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It’s never been easier to lớn tải về or save sầu the Facebook story on điện thoại & PC. But nowadays it’s very simple and easy to bởi so. You can save any Clip or phokhổng lồ stories in your phone’s gallery or PC. Previously we have posted details guide on how khổng lồ tải về Facebook videos in the gallery. But today I will show the simplest way lớn save sầu someone’s video clip and photo lớn story.

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Stories on Facebook are a perfect way khổng lồ get in touch & nội dung thoughts with loved ones. People around the world using Facebook can reply or mô tả that story as your FB stories settings. In short, it is a great feature after all.

Furthermore, you may lượt thích someone’s story the most and wanmãng cầu save sầu it on your phone or PC right? Don’t worry you are at the right place to know the downloading procedure of FB stories. I will show both ways of di động và desktop.

For your information a couple of months before, we were not able to lớn even view these stories on PC but we can and grab it for offline use. Please find the update section for saving stories in the lachạy thử Facebook design. So without wasting time, let’s get inlớn the procedure.

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Download Facebook Story Video/Phokhổng lồ on Mobile

By mặc định Facebook only allows you to save sầu photos & stories on your Mobile or PC. You can simply tap and hold the phokhổng lồ và then tap the save sầu option using your smartphone. On PC, you can right-click on the phokhổng lồ story and cliông xã save sầu image as an option. Moreover, you can save any Clip story khổng lồ your Mobile & PC without a third-tiệc nhỏ app và extensins.

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You need khổng lồ download and install an application for doing so. Don’t worry I will show the most trusted ứng dụng in the Play Store with over 1 million downloads and a 4.4 plus rating. So you don’t need khổng lồ worry about your privacy settings, for example, your login information, etc. Let get started:

Give sầu it the permission it wants & log in with your username và password.You will see all the stories at the top of your news feed.Tap any đoạn phim or phokhổng lồ story you wanmãng cầu tải về.Now tap the tải về option right to lớn the play button.For downloading a pholớn story tap the tải về button at the bottom left corner.
Download Facebook Video & Photo lớn Story on Mobile

That is how easy it is. If you don’t understvà the steps mentioned above. Then follow the video guide. Moreover, grabbing stories from Facebook on a PC or desktop is different. Don’t worry I am here to lớn help, let get into lớn the procedure.

How to lớn Download Facebook Story Video/Photo lớn on PC

As I mentioned earlier in this post, saving or downloading images & photos is easy on a PC. All you have to vì chưng is khổng lồ open a story and then right-cliông chồng on the pholớn. After that just click the save sầu images as an option and you are good to lớn go. However, saving video clip stories on the PC or Facebook web is slightly different.

You are needed to install an extension on Google Chrome known as Story Saver For Facebook or Facebook Story Saver. Please follow the below procedure:

Now go lớn Facebook.com và open any đoạn phim on your news feed.Cliông xã the Story Saver extension at the top right of the Chrome browser.The extension will begin downloading the video clip story from Facebook.You can find the downloaded video story by getting into lớn the Downloads then Video folder.
Facebook Story Saver on PC

Sometimes you may get the Clip file in a different format. In that case, all you need is lớn restart the Google Chrome browser and refresh the Facebook page. Then try và this should fix the problem.

One of the best things about the Story Saver extension is that it doesn’t require any login data. That way you are all secure with your privacy & login credentials. It is the most trusted & safe extension in the Chrome Web Store. However, it has recently been updated on December 1st, 2019. According to lớn its author, they will keep updating it in 2020 as well as in the future.

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Guess what? The extension will also work to lớn download or saving Instagram đoạn phim stories on PC. What else vị you need, interesting is not it? Yet, friendly for Facebook is my favorite phầm mềm for using Facebook on Mobile. I like the dark mode on it & it let me save my videos and stories in the gallery within seconds.

