The Suicide Squad 2021

Hey, bởi vì you want to lớn watch some brand-spankin" new footage from The Suicide Squad? Then you came lớn the right place! (If you"re in the wrong place please locate a directory at the nearest kiosk.) In a new featurette, director James Gunn talks about the RED cameras he used lớn shoot the film – including "a dynamic shooting style that...wasn"t possible before the creation of RED"s latest camera innovations." & while all of this RED talk kind of makes this video clip feel like an ad, you"re still getting some new Suicide Squad footage, so that has to lớn count for something.

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The Suicide Squad was filmed entirely with IMAX-certified RED cameras – a process that James Gunn speaks highly of. "The way that movie is shot is the way I"ve wanted khổng lồ shoot every movie but have not been able to until now," Gunn says in the clip above. "Nearly every shot in this movie is on the move," says Gunn, "and not only that but we wanted lớn get up close & move around & between people. The tech has advanced to match what I see with my mind."

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Cinematographer Henry Braham & his team "made customized gyrostabilized mounts lớn enable genuinely stabilized hand-held movement." Cameras used included the Ranger Monstro and the Komodo, which was still in prototype at the time. "Komodo is a great little camera," Braham says. "There are shots in the movie we could only get with something that small that comes with high-res imagery." Braham used Leica M-System glass to lớn keep "image quality and maneuverability in mind." "

"From the beginning, one of the main goals was to keep it alive, keep it visceral, keep it real; one of the pathways to vì chưng that is the way to use the camera," Gunn says, adding: "Nearly every shot in this movie is moving...and not only is it moving, but we want to lớn get in really close, và between people, và you just can"t vì that with a bulky camera." Gunn also says that thanks to the cameras, not only is he getting exactly what he envisioned, he"s getting better than what he envisioned, adding that the kết thúc result was the most enjoyable process he"s ever had making a film.


In The Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller assembles "a collection of cons, including Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Captain Boomerang, Ratcatcher 2, Savant, King Shark, Blackguard, Javelin và everyone"s favorite psycho, Harley Quinn. Then arm them heavily và drop them (literally) on the remote, enemy-infused island of Corto Maltese. Trekking through a jungle teeming with militant adversaries and guerrilla forces at every turn, the Squad is on a search-and-destroy mission with only Colonel Rick Flag on the ground khổng lồ make them behave...and Amanda Waller"s government techies in their ears, tracking their every movement. & as always, one wrong move and they"re dead (whether at the hands of their opponents, a teammate, or Waller herself). If anyone"s laying down bets, the smart money is against them—all of them."

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