Uber introduces motorbike taxi app


Ride-sharing tiện ích Uber introduced its motorcycle xe taxi service in Vietnam giới khổng lồ tap inkhổng lồ the huge market currently dominated by Grab, which launched its motorbike option a year ago.

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The entry of UberMokhổng lồ in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minc City has kicked off a price war, with GrabBike cutting fares in the two cities, TuoiTreNews reported.

The newspaper said the services are generally 10-15 per cent less expensive sầu than regular taxis, except during rush hour.

GrabCar, owned by Grab (previously known as GrabTaxi), was recently recognised under a pilot programme by the Ministry of Transport that makes it the only legal car-booking phầm mềm in the country. It has a two-year licence lớn operate in five cities.

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Uber is still not legally recognised in the country & in February asked the Ministry of Transport for more time to complete the required procedures lớn comply with local laws.

Both car-hailing services have sầu faced challenges from the government over their debatable legal status as well as repeated protests by local xe taxi drivers, despite being extremely popular.

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Uber also recently introduced UberMoto in xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện & Indonesia.

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