Arsenal Fc: How Does This Arsenal Squad Stack Up In Fifa 12?

Let"s take a break from all the negativity surrounding the Emirates currently. There is time enough for that later in the week.

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Exactly a week from now, FIFA 12 hits the stores, in the US at least.

Forget all the new features in the game. As excited as I am about that, I am even more excited to lớn be able lớn play with an up-to-date Arsenal squad.

Normally I would already have sầu the chạy thử, released September 13th, và I would have my play with Arsenal down pat for the full release.

Unfortunately the circumstances are such that I am currently miles away from my PS3 và therefore behind the curve in FIFA 12 already.

Hopefully that will be fixed soon as I enjoy beating people online with the Arsenal squad, và I reckon it will be even more interesting this year.

Despite the fact that I have been unable khổng lồ play with the Arsenal squad in the thử nghiệm, FIFA has been my football game basically since its inception and, though I have sầu dabbled in PES as well or Winning Eleven if you prefer, if there has been one game on my shelf it has been FIFA.

This team should be a pretty solid FIFA team, though results on the field so far have said otherwise.

So go ahead và click through to lớn find out just how good our Gunners will be in the virtual world!

The biggest miss on the field & in the virtual game is Cesc Fabregas, though it is a lot easier lớn go without him in the virtual game.

Below is a table of the individual player ratings of the two squads at the very beginning of the games.

Keep in mind that the FIFA 11 versions changed over the course of the season for better or worse, and the FIFA 12 versions are by no means finalized though those ratings are pretty cthua thảm to lớn the truth.

If the tables aren"t enough for you, here is a liên kết lớn the FIFA 11 versions. And here is a link to the FIFA 12 versions. Players already on loan at the start of the FIFA 11 version are not included.

  FIFA 11 (4-3-3) FIFA 12 Demo (4-2-3-1)
Starting Eleven Almunia GK 77  W.Szczesny GK 78
  B. Sagmãng cầu RB 82  B.Sagmãng cầu RB 82
  L. Koscielny RCB 76  L.Koscielny CB 79
  T. Vermaelen LCB 81  T.Vermaelen CB 83
  G. Clichy LB 81  K.Gibbs LB 76
  Fabregas RCM 86  J.Wilshere LDM 82
  Song CM 82  A.Song RDM 83
  Nasri LCM 84  T.Walcott RM 82
  van Persie RW 85  S.Nasri LM 86
  Chamakh ST 82  F.Fabregas CAM 89
  Arshavin LW 86  R.Van Persie ST 87
  L. Fabiansky GK 73  L.Fabianski GK 77
  C. Vela ST 77  J.Djourou CB 78
  S. Squillaci CB 81  A.Ramsey CM 77
  T. Walcott RW 81  A.Diaby CM 77
  N. Bendtner ST 79  Gervinho RF 84
  Denilson CM 79  A.Arshavin LF 85
  T. Rosicky CAM 82  M.Chamakh ST 81
  E. Eboue RM 77  S.Squillaci CB 77
  A. Diaby CM 79  N.Bendtner ST 79
  J. Djourou CB 78  T.Rosicky CAM 81
  K. Gibbs LWB 76  E.Eboue RB 77
  J. Wilshere CAM 75  Almunia GK 76
  A. Ramsey CM 76  C.Vela ST 74
  C. Eastmond CDM 66  R.Miyaichi LF 71
  G. Hoyte RB 64  A.Traore LB 73
  J. Emmanuel-Thomas CF 68  H.Lansbury CM 69
  T. Cruise CB 63  E.Frimpong CDM 66
  H. Nordtveit CB 70  V.Mannone GK 70
  H. Lansbury CM 67  C.Eastmond CDM 68
  V. Mannone GK 73  C.Jenkinson RB 60
  R. Murphy ST 61  K.Bartley CB 69
  M. Randall CM 66  
  E. Frimpong CDM 70  
  W. Szczesny GK 69  

In the test squad, Clichy is already gone but the trio of Fabregas, Nasri và Eboue remain, and no doubt have a positive sầu effect on the team"s rating.

