Superman Và Elsa

Frozen: Elsa Recreated SUPERMAN’s Fortress of Solitude Elsa’s ice palace is a fairy tale masterpiece, but looking at it a little closer, it starts to bear a resemblance to Superman"s hideaway.

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Elsa in the Fortress of Solitude

Fans all around the world reHotline the famous Let It Go scene in Disney’s original Frozen, where Elsa, now fully embracing her ice powers, constructs a magnificent ice castle in the mountains. As Frozen was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s short story The Snow Queen, Elsa’s palace was originally intended khổng lồ pay homage to lớn the Snow Queen’s castle. As Frozen’s mythology deepened in its sequel, Frozen II, however, Elsa’s icy domains began bearing striking similarities to lớn the fortress of a famous DC superanh hùng - Superman.

Yes, strange as it might sound, Elsa’s icy world has more than a few things in common with the Man of Steel’s Kryptonian stronghold. Even stranger? This isn’t the first time Disney has borrowed from Superman’s origin story.

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Initially, Elsa’s struggle to accept her ice powers bore a svào resemblance khổng lồ Marvel Comics’ X-Men, and the plight of all mutants lớn accept the gifts and curses that came with their innate abilities. Once Elsa started to lớn accept her powers, however, the tone of her story shifted khổng lồ resemble Clark Kent’s own journey of self-discovery. Just as Clark’s journey led him to lớn the arctic in both the comics & movies, Elsa climbs up the North Mountain to make sense of her life. And just as Clark used Kryptonian crystals to lớn build his Fortress of Solitude to live sầu alone, Elsa also originally built her palace to lớn live peacefully by herself.

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Much lượt thích Clark, Elsa learns that while her castle does offer her a refuge from the world, she can’t stay there forever & rejoins humanity, choosing to lớn use her superhuman abilities to protect others. However, she returns lớn a different “fortress” in Frozen II when a disembodied voice calls her khổng lồ Ahtohallun, which turns out to be an isolated glacier.

In this second “Fortress of Solitude,” the comparisons lớn Superman’s Fortress become more obvious. Just as Superman can communicate with the spirits of dead Kryptonians (particularly his father Jor-El) through artificial intelligence devices, Elsa discovers Ahtohallun contains the spirit of her mother Iduna - the voice who was calling khổng lồ her. And just as Jor-El helped Clark discover his identity as Superman, a being who could guide humanity into lớn a brighter future, Iduna helps Elsa realize và accept who she truly is, the fifth elemental spirit of Northuldra who can unite people with the magic of nature.

The Fortress of Solitude
Ahtohallun contains other svào similarities khổng lồ the Fortress of Solitude. Using the “memory crystals” of his Fortress, Superman can view and study the history of not only Krypton, but other alien worlds & civilizations. Similarly, using the premise that “water contains memory,” Elsa can see frozen recreations of past events, và even uses this to lớn learn how her grandfather killed the Northuldra leader, creating conflict between Arendelle & the Northuldra tribes. Much like the Fortress, Ahtohallun also contains hazards, as Elsa discovers when she ventures inlớn a dangerous area and becomes trapped (not unlượt thích how Superman’s Phantom Zone Projector traps people inkhổng lồ an ageless, disembodied state).

Curiously, the Frozen movies aren’t the first Disney films to show inspiration from the Superman comics mythology. Disney’s Hercules, for instance, shows its nhân vật raised as a super strong mortal on Earth before journeying lớn the Temple of Zeus & learning of his true heritage from his godly father (speaking through a statue of Zeus). Considering Superman stories owe their inspiration to early myths và legends of demigods with extraordinary lineage, it only seems appropriate that aspects of the Man of Steel’s own legkết thúc come baông chồng to influence re-imagined versions of the classic tales from which DC also drew inspiration.

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