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The official blog for The World end Eclipse has recently announced that the trò chơi will be ending service on October 6, 2016. The online RPG game was made available on PC, iOS, android in japan and a PlayStation Vita version was scheduled khổng lồ be released this year, but we can assume that’s been cancelled. The game was never released in the West.

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Official Music video clip for The World end Eclipse’s Theme tuy nhiên by May’n Released on Youtube

The 12th single album of Japanese J-Pop artist May’n was released on December 16th, & aside from the opening theme tuy vậy of the TV anime Yoake No Logos, it also contains the theme song for SEGA’s The World over Eclipse. May’n, known for being the singing voice of the character Sheryl Nome in the TV anime Macross Frontier, also performed the opening tuy nhiên for SEGA’s Valkyria Chronicles 3. Titled Zero Bun no Zero, the song’s official music đoạn clip has now been made available entirely on Youtube. You can view it after the break.

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SEGA Reveals New Trailer for The World over Eclipse

The World kết thúc Eclipse, Sega’s upcoming free-to-play RPG for mobile, PC and PS Vita, has received a new Japanese trailer. The trailer shows the game’s premise, a world that was destroyed by dragons and where humanity is now trying lớn rebuild their civilization (in fact, they’re building their towns on the back of the dragons’ remains). Aside from the simulation element in the game, where you build your town, the game’s combat system is also shown. The combat seems like a variation on the grid based combat system seen in other SEGA điện thoại games lượt thích Chain Chronicle, where characters move in separate lines and advance towards the enemy. At the end of the video, we also get to lớn hear an excerpt of the game’s theme tuy vậy by May’n. Watch the new trailer below!

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game android iOS PC Playstation Vita The World kết thúc Eclipse
The World kết thúc Eclipse Pre-Registration Starts in Japan, New Trailer Revealed

It’s been rather quiet regarding The World kết thúc Eclipse, Sega’s upcoming RPG for mobile, PC and PlayStation Vita. The game was initially meant khổng lồ be released kết thúc 2014, but it was delayed and very little information about the game was made available throughout this year.

But today, Sega announced it will be opening up pre-registration for the game in Japan. As of now, people in nhật bản can now register for the mobile and/or the PC version for the game. Those that vì chưng will get a few bonus items when the trò chơi launches, and registering for both the mobile & PC version will grant more items than registering for only one of them. The iOS & Android version will be launching first in October 2015, followed by the PC version in Fall 2015. The release date for the PlayStation Vita version isn’t known yet.

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game android iOS PC Playstation Vita The World over Eclipse
Sega Reveals The World over Eclipse Prologue Video

Sega’s recently announced The World end Eclipse for iOS, Android, PS Vita & PC, & has now published a video clip showing the prologue of the game. In a background story reminiscent from Sega’s Panzer Dragoon games, the video clip shows how the world was once destroyed by dragons. Now, humanity is trying to rebuild their civilization on the remains of those dead dragons.

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The World kết thúc Eclipse
Sega Announces The World end Eclipse

During Tokyo cuộc chơi Sega showcased their latest online RPG, The World over Eclipse. It will be a free-to-play game và available for PC, Vita, iOS & Android this winter season. Key staff include producer Shinji Motoyama (Valkyria Chronicles series, Nightshade), character kiến thiết by Katsumi Enami (Baccano!, Ys Seven) and composer Hitoshi Sakamoto (Valkyria Chronicles, Final Fantasy Tactics).

According to lớn Siliconera’s report, The World kết thúc Eclipse is described as a “Theatrical Online RPG”. The setting takes place in a world brought khổng lồ ruins due khổng lồ a war amongst dragons, & civilization has built towns on their remains. Apparently the story will not be entirely fantasy-themed, but military as well.

Further details are still sparse, but players are allowed to chia sẻ save data between versions và cross platform co-op.

You can visit the official Japanese website here!

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