Want khổng lồ know the DPI of your mouse? Here are a few ways lớn find out its sensitivity & also adjust it.

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Discover the DPI of your mouse & measure it precisely. We explain how.

ByJyên Martin, Editor


For example, in Logitech’s Gaming Software you have lớn cliông chồng on the inhỏ with a pointer và a cog. With a G402 mouse, it"s possible to lớn phối up to five different DPI levels, but the mouse itself has only three LEDs to indicate which màn chơi is selected.

You can also customise the actual DPI settings for each cấp độ – a comtháng feature on gaming mice.

Mouse acceleration

cảnh báo that it"s important for gamers lớn unkiểm tra acceleration, because otherwise the distance you move sầu the mouse won"t necessarily correspond khổng lồ on-screen movements: acceleration means the faster you move the mouse, the more the pointer (or your character) moves.

Some mouse software has the option, but you"ll find it in the Windows 10 Control Panel (not the Settings app). Go lớn Hardware và Sound > Devices và Printers > Mouse. Then click the pointer options tab và uncheck Enhance pointer precision.

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When you let go of the button, a figure will appear by ‘Actual DPI’. This shows the approximate DPI value that your mouse is currently phối to.

How vày I change my mouse DPI và sensitivity?

A lot of mice have sầu buttons to change the DPI setting. Some even have displays which show the current setting, while others don"t.

If your mouse doesn"t have any buttons, or they"re not doing what you want, then open your mouse software (if installed) và look for options khổng lồ change the DPI. You should be able lớn specify & exact DPI setting, or even multiple settings if your mouse supports that và has buttons to toggle between those settings.

For those without dedicated mouse software, use the Control Panel settings detailed above sầu và adjust the Pointer speed slider until you lượt thích how much your cursor is moving.

Alternatively, use the Windows 10 Settings phầm mềm, click Devices, then Mouse and you"ll find a Cursor tốc độ slider which does the same thing.

If you decide your current mouse isn"t up lớn the job, we"ve got a load of recommendations in our roundup of the best gaming mice.

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