10 most iconic thai songs to serenade your fam during self


Classic bầu songs we know & love

A few months ago when self-isolation was in full-force, what brought me joy was just laying in bed và listening khổng lồ my favourite songs on repeat. Now with all of us beginning lớn adapt to life amid the pandemic, it’s time khổng lồ learn how to enjoy ourselves more at home – even if that means bringing activities lượt thích karaoke sessions that usually happen outside into our own homes.

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With this playlist of ianhhungxadieu.vnnic thai songs, it’s time lớn memorise và learn some dance moves khổng lồ pump up the mood during your next hangout. & if you don’t plan on singing it lớn anyone – then these are perfect for singing in the shower.

Keep sanhhungxadieu.vnre of how many songs you’ve heard already to see how thai you are!

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1. Lao Soo Gan Fung (Tell me) – Bird Thongchai

Self-isolation separated you from your friends, family, or your beloved one. If you’ve still not gotten the chance to reunite with those who live far away, sing them this tuy nhiên by one of Thailand’s most beloved superstars lớn show how much you’re missing them.


เล่าสู่กันฟัง - เบิร์ด ธงไชย 【OFFICIAL MV】

Lyrics: เธอลำบากอะไรไหม เธอสู้ไหวหรือเปล่า อย่าลืมเล่าสู่กันฟัง

Translation: Are there any problems? Can you get through it? Don’t hesitate lớn tell me, I’m always here for you

Pronunciation: Tur Lumbahk A-rai Mai, Tur Soo Wai Rue Plao, Yah Leum Lao Soo Gan Fung

2. Saht-Tah (Belief) – Hin Lek Fai

It’s no surprise that 2020 has left us quite dispirited. But, it’s not the time to give up – especially not when you have the belief that things will get better.

If anhhungxadieu.vnVID-19 has thrown a wrench in your works, belt this song to the best of your abilities to lớn give yourself the push you need.

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ศรัทธา : หิน เหล็ก ไฟ

Lyrics: ใจสู้หรือเปล่า ไหวไหมบอกมา โอกาสของผู้กล้า ศรัทธาไม่มีท้อ

Translation: Are you fighting (with it)? Are you okay? Believe in yourself, there’s always opportunities for the brave

Pronunciation: Jai Soo Rue Plao, Wai Mai Bohk Ma, O-Kard Kong Poo Kla, Saht-Tah Mai Me Tor

Not only does this tuy vậy motivate people in real life, but it was also featured in one of the well-loved movies in Thailand, Saeb Sanit Sit Sainah. This anhhungxadieu.vnver version might put a smile on your face if you’ve already watched the movie.



3. Kor hai Muen Derm (Be The Same) – BUDOKAN

Distance và time are huge factors in relationship, and Budokan knows what’s up. This classic enanhhungxadieu.vnurages fans to not be shaken by those 2 obstacles, even if it feels harder to lớn love with them in the way.

Creep these lyrics in lớn show your S.O. How much they mean to you in these tough times.

ขอให้เหมือนเดิม - BUDOKAN【OFFICIAL MV】

Lyrics: ไม่ต้องรักจนชั่วนิรันดร์ ตราบที่ฉันนั้นยังหายใจ ขอให้เหมือนเดิม

Translation: You don’t have khổng lồ love me forever, but when I’m still alive, be the same (love me as you always do)

Pronunciation: Mai Tong Rak Chon Chua Ni-Ran, Trab Tee Chan Nan Yang nhì Jai, Kor hai Muen Derm

4. Chai Loey ( Just Right) – Tai Thanawut

Falling in love during quarantine might have been the worst time for matters of the heart, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. From texting khổng lồ virtual dates, 2020 has proven that technology is key for keeping up with our loved ones. And if you’re someone who is in a budding romance amid anhhungxadieu.vnVID-19, send over some love through Tai Thanawut’s bop that says everything is just right in this moment.

ใช่เลย - ไท ธนาวุฒิ 【OFFICIAL MV】

Lyrics: อย่าสวยไปกว่านั้น อย่าหวานไปกว่านี้ สรุปว่าพอดีกับใจฉันเลย ใช่เลย

Translation: Don’t be prettier, don’t be sweeter, you’re just right for me, (you’re) just right

Pronunciation: Yah Suay Pai Gwa Nun, Yah Whan Pai Gwa Nee, Sa-Roop Wah Por Dee Gup Jai Chun Loey, Chai Loey

5. Rak Pen Chen dai (What Is Love Like?) – Sib Lor

No one seems to lớn know the answer khổng lồ the age old question: What is love?

Sib Lor can’t seem to lớn find the answers either, stating in this energetic bop that love can’t be defined. So while your heart is racing & your blood is rushing in the name of love, this is the tuy vậy to tell your special someone that you’re just so in love – despite self-isolation, curfews, và quarantines.

If you’re a singleton wondering what the feeling is even all about, then feel không tính tiền to shout out these lyrics too.

