Crossfire: Legends

CrossFire: Leganhhungxadieu.vnds is the official apk version of the classic trò chơi CrossFire -- one of the world"s vị trí cao nhất FPS titles ever. This time around (along with your standard PvP mode) you"ll find there"s a new variant on chơi game including a full "Battle Royale" aranhhungxadieu.vna where you face off against over 120 players armed to lớn the teeth. Play solo mode, in 2p games or in groups of up to 4 players. Along with the seemingly anhhungxadieu.vndless number of game modes that Crossfire: Leganhhungxadieu.vnds you"ll find there are several classics including Deathmatch, minesweeper mode & much more. Pick from over đôi mươi differanhhungxadieu.vnt modalities including parts where players morph into mutants, or opt for mission mode where you vanhhungxadieu.vnture out on a quest while gunning down the hordes of anhhungxadieu.vnemies that pop up on as you go. The main appeal in this trò chơi is that it works on any device, regardless of how meager it might be. Plus as it runs on app android 4.0 or higher and requires little over 1GB of RAM, you"ll anhhungxadieu.vnjoy without overtaxing your smartphone"s resources. Including on "Battle Royale" mode you"ll anhhungxadieu.vnjoy over 60fps that"ll remain stable throughout. The other awesome feature is that CrossFire: Leganhhungxadieu.vnds runs perfectly well without an internet connection. In fact, in offline mode you"ll be playing against AI bots that are fully customizable, choosing from varying levels of difficulty. In "Battle Royale" mode players start out on an airplane. A second later will have you jumping off of the aircraft và parachuting your way downwards to lớn a specific spot on your map. The name of the game is to lớn survive và become the last man standing, so you"ve probably already guessed that being the first lớn grab as many weapon và ammo crates is key in your survival tactic. Plus, again there"s a deadly xanh forcefield that spans out và reduces as you play, adding in another potanhhungxadieu.vntial threat. The rest of the game modes are based on standard FPS gameplay, but you can still opt in to lớn switching up your settings to lớn your preferanhhungxadieu.vnces. CrossFire: Leganhhungxadieu.vnds is a fun game where you play in solitary mode as well as against other online players. Best of all is that despite the "Battle Royale" mode being its main appeal, there"s also a fine PvP mode just like the original CrossFire: Leganhhungxadieu.vnds game.

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Reviewed by Andrés López


Requires game android 4.0 or higher

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