We live in a connected world. Sometimes, however, we take for granted our seamless interaction with physical objects, from simple household light switches to complex smartwatches & streaming live videos. These transactions và communications that we rely on daily in the digital world are made possible by digital transformation (DX). DX has integrated mobile technologies, miniaturized embedded sensors and devices, integrated networking, enabled cloud computing, & delivered sophisticated data analytics. Together, through DX, we can & are bringing a better, even more sustainable, tomorrow.

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The convergence of the physical & digital universes has evolved into next-generation environments lớn create virtual worlds in which imagination transcends reality. This DX revolution will enable a hyperconnected world that transforms the way we live & interact with each other, with machines và our environment, enabling innovations và industries as yet unimagined.

TDK Ventures, the Corporate Venture Capital arm of TDK, is hosting DX Week April 18-22 2022, an online gathering of entrepreneurs, scientists, venture capitalists, and visionaries at the forefront of DX. Fresh off the overwhelming success of its Energy Week – an sự kiện focusing on the renewable and sustainable energy space , DX Week similarly invites thought leaders to tóm tắt their dreams, expectations, and challenges concerning the future of digitization & how it will influence science & technology, mobility, manufacturing, finance, computing, society, entertainment, & life as we know it. DX week will include five 2-hour sessions with diverse expert panelists, providing definitive insights into how these technologies will change the world.

“Energy week delivered on its promise to lớn show everyone the innovations that could power nguồn tomorrow’s world and cleanly produce and store its energy,” said Nicolas Sauvage, President, TDK Ventures. “We hold similar lofty expectations for DX week & its potential to lớn offer a series of inspirational, provocative interactive discussions that will inspire tomorrow’s inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, & investors to follow their dreams & capitalize on their knowledge, skill, và insight. On a practical level, we also seek khổng lồ uncover ‘the next big thing’ lớn take digital transformation lớn the next level.”

Like many of today’s most ubiquitous technologies, “the metaverse” remains somewhat anchored in the realms of science fiction. Some people envision it as the successor lớn the mobile internet — an interconnected digital space that lets people vì chưng things they can’t vày in the physical world. Others view it as the optimization of extended reality and the blurring of the lines between, hardware, software, & wetware and the ways it will impact our physical environment. We see its applications are not limited to gaming & entertainment but include virtual workspaces, remote collaboration, the gamification of education, and other applications which are particularly relevant & exciting given the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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Pearly Chen

VP Business Development & PartnershipsHTC VIVE
Pearly Chen is a VP at htc with a chất lượng operator-investor role on the forefront of immersive technologies. She has held several leadership positions for HTC’s early-stage venture investment program, VR nội dung platform, và other strategic và operational roles as Chief of Staff to Chairwoman/CEO. She led the launch of HTC’s VR for Impact, serves on the WEF’s Global Future Council, và AIXR’s Advisory Council. A dynamic, high-energy, multilingual global citizen & mother of 3 girls, Pearly now lives in Florida with her family.

RIO KUROKAWA Director, IBM Power & Metaverse lead, giải pháp công nghệ Sales, IBM japan Ltd. Rio has over 7 years of experience as a Hybrid & AI product leader, experience in launching new products & services, including Metaverse business launch with HW / SW / IaaS / SaaS marketing, experience in facing truyền thông interviews, & publishing corporate brand blogs and magazines (Power9, 10, Cloud Pak for Data, WKC, z15) and in collaboration with business partners. He enables translation of company strategy from công nghệ strength lớn client value point of view and has had over 19 years of client facing experience in Sales, with 3,000 clients including CxOs, Insurance Actuary community, 4 years of certified IBM Executive experience, 10 years of Thought Leader experience in Financial Markets industry. Rio holds a B. A. In Mandarin, Chinese society & culture from the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo, japan and a an MBA from the London Business School Short MBA program – London, United Kingdom.

