Lmht tiêu điểmtướng nocturne


I now once again think a premade would help a lot.Runes và Links below!Follow me on Twitch:

Runes & more below:


A casual game of Ranked (yes) where Thresh Top… Kindomain authority doesn’t bởi vì much, and I don’t get much flame from my own team, but my lane Nocturne? He had a lot to say.

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Sometimes, games lượt thích this are worth looking at, properly và objectively, so we can improve sầu as players & not get hung up too much on single matches. Sure, there’s plenty I could improve sầu on here, but at least now I have sầu a better understanding how khổng lồ vì so, và overall, this is a win for future games for sure.

Sunfire being svào is surely non surprise, giving dual resistances, health, and some DPS & waveclear that Thresh likes khổng lồ have up in Top lane, but Titanic Hydra, now purchaseable on ranged champions & giving AD based on your HP, it gives a LOT of things that Thresh desires, và works really well with his kit and this build.

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Hey, you read the description! Big PP energy to lớn you!

*SPOILER*:If you’re reading this deep inlớn the description, I would assume you finished the video? What advice would you give? How better could this have been played? Was it winnable, and whether it was or not, what decisions could have maybe helped a lot more? For me, I think either taking Ignite to shut down the Nocturne would help a lot, getting that early kill to gain more presence in lane, and hopefully influencing Jungle và Mid a lot more. If not that, then a teleport at bot at least one time this match was possible and could have sầu helped a lot. Overall, my TPhường didn’t see much use & only was used to secure some XP in top, kill a Nocturne, & die to lớn a Nocturne.

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Oh & yeah I’m Thresh Top. We’ll discuss the viability another time, until then, I just ignore the “play another champion kekw” comments, unless you copy & paste that, in which case you’ll get a heart.—————————–


Grasp of the UndyingDemolishBone PlatingRevitalise (Should be Overgrowth, but still good with Ravenous Hunter)

Taste of BloodRavenous Hunter



Mikel & Gamechops – Poke và Chill

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