Bộ Điều Khiển Trò Chơi Bluetooth Thu Gọn Không Dây


Android has a ton of single-player games. As good as single-player games are, multiplayer games give you a much better experience and overall enjoyment. Especially when you are playing with or against your friends. Here are some of the best công nghệ bluetooth không dây multiplayer games for Android.

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Bluetooth Multiplayer Games For Android


As the name implies, Dual is a classic standoff game where you shoot & dodge each other. When you play the game, you shoot from one screen khổng lồ the other. Depending on the game mode, you can either duel, defend, or deflect the other player.

Price: The trò chơi is miễn phí but some levels are locked for không lấy phí users. You can unlock the full trò chơi with a $2 in-app purchase.


2. Warlings

Warlings is a turn-based shooting trò chơi that provides you with six different battlefields, multiple areas like the sea, air, space, etc., và fully destructible terrain. In the game, you can use guns and tactics khổng lồ win over your enemy. If you like shooting games that also force you to lớn use tactics then Warlings is for you.

Price: The base game is không tính phí and contains ads.


3. Dual Multiplayer Shooter

As the name implies, Dual Multiplayer Shooter is a shooting that can be played both offline with a bot & with friends via Bluetooth. Each player can pick three weapons & a bomb from a selection of 32 weapons và hit each other in turns until the opponent’s health hits zero. Of course, you can dodge the incoming attacks too.

Price: The base trò chơi is miễn phí and contains ads. Some characters và power-ups can be unlocked via in-app purchases.


4. Virtual Table Tennis

Virtual Table Tennis makes use of 3d physics khổng lồ simulate the table tennis environment & movements. You can play with other players or with the AI bot. The bot can have various behaviors like defense, speed, endurance, reaction, etc. Virtual Table Tennis has multiple modes lượt thích tournament mode, practice mode, arcade mode, etc. When using headphones, the trò chơi simulates the 3 chiều sound system.

Price: The base tiện ích is miễn phí and contains ads. Some features and bats are can be unlocked with in-app purchases.


5. Ludo Classic

As you can tell from the name itself, this a classic Ludo game with all the classic rules & colors. The trò chơi uses a dedicated physics engine to lớn roll the dice và the app supports up lớn four players. The good thing about Ludo Classic is that depending on where you live and how you’ve played the real Ludo game, you can choose between a multitude of variations khổng lồ match those specific rules.

Price: The trò chơi is không lấy phí and contains ads.


6. Chess Via Bluetooth

If you are like me and love to play chess with friends then Chess Via công nghệ bluetooth is for you. Chess Via bluetooth is a classic chess game that can be played with either your friends via bluetooth không dây or with a bot. Though the game looks very basic, you will have options to lớn customize different settings like the layout, chess figures, hints, etc.

Price: Free.


7. Pocket Rally LITE

What multiplayer list is complete with a good old racing game? Pocket Rally LITE is a classic rally racing trò chơi that can be played against other players over bluetooth không dây or bots. The best thing about the trò chơi is that it has a pretty good physics engine for driving and car mechanics.

Price: The app is không tính tiền and contains ads.


8. Terraria

Keeping it short, Terraria is a 2d Minecraft game where you can build things & survive. It offers single-player gaming, multiplayer gaming over the internet, local wifi, và also through Bluetooth. You can connect with up khổng lồ 7 people to lớn built your dungeons for survival. Just like on Minecraft, the remaining game is all about exploring & finding new enemies in your journey.

Price: trò chơi costs $9.99


9. Carrom 3D

Carrom 3d is your regular good old carroms game. Just lượt thích other games, you can either play with your friends via công nghệ bluetooth không dây or with the computer. When playing with the computer, you can choose between three different levels called beginner, intermediate, or expert.

Price: The trò chơi is không tính tiền and contains ads.

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Spaceteam is a free-to-play local WiFi or công nghệ bluetooth không dây multiplayer game with 2 or either 4 people. The trò chơi is all about coordination, following instructions that you can see at the đứng top of the screen, completing missions, planning, và exploding the opponent ship.

Anyhow, this trò chơi only supports multiplayer & playing with local wifi and Bluetooth. The graphics aren’t great, but still, the playing experience can be fun with friends.

Price: miễn phí with in-app purchases and ads


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11. Word Search

Word tìm kiếm is your traditional find the words puzzle game. The trò chơi offers multiple modes lượt thích phrases, numbers, gems search, words, images, và questions. If you want to, you can even have custom word puzzles just for you. Though you can play the game by yourself, it is much more interesting & enjoyable when playing with your friends.

Price: The base app is không lấy phí and contains ads. You can remove ads with a $1.5 in-app purchase.


12. Sea Battle 2

Sea Battle 2 is a turn based battle game where you place your ships, planes, & submarines on the board and attack opponents position to sink their battleships and planes. What makes the trò chơi so addictive is that you cannot see the opponents positions on the board so that you have lớn come up with your own strategies to take down the opponent.

Most of all, the way the trò chơi looks is really good.

Price: The phầm mềm is completely miễn phí and contains ads. If you want to, you can unlock additional themes for ships & board via in-app purchases.


13. Slot Racing

If you’ve ever played with slot cars, Slot Racing trò chơi will be very familiar khổng lồ you. The game’s control mechanics are very simple. All you have to do is swipe your finger up and down to accelerate or break và win the race. The game contains a lot of slot cars & tracks like Grand-Prix, loops, four lanes, etc. You can create your own tracks too.

Price: The game is không tính phí and contains ads. Some tracks are locked & can be unlocked with in-app purchases.


14. BombSquad

BombSquad’s main theme is blowing up your friend with all the weapons & explosives you have while playing the mini-games lượt thích capture the flag, meteor shower, nin-ja fight, etc. Within the game. A very exciting and fast-paced game.

Price: The trò chơi is không tính phí and contains ads. You can unlock various characters, mini-games, maps, icons, etc., with in-app purchases.


15. Dots and Boxes

Dots & Boxes or Square is yet another classic game where two players place lines by connecting two dots in turns trying to complete a square or box. The player with more squares is considered as the winner. Apart from squares, you can also try other shapes lượt thích triangles, diamonds, 3d cube, etc.

Price: The game is completely không tính phí and contains ads. You can remove ads with a $1 in-app purchase.


16. Farming Simulator 14

Farming Simulator is a trò chơi that lets you progress in your agricultural profession or career with authentic & real-world farming machines và tools. You can plant various plants, feed cows, create giỏi bales, sell them in a market, hire assistants for your work, etc. When playing with friends, you can roam in the free open world.

Price: The game is free, và there are no ads. The game’s in-game currency is used khổng lồ purchase in-game machines & equipment. You can earn in-game currency by playing the trò chơi or with in-app purchases.


17. Armored oto HD

Armored oto is a racing game with guns, mines, & rockets. Just lượt thích in the Death Race movie, you can take down your opponents while racing with the provided weapons. The game offers a multitude of cars, tracks, weapons, scenes, and racing modes. In multiplayer mode, you can play with up khổng lồ six players.

Price: The trò chơi is không lấy phí and contains ads. Oto upgrades require in-game currency which can be earned by winning the race(s) or with in-app purchase.


That’s it, these were some of the best bluetooth không dây multiplayer games for Android. Phản hồi below sharing your thoughts & experiences about playing the above games via công nghệ bluetooth with your friends.

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