Tae Ashida is a fashion designer who inherited the most prestigious fashion maison in Japan, Jun Ashida Co., Ltd., from her father who founded it, and was the representative designer of Japan. As Creative Director of the maison, which will celebrate its 60th anniversary next year, she is constantly pursuing innovation khổng lồ complement the existing tradition and high-quality. In 2010 she designed an in-flight outfit that was worn in space by astronaut Naoko Yamazaki on the American space shuttle "Discovery", the first time a designer"s creation has been worn in space, which brought her wide-ranging international acclaim. In 2012 she won the 54th japan Editors" Club Special Award (FEC). She debuted her collection for men in 2019, và celebrated her 30th anniversary as a designer in 2021. That same year, in collaboration with Canon Inc. And IBM Japan, Ltd., she presented the Jun Ashida Spring Summer Collection 2022 movie using a volumetric video system - a union of Jun Ashida Maison"s craftsmanship & innovative cutting-edge technology.

Julie Larson-Green is Magic Leap’s Chief công nghệ Officer. Drawing on more than 35 years of experience leading engineering và design for top technology companies. Larson-Green oversees Magic Leap’s hardware, software, and product teams, & is responsible for the vision & execution of the company’s enterprise augmented reality công nghệ platform. Prior to Magic Leap, Julie helped lead a new category of software called Experience Management (XM) at Qualtrics. Larson-Green was also Chief Experience Officer at Microsoft with an exceptional track record of design-led sản phẩm development và inclusive leadership. Among her many roles, she led all Windows software & hardware engineering và the Office Experience Organization where she oversaw the Office 365 suite of products. Larson-Green currently sits on a number of boards, both profit and non-profit. She’s an active advisor and investor in the Seattle-area community.

Amber Allen, CEO và Founder of Double A Labs, is a leading expert on the metaverse và hybrid events. Forever a "gamer girl" at heart, Amber is passionate about creating experiences and tools that promote human connection và helps companies train and engage with employees. Double A Labs was founded nearly a decade ago khổng lồ create innovative, data driven, immersive technologies khổng lồ help brands stay connected with current customers & new audiences. Today, Double A Labs is a global leader in creating digital worlds, và has developed a proprietary online virtual platform to lớn connect, learn, và play.
Brittan Heller works at the intersection of technology, human rights và the law. She is currently a fellow at the Atlantic Council, with the Digital Forensics Research Lab, examining XR"s connection to lớn society, human rights and privacy, and commerce. As former counsel in Foley Hoag LLP"s Global Business and Human Rights practice, Heller advised companies, investors, NGOs & governments on integrating public safety and human rights. Heller was an inaugural AI & Technology Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, studying nội dung moderation and security risks in VR/AR/XR and emergent media. Heller previously founded ADL’s Center for Technology & Society. Her key projects included creating AI khổng lồ study hate speech và analyzing disinformation that targeted minority communities. Additionally, Heller prosecuted grave human rights violations at the U.S. Department of Justice & the International Criminal Court & initiated landmark anti-cyber harassment litigation. She is a graduate of Stanford University and Yale Law School.
Edgar Auslander is Senior Director, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Intelligence at Meta, (fka. Facebook), where he develops và executes on partnership and acquisition strategies for Metaverse, VR, AR, và wearables. He initiated and led a partnership with EssilorLuxottica that redefined Facebook’s AR roadmap with e.g. RayBan Stories. He was one of the founders of Texas Instruments" Wireless Business Unit, bringing it from no hàng hóa no revenue to lớn $5B/year. He has more than 30 years of experience, serving at company Boards và working in sản phẩm planning and management, marketing, licensing, business development, general management of business, marketing and engineering teams, venture capital, consulting, và M&A, at startups, Fortune 100 companies, & a VC firm. He combines deep business & technical knowledge of thiết bị di động systems et ecosystems, from semiconductors khổng lồ consumer devices, application software & services. A former Faculty thành viên at Stanford University and the EDHEC Business School, he is a frequent guest lecturer at engineering và business schools in Europe & the USA, & started his career while studying for his MBA by licensing inventions from Columbia University.
Nicolas Sauvage is president of TDK Ventures, the Corporate VC arm ($200M AUM) of TDK Corporation, a Japan-headquartered electronics manufacturer. He started TDK Ventures to lớn invest in – and serve – early-stage innovative startups to bolster innovations in Digital Transformation (DX), Energy và Environmental Transformation (EX) that will improve và sometimes save people"s lives. TDK Ventures invests globally in Seed to B-round startups that leverage fundamental material science khổng lồ unlock an attractive and sustainable future for the world. It strives to lớn help every start-up it invests in achieve its full potential for positive world impact. Its backing goes beyond monetary value as it aims khổng lồ continue offering services, support, và counsel lớn portfolio companies, ensuring they have access to lớn tools they need to lớn succeed. Nicolas is an alumnus of ISEN, London Business School, INSEAD, & Stanford GSB.
Connectivity has become an essential part of our everyday lives. The advancement of networking technologies now achieves faster connectivity speeds, ultra-low latency, và greater bandwidth, which can tốc độ society’s evolution, transform industries, & dramatically enhance user experiences. The global pandemic has only expedited the inexorable procession toward full connectivity. This session will explore the development path of the tools that will usher in the next generation of communication and information dissemination, including cellular 5G/6G, Wi-Fi, fiber optics, satellites, wearables, & more, as well as the broad spectrum of applications these technologies may enable.

