Hướng dẫn giả lập game psp trên điện thoại android đơn giản nhất


If games emulators are your thing, then PPSSPPhường is the app you want. Supporting all PlayStation và PSP based games.


How lớn Install PPSSPP.. using AltStore :

PPSSPPhường IPA File

xuất hiện Safari browser, open this page & tap the download links khổng lồ tải về PPSSPPNow go to the AltStore inhỏ on your trang chính screen & open the appTap on + at the top-left of the screenLook for PPSSPP in the IPA files danh sách & tap itType in your Apple credentials if asked to (usually only if you haven’t used AltStore before)PPSSPPhường will now begin installing and when it’s done the inhỏ appears on your trang chính screen và in the AltStore app

How lớn Sideload PPSSPPhường IPA File:


First, tải về the PPSSPP .ipage authority tệp tin from the link above.

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How to Download PPSSPP. onAndroid:

Download APK File

Download the APK tệp tin for your android devices from the Google PlayStore liên kết above sầu.

How khổng lồ Use in PPSSPP:

First, your PSPhường games must be in .iso or .cso format, but, as we are not legally allowed khổng lồ distribute these files with the phầm mềm, it’s down khổng lồ you to provide them. If you want your official PSP games converted so you can use them with PPSSPP.., you will need to head lớn Google, find & tải về a custom firmware on your PSP.. Once you have sầu done that, you can follow the steps below:

Put the UMD in the PSPUsing a USB cable, plug your PSP inkhổng lồ your computerGet to lớn the main menu on the PSP và press on Select.A menu will appear ( on the Custom Firmware ) – select UMD as the USB device.Staying baông chồng khổng lồ the main thực đơn, select Settings, from the left, & select USB ConnectionA thư mục will now appear on your PC – in this is the virtual ISO file drag the tệp tin to your hard drive sầu (rethành viên where), & it will begin copying.When it’s finished, the game is copied và done.

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You can use tools, such as Maxteo, lớn transkhung your ISO files inkhổng lồ CSO files, which are compressed ISOs.

If your PSP contains digital downloads, you can use them on PPSSPP; all you have sầu khổng lồ vị is copy toe EBOOT.PBP.. from the PSP khổng lồ the PPSSPPhường. However, be aware that this hasn’t been fully tested, so you may come across problems with some games.

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PPSSPP Emulator Features:

Quiông xã & easy downloadSimple navigationWorks without CydiaWorks on iOS 10 và above sầu on supported devicesSupported consoles & hosts include PPSSPPhường., PlayStation, PSP và many morePlay games to lớn suit your mood, from retro to lớn a modern game, anything you likePlay multiplayer games onlineFull tư vấn for gameplay recording & sharing over Wi-Fi và BluetoothPlay some games on local servers without using Wi-FiCloud hệ thống hosting và storage – fast downloads, security, & all your games data is storedYou don’t need to lớn install separate emulators for separate consoles as one-click-play is supportedCreate customized game maps and game controlsMany more useful features

Alternative sầu Emulator Apps:

Happy Chick

Download PPSSPPhường onto lớn your device today and tell us what games you play through it. You can follow us on Facebook or join the developer on its GitHub page for more tips lượt thích this. The official Twitter page is linked here.

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