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Don"t you dare try khổng lồ take Baron in front of our star Jungler, the Prince of Thieves! Win lanes và rotate to Baron for an easy push to over the game? Nah, we prefer lớn steal it at the last second with a well timed DNK snipe. Always looking out for our Youtube content creation team, that"s just the type of guy DNK is.

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Since going toe to lớn toe against Faker in the 2018 All Star game, our young Mid-laner has honed his craft lớn become one of the most fearsome players in all of League of Legends. Already proven on the Worlds stage, Artifact is only just getting started as one of the youngest stars in the game, having yet lớn hit his full potential. Underestimate hyên at your peril!


A prodigy ADC in the making, Eddie is finally ready to lớn enter VCS competitive sầu play after surpassing the age restrictions in the League. Will he follow in his big brother Celebrity"s MVP success, or will he establish his own celebrity early in his competitive career? We"re as eager khổng lồ watch Eddie make his mark as you are, Secret fans!


The ADChampion himself, Slayder may look young, but his maturity và leadership has already cemented his legacy as one of the best carries in VCS. Having won Vietnam several times already, he has his sights on the world stage -- get ready, Slayder is taking Team Secret to Worlds, khổng lồ contkết thúc for the title.


Phi is the quiechạy thử player on the team but is also the most approachable và is always there to tư vấn his teammates. There is only one thing that phi thinks about và that is lớn win VCS & prove that Team Secret League of Legends is the strongest team.

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The Monster that nobody toàn thân can stop… Nagiya is one of our youngest talents on the team but is never scared to lớn take a fight, having a explosive play style, watch out for Nagiya as he is a fun one lớn watch!

Team Secret’s Top Laner, Simon is one of the most confident players on the team, looking khổng lồ prove sầu himself lớn the whole of VCS & show what he is made off. He dreams to push Team Secret lớn the top và make a name for himself.

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Get the popcorn out, it’s time for some Tom & Jerry! Oops, it’s just Jerry – A player that’s super small just lượt thích Jerry but has the in-game knowledge that many people dream about. Jerry is known for his adaptability across all the heroes. Watch out as he is defiantly one to lớn watch!

The first staff thành viên khổng lồ sport Secret ink on his body toàn thân, Leo is part-time manager, part-time bot lane duo stand-in with our CEO, full-time Secret loyalist. Fans should get ready for the best stand-in duo at Worlds..... that is, after our manager + CEO duo manages gets out of Bronze division XD.

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