รักเป็นเช่นใด - สิบล้อ【OFFICIAL MV】

Lyrics: อยากจะถามรักเป็นเช่นใดกันเล่า รักเป็นเช่นใดหนอ ถามใครไม่มีใครตอบ แค่อยากจะรู้ว่ารักเป็นเช่นใด

Translation: I want to ask what love is like, what is love like? Whoever I ask, no one answers, I just want to lớn know what love is like

Pronunciation: Yahk Ja Tahm Ruk Pen Chen dẻo Gun Lao, Ruk Pen Chen dai Nor, Tahm Krai Mai Mee Krai Torb, Kae Yahk Ja Roo Wah Ruk Pen Chen Dai

6. Yahk Rong Dang Dang (Want khổng lồ Shout Out Loud) – Palmy

Not being able to lớn head outside and meet people might have been a damper on things, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your happiness. This tuy vậy is a fun one to literally shout out loud – just make sure you’re not disturbing your neighbours.

อยากร้องดังดัง - ปาล์มมี่【OFFICIAL MV】

Lyrics: อยากจะร้องดังดัง พูดให้ใครต่อใครได้รู้ทั่วกัน อยากจะร้องดังดัง พูดให้ใครได้ฟังว่าเธอรักฉัน

Translation: I want lớn shout out loud to lớn let everyone knows, I want to shout out loud to let everyone knows that you love me

Pronunciation: Yahk Ja Rong Dang Dang, Pood nhì Krai Tor Krai dai Roo Tua Kan, Yahk Ja Rong Dang Dang, Pood nhì Krai dai Fung Wa Ter Ruk Chan.

Xem thêm: Cách Chơi Apex Legend S: Hướng Dẫn Chơi Cầu Chì, Mẹo Và Thủ Thuật

7. Jao Chor Malee (My Flower) – MR.TEAM

Those of you who frequent bầu bars shouldn’t be strangers to this song. Jao Chor Malee is really well-known among Thais, not just for its cryptic lyrics, but also for its melody.

What does the song truly mean? Who knows! Still an impressive tuy nhiên to sing along to lớn though.

เจ้าช่อมาลี - MR.TEAM 【OFFICIAL MV】

Lyrics: เจ้าช่อมาลีดึกดื่นปานนี้เจ้านอนไม่หลับ อีกนานก็ยังไม่กลับยังตาต่อตากับใครต่อใคร

Translation: My flower, she can’t go lớn sleep. She’s not anhhungxadieu.vnming back soon, still eye-to-eye with someone else.

Pronunciation: Jao Chor Malee Deuk Deun Pahn Nee Jao Norn Mai Lup, Eek Nahn Gor Yung Mai Glup Yung Tah Tor Tah Gup Krai Tor Krai

8. Ga-Roo-Nah Fung nhị Job (Please Listen Till The End) – Chaem Chaemram

I’d day this song marks the beginning of bầu rap.

Feelings often can’t be explained with a anhhungxadieu.vnuple of words – that’s why Chaem Chaemram wrote a tuy nhiên to tell everyone that sometimes, we might take awhile to let someone know how we’re feeling, but it’s good to lớn just listen until we’re done with what we’re saying.

So got a problem with your boo (or even a family member)? Sing this one to lớn get them to lớn hear you out.

กรุณาฟังให้จบ - แช่ม แช่มรัมย์

Lyrics: กรุณาฟังๆ ฉันให้จบๆๆ แล้วจะบวกจะลบ ก็ตามใจ

Translation: Please listen (to me) till the end, you may lượt thích or hate it, depends on you.

Pronunciation: Ga-Roo-Nah Fung Fung Chun nhì Job Job Job, Laew Ja Buak Ja Lop Gor Tahm Jai

9. Ta Lueng (Shocked) – A-Nan Anwar

Ta Lueng has been a well-loved song in xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện for over a decade. The tuy vậy doesn’t only anhhungxadieu.vnme with fun melody, but it also anhhungxadieu.vnmes with dance moves one can’t help but move along to. Plus, this song is so popular that people of all ages must have heard it for at least once in their life.

ตะลึง : อนัน อันวา Anan Anwar

Lyrics: เจอเธอแล้วใจมันร้อนๆ ตาโตจนแทบจะหลุด ตะลึง ตะลึง…

Translation: When I see you, I Can’t take my eyes off you. I feel shocked, shocked…

Pronunciation: Jer Ter Laew Jai Mun Ron-Ron, Ta Toh Jon Taeb Ja Lood, Talung Talung…

The tuy vậy is fun khổng lồ dance along to, & it is even used as an exercising song! Done with karaoke? Play this one to lớn get everyone involved in a work-out without having lớn hit the gym.

คลาสออกกำลังกาย - ตะลึง

10. Wai Jai dai Ka (Can You Trust Her?) – Lanna anhhungxadieu.vnmmins

Finish your karaoke sesh off with this thai classic that is sung in a Northern dialect – you can pick up some new words along the way too.

If your crush has been at home but talking khổng lồ random people on their FB or Instagram timelines, send this tune lớn them as a friendly reminder that you’re keeping your eyes on them.

ไว้ใจ๋ได้กา - ลานนา คัมมินส์【OFFICIAL MV】

Lyrics: อยู่เมืองไกล จะไว้ใจได้กา บ่ไจ้ข้าเจ้า จะไว้ใจได้กา

Translation: (She) is from another city, can you trust her? She’s not me, can you trust her?

Pronunciation: You Muang Klai Ja Wai Jai dai Ga, Bor Jai Ka Jao Ja Wai Jai dẻo Ga

Famous bầu songs

We’ve anhhungxadieu.vnme lớn the kết thúc of the danh sách – how many songs vì you get so far? If you’ve got more thai bops you love, let us know in the anhhungxadieu.vnmments below!

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