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Nada Golmie, PhD

NIST Fellow & Chief, Wireless Networks DivisionNational Institute of Standards và Technology
NADA GOLMIE (*protected email*) received her Ph.D. In computer science from the University of Maryland at College Park. Since 1993, she has been a research engineer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. She is an IEEE & a NIST Fellow in the Communications technology Laboratory. Her research in truyền thông access control & protocols for wireless networks led lớn over 200 technical papers presented at professional conferences, journals, and contributed to lớn international standard organizations and industry led consortia. She is the author of “Coexistence in Wireless Networks: Challenges và System-level Solutions in the Unlicensed Bands," published by Cambridge University Press (2006). She leads several projects related khổng lồ the modeling và evaluation of future generation wireless systems andprotocols & serves as a chair for the Next5G Channel model Alliance.
Matt Grob is the chief công nghệ officer of XCOM which develops innovative wireless technologies. Matt previously spent over 26 years at Qualcomm in technology và engineering leadership roles. He served as Qualcomm’s EVP & CTO, overseeing R&D & managing a global team across various divisions worldwide, & later as EVP/Technology. Mr. Grob holds a B.S. In electrical engineering from Bradley University and a M.S. In electrical engineering from Stanford University.
Maryam Rofougaran is founder và CEO of Movandi, a leader in new 5G RF và millimeter wave technology that is commercializing multi-gigabit, 5G millimeter wave networks. Movandi is breaking through coverage & network challenges of 5G millimeter wave networks. Their BeamXR active repeater and system solutions solves today’s real world 5G deployment challenges – by increasing 5G coverage and capacity, while reducing infrastructure costs by 50%, accelerating large-scale 5G commercialization. Prior to lớn co-founding Movandi, Maryam was instrumental in starting & building the wireless business at Broadcom and in growing it khổng lồ annual revenues of more than $3 billion. She is an Inventor & co-inventor on 280 U.S. Issued patents, 85 U.S. Filed patents.
Dr. Derek Peterson, CTO, Boingo Wireless Derek Peterson, Ph.D., is chief giải pháp công nghệ officer at Boingo Wireless, a global leader in connectivity. At Boingo, he is responsible for the company’s technical vision và strategy. Under his leadership, Boingo is pioneering the adoption và deployment of the latest wireless network technologies including 5G, CBRS, Passpoint, edge computing, network virtualization and convergence. He is directly responsible for building and operating Boingo"s vi xử lý core technologies & systems, including website applications, client software, networks, authentication, billing, advertising, IPTV, business intelligence và IT infrastructure.
Sanyogita ShamsunderHead of Global Edge NetworkingSanyogita Shamsunder heads Global Edge Networking at Google, where her team is responsible for various cloud networking products, solutions & systems supporting Google’s Global Network. Previously, she was the VP of hàng hóa Strategy & Operations at Verizon where she was responsible for incubating enterprise và consumer products driven by emerging technologies. Previously, she led the industry leading 5G network & technology development. Sanyogita’s work experience spans all areas of the wireless business, including silicon, network technology development, và spectrum strategy. Earlier in her career, she held various R&D và development roles at Lucent- Bell Labs, Sandbridge Technologies and Stanford Telecom.
