorithms become. With these complex algorithms, we have sầu started facing new errors. One such error is:

A debugger has been found running in your system. Please, unload it from memory và restart the program.

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The cause of the error is that gaming companies want to lớn prsự kiện users from debugging their source code lớn protect their data.

If the game suspects anything such, it will try to blochồng the launch to lớn protect their data.

We could try the following steps lớn resolve sầu the issue:

Solution 1> Windows update using Powershell

Perhaps the interfering debugger could be from a recent update. If Microsoft fixed the patch, a complete Windows update would help fix the cause. This has to lớn be done using Powershell.

1> Press Win + R lớn open the Run window và type the comm& PowerShell. Press Enter to lớn open the Powershell window.

2> Type the following commvà in the Powershell window and press Enter:

wuauclt.exe pháo /updatenow3> Restart your system.

Solution 2> Rollbachồng Windows updates

Since the issue could be with a recent Windows update, we could try rolling bachồng recent updates & kiểm tra if it helps.

1> Cliông chồng on the Start button & then on the gear-like symbol khổng lồ open the Windows Settings window.

2> Select Updates & Security from options và cliông chồng on View update history.

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3> Cliông chồng on Uninstall updates & from the các mục of recently installed updates, right-cliông xã & uninstall the troublesome ones.


Solution 3> Add the game khổng lồ your antivirus exception list

The error occurs if the game senses that some software is trying to lớn debug its code. More often than not, this is done by antivi khuẩn software lớn check from malware hidden in the source code of applications.

In such a case, open your antivi khuẩn application và add the game as an exception to the danh sách of programs to lớn be scanned. Restart your system after that.

If this doesn’t work, you might consider disabling the antivirut temporarily to isolate the issue.

Solution 4> Check for recently installed third-tiệc nhỏ applications

If the game was working fine earlier và has started showing issues recently, it could be possible that a recently installed third-tiệc nhỏ application might be interfering. We can kiểm tra and remove sầu the same.

1> Press Win + R khổng lồ open the Run window and type the commvà control panel. Hit Enter to open the Control Panel window.

2> Go lớn Programs and Features. It will open the menu of all programs installed on the system. Sort them in the order of date of installation.

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3> Cheông xã if any recently installed software could be troublesome. Usually freeware và lesser-known software are problematic. We could try deleting them to isolate the issue. They could be installed again later.

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