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The Vietphái nam Taxi market is segmented by Booking Type (Offline and Online), Vehicle Type (Motorcycle/Bike and Cars), & City (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minc City, và Other Cities). The Report offers market kích thước and forecast for the Vietphái mạnh Taxi Market in value (USD billion) for all the above sầu segments.

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Study Period: 2018 - 2026
Base Year: 20đôi mươi
CAGR: >10.25 %


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Market Overview

The Vietphái mạnh Taxi Market was valued at USD 0.44 billion in 2020, và it is expected to lớn reach USD 0.79 billion in 2026, registering a CAGR of about 10.25% during the forecast period (2021 - 2026).

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The COVID-19 pandemic hindered the growth of the Vietnamese taxi market as there were global factory shutdowns, travel bans, & border lockdowns, to lớn combat and contain the outbreak, impacting every industry và economy worldwide. As tourism is a huge market, the demvà for vehicle rentals halted with continuous lockdowns across the world pre-pandemic.

However, as the unlocking process began restoring economic activities, the Vietnamese xe taxi market is expected khổng lồ witness nominal growth during the forecast period. People tover to lớn prefer rental vehicles lớn any other means of transportation lớn maintain social distancing and hygiene protocols.

The reduced xe taxi fare và ease of booking through di động applications are the major factors that drove sầu the modern xe taxi service khổng lồ capture a major chia sẻ of the Vietnamese taxi market. Moreover, vehicle booking through phone calling & hailing on streets continue lớn exist as a major service among muốn popular xe taxi firms, like Mai Linh, Vinasun, Vinaxe taxi, TaxiGroup, Hoang Long, etc. Thus, traditional xe taxi service has a major cốt truyện of the Vietnamese taxi market.

Aao ước more than 200 xe taxi firms, Vinasun & Mai Linch are the major players in the Vietnamese taxi market. However, the entrance of Uber and Grab has affected the business of these players in the country.

Scope of the Report

The Vietnamese xe taxi market report covers the lachạy thử trends, COVID-19 impact, followed by technological developments in the market. The scope of the report covers segmentation based on Booking Type, Vehicle Type, và City.

By Booking Type, the market is segmented into Offline & Online booking. By Vehicle Type, the market is segmented inkhổng lồ Motorcycle/Bike and Cars. By City, the market is segmented inlớn Hanoi, Ho Chi Minc City, và Other Cities. For each segment, the market sizing và forecast have sầu been done on the basis of value (USD billion).

Booking Type
Vehicle Type
Ho Chi Minch City
Other Cities

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Key Market Trends

Motorcycle Ride-hailing Services Anticipated lớn Dominate the Market

Motorcycles/bikes, for more than two decades, are the most widely used mode of transportation by the Vietnamese people. As of 2019, out of the 96 million population in Vietphái mạnh, nearly 49 million owned motorbikes. Over the past three years, the country has registered nearly 3 million motorxe đạp sales each year, owing lớn the growing affordability caused by the improvement of their average monthly income.

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The growing motorbike sales in Vietnam giới & its penetration into the ride-hailing & xe taxi industries have enabled motorcycles as the best compatible mã sản phẩm of transport (at least for shorter distances), owing khổng lồ their availability at half the fare of a taxi/ride-hailing car. The entry of app-based motorbike taxi services had predominantly captured the market giới thiệu of the traditional motorxe đạp taxi, popularly known as “xe cộ om” in the country.

In the Vietnamese motorcycle taxi market, traditional xe taxi drivers are still present, especially in tourist areas. However, the app-based motorxe đạp services dominate with more than 60% giới thiệu in the country’s motorxe đạp taxi market. The increasing entry of both local và international companies into the app-based motorbike services, with chất lượng promotional programs in the Vietnamese xe taxi market, is likely to further propel the demvà for the app-based motorcycle ride-hailing market during the forecast period.


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Ho Chi Minh to lớn Lead the Taxi Market in the Country

The demand for taxis in the country is growing from every corner. However, Ho Chi Minh City is leading the Vietnamese taxi market, followed by Hanoi and other cities.

Ho Chi Minh has experienced taxi vehicles" surge in the city roads under the ride-hailing pilot program. The overall taxicab number is anticipated to lớn exceed the limit, i.e., ~14,500 by 20đôi mươi & ~16,500 by 2025, as stated under the city"s taxi management plan. For instance,

With the introduction of the new Decree, nearly 77 xe taxi firms in Hanoi have a potential scope to build and launch their own ride-hailing tiện ích in the coming years. Among muốn these taxi firms, Mai Linch và TaxiGroup have sầu popularly used taxi services in Hanoi đô thị, providing online booking options through their apps.

The app-based companies, such as Uber & Grab, got support from the public, as people said they were unhappy with inadequate and unreliable services provided by traditional xe taxi firms, such as drivers refusing lớn serve short distances or failing to lớn show up regardless of clients" booking.


Competitive Landscape

The Vietnamese taxi market is fragmented. Industry participants are likely lớn witness intense competition, owing khổng lồ aggressive sầu strategies, including acquisitions, pricing, merges, and new product developments. Major players in this market include Mai Linh Group JSC, Vinasun Corp, VinaTaxi, & GrabTaxi Holdings PTE Ltd. For instance,

Vinasun Corp. dominated the taxi market, followed by Grab and Mai Linh Group. Both Vinasun Corp. và Mai Linh witnessed a consistent decline in revenue. However, Vinasun Corp. is still accounting for a major tóm tắt in the market, owing to its presence for more than a decade in the xe taxi industry.Recently, after Uber withdrew from the country, the domestic ride-hailing market witnessed intense competition, with new brands, such as FastGo and Go-Jek entering the market, along with the renovation of old brands, such as Vinasun and Mai Linh.

Companies like Vinasun Corporation, Mai Linc Group, & Grab, & new brands, like Go-Jek, FastGo, và Aber are operating in this highly competitive sầu market.

Major Players


Recent Developments

In February 20đôi mươi, Grab introduced an “advance booking” service in Hanoi, where the service allows customers to book a ride at least seven days in advance. The company planned to chạy thử the service in Hanoi before rolling it out in other provinces và cities in the near future.In December 2020, Grab Vietnam increased its nội dung from 20% lớn nearly 30% on its motorxe đạp service Grab Bike, and even more on Grab Car, on its taxi offering. This change came after the Vietnamese government had abruptly increased an existing tax on ride-hailing firms.

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