Thien Long Bat Bo Game


HoChiMinh City, August 19th 2007 – for the first time, Vietnamese players can enjoy games and get more understandings of Vietnamese history through the online trò chơi called Thien Long Bat Bo or Demi-Gods và Semi-Devils.

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With 2,500 questions related to lớn Vietnamese history, Online Company wishes lớn deliver gamers deeper understandings of nation’s history by attractive và easy-to-get way.

Thien Long Bat Bo or Demi-Gods và Semi-Devils online game is based on the story written by Jinyong – the world famous Chinese writer, which is particularly beloved in Vietnam . After three years of market researches và experiments, the Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils delivers gamers và new comers an easy way khổng lồ join the game, to get to know its contents & play.

Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils is an interesting, humanitarian và educational game which helps gamers towards “the Genuine, the Good, the Beautiful” through thousands of questions related to history in the “First Doctoral Candidate“ contest. This is a different aspect of the Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils with other current swashbuckling games.

With aims to enhance education và humanitarian of the Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils game & historical understanding via visual aids, Online Company vietnamized the nội dung of chinese contest in the trò chơi with contents of Vietnamese history which is also coordinated by History Professor Mr. Le Van Lan who is an experienced advisor for television programs, game shows, interllectual games.

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Prof. Le Van Lan said: “I appreciate the Demi-Gods và Semi-Devils trò chơi of Online Company which helps brings more historical knowledge to young people in an attractive and easy-to-get way.”

2,500 questions related lớn streamlines of Vietnamese history was composed in the coordination between Online Company và Professor Le Van Lan, in which gamers will join tests & winners will get noble titles like Trang Nguyen (First Doctoral Candidate); Tham Hoa (Third Highest Academic); Bang Nhan (First Rank Doctorate Second Laureate). Professor also added: “2,500 questions is such huge amount which surprised me. I will try my best khổng lồ perform the task in the most qualified way.”

It is expected that new school year - September 5th 2007 , the Chinese-based game will be vietnamized through 2,500 historical questions.

Mr. Luong Cong Hieu – General Director of Online Company addressed: “ Online tries khổng lồ vietnamize the game with aims to lớn preserve useful functions of the games & help gamers perform tasks. Online wishes the history learning will be shared by gamers, education organizations, competent agencies và families so as lớn improve awareness of trò chơi before prejudices.”

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