The Small T


Based on the philosophy “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, The Small T’s mission is to design educational products that emphasizes on simplicity & intelligibility. In particular, The Small T2 consists just only 3 simple và user friendly wooden pieces. The rule is simply khổng lồ put wooden pieces together to create different shapes which are carved in the box. Though it might sound quite easy, it could be extremely challenging to lớn complete this simple game. For first timer players, you will experience a decline in your IQ, but don’t worry you are not the only one!

If you are looking for a game that needs khổng lồ get everyone involved & engaged, look no further, The Small T is here to fulfill your needs. One intriguing feature of the game is the fairness of the competition, each player will have an equal chance of winning, doesn’t matter how old you are.

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Last but not least, The Small T consists numerous playing stages (24 lớn 48 stages) will definitely bring relaxing and enjoyable moments with your family, & a perfect choice for road trips with your friends and loved ones.


What’s so special about The Small T

 The Small T is a modern tangram puzzle created by a Vietnamese. Tangram has a history of nearly 1000 years, but almost all designs have seven pieces or more, so it’s incredibly confusing. Almost 120 years ago, there was a tangram named T puzzle with four polygonal, and since then, no other 4-pieces tangram appeared.

Although mathematicians have studied for the past 120 years, they have not yet created another 4-pieces tangram but just modified the design of the T puzzle. A famous American mathematician named Martin Gardner also contributed lớn the editing of the T puzzle, saying, “I know of no polygon-dissection puzzle with as few pieces that is so intractable.” Unfortunately, Martin Gardner passed away in 2010, so he did not see The Small T appear.

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The Small T proud to be the first 3-pieces tangram with more than 20 puzzle shapes khổng lồ be solved.

What’s are the benefits of the game?

The Small T is an extremely simple yet intricate game. For a lot of people, when first playing this trò chơi are skeptical and shocked because there are only 3 – 4 pieces lớn compose a puzzle. When playing this game, adults & kids alike might observe the following benefits: 

Practice skills of observation, analysis, prediction, và logical thinking.Train your creativity, out-of-the-box thinking.Train yourself lớn be patient, focus, persistent, và determined. Sharpen your problem-solving và mathematic ability. Stimulate your brain muscles, improve memory.Help khổng lồ reduce stress and anxiety. 

 The Small T can be addictive. Children and adults who play this game almost forget their iPhone or Ipad. When a puzzle is solved, it evokes pleasantly joyful moments amongst players, creating bonding moments between family and friends.

What are the differences between the 4 variants?

T1 và T2 require imagination; hence, children often play better than adults, but T3 và T4 need more logic, analytical, & problem-solving skills so adults will perform better than children.

Where The Small T is made?

The Small T is proudly created & made in Vietnam.

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