Ajit Pai, a former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is a partner at Searchlight Capital Partners, a global investment firm, where he focuses on investments in the telecommunications, media, and technology sectors. Concurrently, he is a nonresident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, where he addresses issues pertaining khổng lồ technology và innovation, communications policy, và market-based incentives for investment in broadband deployment. Ajit’s distinguished career at the FCC includes two leadership roles following presidential appointments. He was appointed commissioner by President Barack Obama in 2012, designated chairman by President Donald Trump in 2017, & twice confirmed by the US Senate. While at the helm of the FCC, Ajit had a transformative impact on the future of US technology & communications policy, implementing major initiatives lớn help close the digital divide; advance US leadership in 5G và other wireless technologies; promote innovation; protect consumers, public safety, and national security; và make the agency itself more open, transparent, & data-driven.
Prof. Michal Lipson is the Eugene Higgins Professor of Electrical Engineering & Professor of Applied Physics at Columbia University. She completed her B.S., MS & Ph.D. Degrees in Physics at the Technion in 1998 and a Postdoctoral work at MIT in 2001. Lipson pioneered the field of Silicon Photonics, which today is recognized as critical for scaling computing. She is an elected thành viên of the National Academy of Sciences & of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She was awarded the NAS Comstock Prize in Physics, the MacArthur Award, the Blavatnik Award, the Optical Society’s R. W. Wood Prize, the IEEE Photonics Award, EPFL’s Erna Hamburger Award, & the OSA/IEEE John Tyndall Award. She has also received an honorary degree from Trinity College, University of Dublin. Since 2014 every year she has been named by Thomson Reuters as a đứng top 1% highly cited researcher in the field of Physics. She is the inventor of over 30 issued patents.
Henry has extensive experience in technology development, engineering operation, hàng hóa management, technical sales, và investment. He had been with Silicon Valley startups (NextG Networks, 3TEN8 & Tarana Wireless), Fortune 500 company (AT&T) & family office investment firm (Banyan Pacific Capital). He is interested in the innovations and startups in 5G, AI/ML, IoT & smart infrastructure.
Edge computing is the computing done at or near the source. The increase of IoT devices & AI/ML applications is producing a massive amount of data and requires high computing capacity at the edge. This session covers both edge device và network edge. High-power efficiency và low latency are some of the key considerations, as humans keep pushing the limits.

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Chris Bergey

SVP/GM Infrastructure Line of Business, ARM
Chris Bergey is the senior vice president và general manager of the Infrastructure Line of Business at Arm. Chris’ organization is responsible for the proliferation of Arm-based solutions throughout the data infrastructure of today & tomorrow, from cloud computing lớn the network edge. Prior to lớn joining Arm, Chris served as senior vice president of Devices Products at Western Digital Corporation and was responsible for hàng hóa management & product marketing across the company’s $10B+ portfolio of hard drive and flash based products for datacenter, client, mobile, automotive, & IoT. Previously, Chris was the vice president of kinh doanh at Luxtera, a silicon photonics startup that revolutionized datacenter interconnect, after spending over nine years at Broadcom. Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical và computer engineering from Drexel University và a MBA degree from the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.
Pete Warden was the founder of the TensorFlow Lite Micro open-source project at Google, and previously CTO of Jetpac, a machine-learning startup acquired in 2014. He"s an author of the TinyML book from O"Reilly, has taught embedded machine learning at Stanford và Harvard, & has an EdX online course. He occasionally blogs at , và is on Twitter as

