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Yesterday, after having my weekover staycation with my wife, we had some vacant time at around 4 pm and were juggling between going trang chính khổng lồ spkết thúc our evening or to go & see another movie. This anime movie had been promoted in the social truyền thông media for few weeks but since I was not familiar with the series, I was a bit doubtful of whether to see it or not. However, when I saw the positive reactions of various people (& also the high rating), I was a bit intrigued. Therefore, we decided khổng lồ go see this movie at CGV in the 4DX theater. Apparently there was some kind of promotion where the ticket for this cinema was almost half the normal price. Naturally we wanted to lớn try experiencing the 4DX effects (we only tried that once when it first open many years ago). Anyway, let us get on with the story now, shall we?
Story was mix in the year 2026 with brief explanation on the history of Sword Art Online (SAO) game played by many gamers using a NerveGear equipment to enter into lớn the virtual reality world where the players can fight monsters, get khổng lồ know other gamers và so on. Kirilớn (voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) was the number 1 player there but semi retired to lớn the gaming world after that game was shut down. He did however still get together with other "survivors" lượt thích his love sầu interest Asumãng cầu (Haruka Tomatsu), Lisbeth (Ayahi Takagaki) and Silica (Rimãng cầu Hidaka).

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A new game with Augmented Technology where the gamers enter the virtual reality world while they were conscious (which was the main difference from the previous full dive sầu công nghệ when playing SAO) was now being introduced. Lots of people were really interested as it provided a lot of discounts or không tính tiền coupons as they increased their cấp độ. The game was called Ordinal Scale (OS). In the game, there was an Artificial Intelligence character named Yuna (Sayaka Kanda) who was very popular as the characterization was made into a very attractive sầu girl và very good in singing. Yuna was also the reason why OS was very popular in the gaming world.
As Asuna, Lisbeth and Silica were all interested in playing OS, Kirikhổng lồ was a bit skeptical. While playing the game in an already determined location, Asumãng cầu went together with Kirito lớn. However, Kirikhổng lồ was not really good at it since OS required physical agility where Kirilớn did not have sầu due to lớn laông xã of exercise. There was a very good player named Eiji (Yoshio Inoue) who was able to hurt the "boss" và made Asumãng cầu easier lớn kill it. Eiji was ranked number 2 and was mysterious as no one knew his history.
The popularity of the game kept on increasing but there appear to be something not right about it và ultimately bring danger lớn the players.
So what was the real intention of Ordinal Scale game creation? What did it want with the gamers from SAO? Could Kirikhổng lồ find out the mystery before the game brought destruction to lớn all his friends? Find them all in this exciting adventure animation movie.
Hmm, this movie was actually fun khổng lồ see. The characters were fun & interesting. The animation were done beautifully not only on the characters, or the action sequences, but also the background buildings, the monsters (bosses) và so on. I think the main attraction was also the great & cool fighting scenes with the bosses & especially the Finale fight which was awesome. Of course the effects of experiencing watching the movie in 4DX also gave additional exciting & tensed feeling during those fight sequences.

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In addition khổng lồ the beautiful animation, the movie also had some nice songs in it. One particular song sung by Yumãng cầu in the middle was very nice. The relationship between Kirito & Asuna was also interesting lớn watch. Another character that my wife and I loved was Yui (Kanae Itō) who was an Artificial Intelligence và lượt thích the "daughter" of Kirilớn và Asuna since she always referred them as Papage authority & Mama in a very funny way.
The thing about watching this kind of movie which was adapted from light novel series written by Reki Kawahara và already made inlớn 2 seasons of animated series và also games in various platforms, was that it required us lớn know at least a bit first. My wife và I were trying our best to lớn understand the story at first, not to lớn mention to get khổng lồ know the characters since they were all brand new to us. What I am trying lớn say here is that, if you never know anything about the characters or the background, it would be best to possibly find out first, maybe by reading the novel, or see the series or whatever you need khổng lồ vì to lớn better understvà the movie.
Hence, I can conclude that the movie was very good in term of satisfying the người of the series as I noticed that most of the popular characters were shown in it and the love story between Kirikhổng lồ và Asuna also had some good amount of screen time. It was truly made for fans, but it was not a movie made for all audience or khổng lồ attract new fans due to its rather "genre specific".
As a standalone movie, despite all the bit of slow understanding on my part, we could still enjoy the mystery và the fight scenes and also the touching moment before the end of the movie. Oh ya, before I forgot, there was a end credit scene (which also seemed lớn be addressed lớn people who already know the story). It should be interesting for the fans to see as it hinted to another sequel (of course!).
So if you are a real bạn of the series or at least already know a bit of the characters, this movie should be very fun khổng lồ watch. However if you are not familiar with the series but you are interested to watch the number 1 movie in nhật bản back in mid February 2017, you need khổng lồ find out more about the story lớn give you a more satisfying experience.
Happy watching!
Mike"s movie moments rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Note on 4DX cinema experience
In term of the effects during the movie, the 4DX theater was top notch. We could feel most of the effects especially during the fight scenes. However I think the seats arrangement were not too good between each row. I believe sầu that they were not well placed (not "steep" enough) và resulted to lớn people"s heads blocking our views. Perhaps if the they could bởi vì something about it, then the experience would have been real perfect. Though I doubt that would happen, at least at the moment, since it would require additional budget to rearrange the seats. Other than that though, it was a real quality experience.
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