Facebook story downloader for chrome

There are thousands of Facebook story chrome downloader extensions, but the best one is Story Saver. All you have khổng lồ bởi is khổng lồ get into the Chrome Web Store & Search for Story Saver offer El-Madhaoun. Add it lớn your chrome then open any story you wanmãng cầu tải về in your Facebook tài khoản. Clichồng the Story Saver’s ibé at the top right & this way the stories will be downloaded shortly. All stories you save sầu via the extension will be available in your Download Folder.

Facebook story downloader for chrome

This story downloader for chrome will work on all device & OS types with the Google Chrome browser installed. Even if is macOS, Windows, or Linux machine, it will work perfectly fine.

Update: Save sầu FB Stories in PC (New Facebook Design)

The Facebook user interface is different they have updated the UI elements. Because of such changes in the UI mostly users are having issues while saving someone’s stories on their computers. Today, I will show you how lớn use the Story Saver extension to save sầu stories from Facebook’s new thiết kế. This works for saving both Facebook photo & video clip stories on your PC. Here is how to lớn vị it:

Download the extension first from the Google Web Store. Then mở cửa Facebook’s new kiến thiết, cliông xã on a Story you wanna save sầu, then click the extension ibé at the top right. The extension will start to tải về or save that story automatically on your PC. Have sầu a look at the below screenshots for your reference.

Save sầu FB Stories in the New Facebook Design on PC

How to lớn download Facebook stories anonymously

By default in Facebook & other places, there is no such lớn get or save sầu stories from your FB anonymously. But Friendly is an app available in the Play Store that can help in downloading stories anonymously.

How lớn download Facebook stories anonymously

All you have to bởi is install the Friendly for Facebook. Sign in to lớn the Friendly tiện ích with your Facebook username & password, và don’t worry about your privacy because the app is trusted worldwide và used by billions of users. Now you in your News Feed under the Stories section, you will see the Anonymous Viers option, tap on it, and then View the Story. After that you will see a Download button on that story, just hit that button to lớn download the story anonymously to lớn your phone.

Can you save someone’s Facebook story?

Yes, you can save anyone’s Facebook story using the Facebook ứng dụng or FB on PC. As there is instruction above sầu in detail, but you can use Friendly for the Facebook app on your Android device to lớn do so. Simply install the app, open someone’s story, và hit the download on it (you will see the save sầu button). However, you will need to login inkhổng lồ your Facebook tài khoản using the ứng dụng.

How can I tải về other stories from Facebook?

There are multiple ways to vì chưng it. However, you can open other stories then tap & hold on to the story. After you may see the tải về button to save sầu it, if not then follow these steps: Download & simply Friendly for Facebook application on your Android device for iPhone it’s available too. Login lớn your Facebook tài khoản using the Friendly phầm mềm and open any story from the stories các mục. You will see the download little button on it. Tap the button and you are good khổng lồ go.

How can I save sầu a Facebook story to lớn my computer?

Well, you can use an extension called Story Saver (demo is available above) to save sầu a Facebook story khổng lồ your computer. As it is the best FB story downloader for PC. Simply visit the Ctrang chủ Web Store và add the extension to lớn your browser. After that open up a Facebook tài khoản, click any story you wanna save sầu khổng lồ your computer. Then cliông chồng the Story Saver ibé at the top right of your chrome browser. That story will start downloading automatically và you can find it in your tải về thư mục on your PC.

However, if you don’t see the extension icon then cliông chồng the “Extension icon” left your protệp tin icon in the Chrome browser. Then cliông xã the Pin ibé option next lớn the Story Saver extension. So now you can easily see the extension at the top right of your chrome browser khổng lồ clichồng it.

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How can I tải về a Facebook story without them knowing?

It is easy lớn view và tải về any story on Facebook without them knowing. But in the mặc định, Facebook app it’s not possible. You will tải về and install the third-buổi tiệc nhỏ phầm mềm called “Friendly for Facebook”, don’t worry it is a trusted ứng dụng worldwide. Install the tiện ích và log in lớn your FB trương mục on it. Now you will anonymous view option under the stories enable it, now can view và tải về the sorry without them knowing with ease.

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