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Mike Vildibill

VP/GM, Cloud Edge AIQualcomm
Mike Vildibill leads Qualcomm’s Cloud Edge AI business unit responsible for AI cloud computing in cloud edge servers, datacenters và enterprise end-to-end solutions. Products include a family of Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 accelerators and software that accelerate AI/ML inferencing applications. These systems are deployed worldwide in environments ranging from edge to cloud. Mike has extensive experience in high performance & data-intensive computing và has held executive positions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Data Direct storage systems, Sun Microsystems và the University of California, San Diego. He also served on the Board of Directors of the xuất hiện Scalable file Systems mở cửa source project. His varied executive responsibilities have included hàng hóa Management, Server & Software sản phẩm Development, Sales leadership, Marketing, Advanced Development and academic Research.
Dean Brenner is a leading expert on the allocation of spectrum for wireless technologies và on wireless public policy issues in the United States & around the world. In January 2022, the Chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) appointed him khổng lồ be Chairman of the FCC’s Technological Advisory Council to lớn lead a new initiative to lớn advise the FCC on 6G, as well as leading ongoing work on spectrum sharing, emerging technologies, và machine learning/artificial intelligence.Mr. Brenner holds one patent on spectrum sharing. He was the co-chair of the US Policy Task Force of the 5G Automotive Association, an industry group working on connected car policy, & he was a member of many wireless industry groups.Mr. Brenner joined Qualcomm in November 2003, after working at a large Washington DC law firm and founding his own law firm. He received his J.D., cum laude, from Georgetown University in 1985 và his A.B., magna cum laude, with distinction in public policy studies, from Duke University in 1982.
Vinay Ravuri, CEO of EdgeQ, has 25+ years of experience as a distinguished industry executive và general manager for high-tech corporations in compute, communications, & networking. As an executive,he has navigated companies to lớn key strategic inflections in areas of cloud computing, machine learning, và 5G. As Vice President at Qualcomm, Vinay played an integral part in the establishment of its Data Center server and Machine-Learning technology, và drove their advanced mobile software sản phẩm management.He obtained a Masters of Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, a Bachelors of Engineering at city University of New York, & holds 12 US patents.
Elana Lian is an Investment Director for hãng sản xuất intel Capital located in the bay Area. Elana focuses on investments in Commerce, IoTG, SaaS/Enterprise digitization và DeepTech. Companies. Elana believes there is tremendous opportunity in disruption in legacy industries by unlocking the insights in their data & creating new consumer experiences. Elana currently serves as board director or observer at Teikametrics và Fictiv.Prior to hãng sản xuất intel Capital, Elana began her career working in Engineering, product Development và Business Development roles across the high-tech industry. She is a Kauffman Fellow và received her MBA from Kellogg School of Management, has a BS & MS in Electrical và Computer Engineering from University of Toronto & Tufts University. In her spare time, she loves traveling to lớn five continents, skiing, scuba diving, and spending time with her son.
Tina has over 15 years in the materials industry, in both large petrochemical và biotech startup companies. She recently served as Senior Director at GC Ventures America, a CVC arm of PTT Global Chemical, where she built the Boston investment team & oversaw the entire investment life cycle in Cleantech, Advanced Materials, & Biotech / Life Science. Some of her notable investments include energy storage ESS, electronic coating ActNano, composite 3 chiều printing Arevo, smart material Phase Change Energy Solutions, và vision-based 3 chiều printing Inkbit. Prior khổng lồ joining GC Ventures America, Tina served as senior director at Myriant Corporation, a leading industrial biotech company with technologies to convert renewable sugars into industrial chemicals. She had been with the company from their early startup days until their successful acquisition and served in various capacities, including, R&D, engineering scale up, application development, & business development.
The data revolution và acceleration of DX has poised robots, intelligent machines, & the industrial mạng internet of things to take over much of the boring, repetitive work required for much of the world’s production with us at the helm khổng lồ control & direct. The efforts should minimize manufacturing error, input đầu vào variation, ramp up speed, & make processes more reliable. Not only will this ramp production, but will also enable cleaner more efficient industry. Instead of sustainability being a constraint, new paradigm shifting innovations are already showing that innovation & cleantech is the more cost efficient & effective way to operate. These trends will enable humans lớn focus on control, direction, and strategic effort rather than the time intensive labors of the past. This could facilitate a new era where anything is possible, and we will have the time, resources, intelligence, & creative imagination khổng lồ make it happen. Our expert panel may touch on such revolutions as renewable energy generation, cleantech, data transmission, data acceleration, realistic simulations, biometrics, và much much more.

