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How vì chưng I use the cheats in They Are Billions? will safely display all of the games on your PC. Open a game from the list and simply press play. After the trò chơi loads & once you’re in-game, you can start enabling different cheats! Will this work with my trò chơi version? uses advanced giải pháp công nghệ to detect the trò chơi version you’re running & will let you know if it’s supported. If it’s not, you will still have the option of giving it a try or requesting an update!

I thank you for extending, & in some cases improving, the playability of the games I own.thank you !

Thanks for this tool. It was driving me nuts và taking me hours just to lớn get lớn a point where I kept getting smashed. Using I was able to finally understand that it was intentionally almost unwinnable. You saved my sanity!

i'm very happy lớn see they are billions on, since this is a looong trò chơi with a lot of waiting, ty for being here
Thank you team for giving the ability khổng lồ play games how we, the software inept, want to play them to
everything works great, I tried it all. Only downside, no "hero" leveling mod, but hay,cant have it all.

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AWESOME mod! everything works great! It would be nice to speed up time a little though. Thank you for your hard work!
effects (especially unlimited health) sometimes take a bit khổng lồ work but overall good trainer, would be nice lớn have instant research or time fast-forward though
I'd been having the most frustrating time getting through those swarm missions and back khổng lồ the /fun/ stuff. This was a great help, thank you!
the launcher is not the best if you're playing on steam, but I think that's it has trouble with how i save games over two drives. Pretty good tiện ích might even pay for the nâng cấp eventually.
Worked great. I downloaded it only because I got stuck after an attack. No energy và no workers. But I might try it out for fun on a skirmish.

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Worked for me. Other than fast build. My buildings would randomly need khổng lồ be repaired with no damage.
I like the mod, but I only got it to skip the nhân vật missions. I wish there was a way to bởi that, even it's it's just adding a specific number of research points
Thank you my dude, this helped me a lot, could not ever pass the Dark Moorland, now lặng into the next place, appreciate it!
This game is pretty hard, so thankyou for developing a huge helping hand for us gamers! Super job, its great, because you get to lớn pick what individual aspects of the game you would like help with, its not "all or nothing". Thanks again!!
Amazing !!!! It improves the joy of playing the game và get the whole story with out bức xúc or hassle. Any thủ thuật that can let you just enjoy the story & not worry about ammo and health is amazing let alone money và never ending resources. I strongly suggest to my friends lớn get
Bugged for receiving the empire points in the campaign. Had to get the toggle going, received the point, but then I had to lớn save & fully (attempt) khổng lồ exit - Had lớn ultimately force quit They are Billions (via Steam but "offline"). Upon a continue of the save, it starts with 9999. That is actually not enough points for all the tech tree (lol). Going to lớn try again but either way, it gives a good amount just lớn get started if you want to lớn try this freaking hard-ass campaign on one of the hardest settings -
love this trainer. Some days i dont have time or energy to vị a full game & just want lớn slaughter something for a bit, haha. This does the job!
Thank you for making the mod. Does get little laggy when add too much troops but that's more on the trò chơi than the mod
Works wonderfully! Just a matter of timing things when initializing a new game.Would be awesome if there was an option to remove resource upkeep for troops...but not necessary.
Not my first time useing it ! but as always it worked fast and like it should ! so thanks a lot guys
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