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Studio & gamers celebrate State of Survival’s first anniversary and success with exclusive sầu new content và official trang web launch.

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State of Survival, a zombie apocalypse strategy survival game, sees players team up and fight lớn salvage what remains of humankind. (Graphic: Business Wire)


State of Survival, a zombie apocalypse strategy survival game, sees players team up & fight to lớn salvage what remains of humankind. (Graphic: Business Wire)


SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--State of Survival, the Android & iOS smash hit zombie-themed strategy game from KingsGroup, celebrated its first anniversary by releasing new, adrenaline-fueled nội dung, hosting community events, và launching its official website.

State of Survival is a di động strategy game that requires players khổng lồ work together and think strategically in order khổng lồ help their characters survive in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with zombies.

The anniversary nội dung rewarded old and new fans with a “yearbook” feature that highlighted players’ achievements, và a new mission “Rescue Kamute Town”. This mission saw players join forces with other in-game chiefs khổng lồ stamp out infected hordes, with the greathử nghiệm moments captured by State Archivists on Discord. In September, players enjoyed over five sầu million action-packed in-game và Discord community events across four days. Other events also included a DJ night and settlement Review. The most inspirational stories were then immortalized in the State of Survival universe.

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State of Survival achievements from 2020

Featured 104 times as the Game of the Day on the App StoreNo. 1 tải về in Taiwan và South Korea on both Google Play và App Store60 million+ global downloadsNamed Best of 20đôi mươi Competitive sầu Game in South Korea by Google Play

A spokesperson from the State of Survival team said, “20đôi mươi has been a remarkable year and this is just the beginning! We have been working with global online gaming icons like MrBeast, VanossGaming & SSSniperWolf, & we look forward to lớn continuing this journey and strive sầu to lớn create immersive, interactive gaming experiences for our incredible fans. ”

State of Survival is không lấy phí to lớn play, & available on both iOS and Android. To find out more, visit their official website.

About KingsGroup

Founded in September năm 2016, global studio KingsGroup has thrilled gamers around the world with its ground-breaking strategy games, including world-famous King of Avalon, which has topped the danh mục of bestsellers in 67 countries, và Guns of Glory, which has ranked No.1 in 45 countries, including the USA và most European markets.

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State of Survival is the lachạy thử example of KingsGroup’s global team creating world-class titles. Visit their official website for more information.

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