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Xiaolin Lu, PhD

Fellow & Director of IoTTexas Instruments
Xiaolin is a Fellow and Director of Texas Instruments Kilby Labs Sensing và Processing Group. She is responsible for R&D on connected sensors, embedded AI, timing và clocking technologies for industrial internet & automobile applications. She has worked on various embedded processing & communication system programs, including Smart Sensing with edge computing, Intelligent Industrial mạng internet Sensor Network systems, embedded AI hardware acceleration, etc. She is the author/co-author of more than 60 U.S. Issued patents & the recipient of the special recognition awards: 2016 Asian American Engineer of the Year, Society of Women Engineers (SWE) và National Women of color award in the Technical Innovation – Industry category.
Yasser joined Amazon website Services as a VP of IoT coming from Qualcomm where he was Vice President. He held a variety of leadership roles that included managing teams that released Qualcomm’s first WLAN chip for mobile phones, & leading the formation and launch of QuIC (Qualcomm Innovation Center) & CAF (Code Aurora Foundation) to solve legal & operational issues around the mở cửa source software release. Yasser also led the Qualcomm Reference design (QRD) program, to lớn expand Qualcomm’s business in đài loan trung quốc which grew the market nội dung by helping the Chinese manufacturers produce phones based on Qualcomm technologies. For the past four years, Yasser managed Qualcomm’s IoT ecosystem. He directly managed the critical part of the strategy lớn scale IoT chipsets, including key technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision drones, robotics, và 5G. Yasser attended numerous trade shows, customer meetings, và other sale events in the, United States, South America, Europe, the Middle East, và Asia.
Sonita Lontoh is an accomplished public companies board director and a former Fortune 100 executive. Over her 25-year diverse global career, she has led and advised public companies và governments on innovative programs that have delivered positive impacts khổng lồ businesses, consumers, và society. She is a purpose-driven thought leader with a passion in advancing more women leaders in technology & corporate boardrooms. She has been invited by the white house nhà trắng to speak at President Barack Obama’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit và to an event honoring AAPI Women Champions of Change. Sonita was recognized by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her pioneering work for TechWomen và was invited by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry for a roundtable discussing digital transformations. She is an inductee to the US Asian Hall of Fame, the US Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame, and is a notable MIT women alumna.
Yuki Nakagawa RT Corporation CEO, President, Founder In 2005, she started RT Corporation, a company that develops, sells, & trains university students và professional engineers about service robots, and became its representative director. RT is the official ROS supporter of Denso Wave COBOTTA. RT is also a Jetson Education Partner. For Google ADK production and sales, RT became the first Japanese company to lớn be introduced at the Google I/O in 2011. In 2015, she was selected as one of the "25 Women in the World You Should Know in the Robotics Industry" by ROBOHUB in Silicon Valley, USA. In 2017, the company received investment from the Mirai Sousei Fund as a lead investor to develop Foodly, a humanoid collaborative robot for food factories. It is also attracting attention as a rapidly growing venture. She has published many papers & books, and writes a column for robotics or food magazines. She is also the executive director of the New giải pháp công nghệ Foundation, which organizes Micromouse, a maze analysis robot competition, và a board member of ROSConJP, a general incorporated association.