There are some notable changes, however, with Frimpong possibly dropping four points, Vela possibly dropping three và Arshavin still somehow at 85.

If the criteria for ratings considers form over the previous season as well as the various attributes, Arshavin should be 82-83 at the most. Not a significant drop but a fair one considering his khung in the last season.

It is safe to say that the new additions can only help & the amount of players in the 80s will only increase.

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This whole article was a little trickier without FIFA 11 right in front of my face to give me some guidance, so most of the ratings for new players are my guesses as lớn how they will be rated.

Gervinho: 84

We have already seen Gervinho"s rating in the previous slide at 84. It is a pretty fair rating & one that shouldn"t change at all considering his rating last season at Lille was around the same.

Carl Jenkinson: 60

Just as with Gervinho, Jenkinson"s rating is available in the kiểm tra and probably won"t change much. His potential growth may or may not make or break hyên staying on my Arsenal squad.

Riyo Miyaichi: 71

Looking at the YouTube link that led me khổng lồ the Arsenal player ratings, you will see that Miyaichi has some special skills next to him. I am guessing dribbler and speedster. It may just be the demo but if he still has those in the final version and is only 71, one can only imagine.

Andre Santos: 79

Santos has played for Brazil and in the Champions League for Fenerbahce. His overall rating may be geared more toward his attacking attributes than his defensive ones.

Per Mertesacker: 82

Of course we know his pace and acceleration will be bad, but Mertesacker should have sầu enough other attributes lớn make a solid over-80 rating.

Yosmê man Benayoun: 79

If Rosicky is an 81, Yosham Benayoun is an 81. I do not think that is the case though, as Rosicky may go down to lớn 80 or 79 with 79 being the most likely option.

Mikel Arteta: 83

Arteta will make the midfield trio a very solid one indeed & of course players will think this rating is low, but rethành viên his attributes. If Fabregas is an 89, then 83 or maybe 84 is a good enough rating for Arteta.

Chu Young Park: 77

I think this is a fair rating considering the league he is coming from and what he is in the Arsenal squad to lớn bởi vì.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: 70

I saw somewhere (scroll near the bottom of the page lớn see the ratings post) around the website that Oxlade-Chamberlain was a 52 in the last edition of FIFA. Seeing as I don"t trouble with Southampton much in the game, nor bởi I have sầu great resources to lớn kiểm tra, I am going lớn go with that.

Considering all the comparisons with Walcott, and the fact that he was also around the 70 mark in his first time in the Arsenal squad, I feel this is where the young sensation will over up. If he is a little lower or maybe even higher, I wouldn"t be surprised.

So here is how the team would be within the mặc định formation if my ratings are correct, & a few of the chạy thử ratings change as well.

  FIFA 12 (4-2-3-1)
Starting XI W. Szczesny GK 78
  B. Sagna RB 82
  P.. Mertesacker 82
  T. Vermaelen CB 83
  K. Gibbs LB 76
  J. Wilshere LDM 82
  A. Song RDM 83
  T. Walcott RM 82
  Gervino LM 84
  M. Arteta CAM 83
  R. Van Persie ST 87
   L. Fabianski GK 77
   L. Koscielny CB 79
   A. Ramsey CM 77
   E. Frimpong CDM 70
   A. Santos LB 79
   A. Arshavin LF 83
   M. Chamakh ST 80
   S. Squillaci CB 77
   J. Djourou CB 78
   T. Rosicky CAM 79
   A. Diaby CM 77
   Almunia GK 76
   C. Vela ST 76
   R. Miyaibỏ ra LF 71
   H. Lansbury CM 69
   Y. Benayoun CAM 79
   V. Mannone GK 70
   C. Eastmond CDM 68
   C. Jenkinson RB 60
   A. Oxlade-Chamberlain RF 70
   C. Park ST 77

So there we have sầu it. A pretty solid virtual squad khổng lồ compete with, whether online or in Career Mode.

Hope the fellow Arsenal FIFA gamers enjoyed this & look out for a similar outlook when the Football Manager thử nghiệm comes around.


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