Christian Ramsauer is a full professor at the department of Innovation và Industrial Management at Graz University of Technology. He received his PhD focusing on production management from TU Graz in 1996 & spent two years conducting research on process development as a visiting scholar at Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts, working with Professor Stefan H. Thomke. He was 5 years with McKinsey & Company Germany as a management consultant, focusing on product & process development and on strategic issues, mainly with automotive và steel companies in Europe, the United States of America và Mexico. As a shareholder và CEO of a “green technology” company in Salzburg, he developed his company into a fast-growing and profitable enterprise. After working in the private equity sector in Munich he joined Graz University of technology in 2011. He is chairman of the supervisory board of the two start-ups Panthronics AG and Reactive Reality7 AG in7 Austria.
A 30-year technology veteran with expertise in robotics, AI, machine learning and business transformation. Anthony Jules is Co-founder và CEO of Robust.AI, where he is pioneering a vision of collaborative mobility in robotics.Anthony’s exceptional track record as a công nghệ leader is based on his belief that complex problems like robotics require multidimensional and multidisciplinary solutions that are human-centered by design. Prior to joining Robust.AI, Anthony led a number of high performance multidisciplinary teams building robotics products at Google. As part of Google Robotics và X, he was head of Product & Program Management for the Everyday Robot project. He joined Google through its acquisition of Redwood Robotics in 2013, at which he was COO & VP of Product.
Dr. Geetha Dholakia is a Portfolio Program Manager at TDK Ventures. She is responsible for strategic portfolio engagement with TDK và brings many years of scientific, technical program management and business development experience. Her most recent role was in technical program management, supporting NASA’s $ 200 million SBIR/STTR program. At NASA Ames Research Center, she worked in partnerships, business development và technology transfer và as a research scientist in nanotechnology & instrumentation for space missions. She holds a Ph.D. In Physics from the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, India.
The more people know, the more they need to explore. & while many of the technologies we will feature at DX week may make it simple khổng lồ explore virtually, humans will forever need face-to-face contact. How they travel to enjoy those engagements and how we transport the things we need from where they are produced to lớn where they will be consumed hinges on the future of mobility. Few would argue that the widespread adoption of electric vehicles is a matter of “when,” not “if.” But myriad challenges remain before many of the world’s citizens will be ready to accept EVs, autonomously driven vehicles, và other transportation innovations. Car sharing, battery swapping, vehicle-to-grid integration, behind-the-grid storage, clean hydrogen, second-life, and alternative chemistries such as solid-state batteries are sure khổng lồ make appearances during our discussions. The field is wide open. Perhaps we will even take a look at the potential for personal flying cars, high-speed rail, and other futuristic transport.

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Sara Jones

Senior Vice PresidentNew Vista Captial
Sara A. Jones currently serves as Senior Vice President at New Vista Capital, an investment firm focused on emerging technologies in Aerospace & Defense. Prior khổng lồ New Vista, Ms. Jones drove innovation investments, partnerships, và new venture initiatives in the future of mobility & emerging technologies at The Boeing Company, including serving as Innovation Director, Digital và Emerging Aviation in Boeing HorizonX. In addition, Ms. Jones has worked in corporate strategy and management consulting, developing research-driven business & customer strategies for Fortune 100 companies, including Microsoft, UPS, T-Mobile, & Nordstrom. She also has extensive experience in the start-up sector as a founder & advisor.
Florian Holzapfel received the Engineering Diploma & Doctorate degrees in aerospace engineering from the Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany, in 1999 and 2004, respectively. He is currently a Full Professor with the Department of Aerospace and Geodesy, Technische Universität München, where he is also the Director of the Institute of Flight System Dynamics. From 2004 lớn 2007, he was a Project Leader for flight simulation and flight control with IABG mbH, Munich, Germany. His current research interests include aerospace GNC applications, with the focus of transitioning novel methods to lớn flight experiments & products. He is the Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Luft und Raumfahrt (German equivalent khổng lồ the AIAA), past and present member of GNC TCs for AIAA, DGLR and CEAS, past and present member of company advisory boards & expert boards of public institutions lượt thích NATO, BavAIRia, German Government Ministries.
Ain McKendrick is the founder và CEO of Faction. He has a track record of developing cutting-edge consumer electronics products & technologies over the course of his career at a number of startups. Prior khổng lồ forming Faction, Ain was the VP of Engineering at Starsky Robotics which became the first company khổng lồ operate completely driverless semi trucks on public roads in North America. He was the Senior Director of Netflix’s partner products team which brought Netflix Instant Streaming to lớn connected consumer products and has co-founded a number of startup công nghệ ventures. Ain began his giải pháp công nghệ career as one of the founders of Palm Computing developing the original PalmPilot PDA.Ain holds a degree in Computer Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, is a Y Combinator alumni, & has a number of patents issued và pending for handheld computing, user interface, DVR, networked storage, và driverless vehicle technologies.
Maha is a senior leader with more than 25 years’ experience in both public, defense, and startup companies in semiconductor và wireless RF & optical communication & sensing systems. She was recently recognized in Forbes 50 Vision danh mục for founding Metawave. Maha is also Glass Dyenamics Chairwoman of the board. Her strong technology background combined with leadership, business and kinh doanh skills. Previously, Maha served as co-founder and CTO of Rayspan, Dir of Adv công nghệ at SDRC (Boeing), and Dir of Adv giải pháp công nghệ of Optical access where she pioneered the first broadcast HDTV system over satellite, mm-wave/Free-Space Optical systems for last mile connectivity, and led various DARPA projects in wireless MIMO & Optical devices. She holds a doctorate degree in Physics from Massachusetts Institute of công nghệ (MIT), authored over 35 publications, and holds more than 75 granted patents & over 150 pending applications.
Co-Founder and CEO of Ciconia Ltd. Led the development of the flight tested C&CAS (Coordination & Collision Avoidance System), a decentralized, hybrid, midair conflict management system. The C&CAS bridges the technological, cultural, và operational gaps between all users of low altitude airspace, enabling a far more intensive use of the airspace. Moshe (retired Col., Israeli Air Force), has logged over 5000 flight hours in complex operations as a helicopter pilot and commander. Before founding Ciconia, he held managerial positions in a several industries. Moshe holds a Master’s Degree in Financial Management from the Naval Post Graduate School (Monterey CA.) & a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Haifa University, Israel.
Lihn Pham is the CEO of VinES, the battery arm of VinGroup, the largest private conglomerate in Vietnam, a vị trí cao nhất 50 Asian company. In this role, she leads the company from strategy to lớn execution in achieving its mission to lớn become a global EV battery maker Incorporating global disruptive new battery technologies into in-house supply chain.Lihn also serves as Deputy CEO of VinFast, the mobility arm of VinGroup. VinFast was established in 2018 & envisioned to lớn drive the movement of global smart electric vehicle revolution. In this role, she leads global partnerships to lớn combine with in-house R&D capabilities, to bring on the most advanced technologies in ADAS, AD, Infotainment và Internet of Energy, khổng lồ the company"s first generation of electric cars for global markets.
Andrew Maywah is an Investment Director & Founding member of TDK Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of TDK Corporation. He is responsible for driving investments in innovative technology companies. Andrew holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science & computer engineering from MIT, và an MBA in finance & entrepreneurial management from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
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