Soundmagic E10Bt Đánh Giá


Key Specifications

nhận xét Price: £69.00công nghệ Bluetooth không dây 4.210-12-hour battery life13.5milimet driversIn-line remote10 pairs of tips

What are the SoundMagic E10BT?

The SoundMagic E10BT are wireless earphones that defy current trends lớn offer in-ears that are useful rather than something to lớn show off.

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They use a battery paông xã instead of fitting everything inlớn the earpieces, losing them a few “tech cool” points. However, they’re probably the best budget wireless earphones around at £69.

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SoundMagic E10BT – Design & Features

The E10BT are just the sort of earphones I’d expect from SoundMagic. They’re quirky – but, ultimately, they’re the perfect buy for ordinary folk who are wanting a pair of wireless earphones. This isn’t only because they’re relatively affordable.

Rather than being standalone buds such as the Apple AirPods, or a sporty-style pair such as the Bose SoundSport Wireless, the SoundMagic E10BT have a battery pachồng that sits on the cable that joins the two earpieces. This battery paông chồng is separate from the remote too, making the E10BTs one of the ‘busiest’ wireless earphones I’ve come across recently.


The obvious problem is where lớn put the battery pack? Day-to-day I’ve sầu been attaching it khổng lồ my shirt, or to lớn the collar of my T-shirt when at the gym. You could also attach it to the back of a collar, which looks best, but this can be fiddly.

If you’re just sitting at a desk then it can be left lớn simply hang down without discomfort, since it weighs only a few grams. But SoundMagic’s aim is to make the E10BTs feel just lượt thích the E10s, và they vị so when the battery is clipped khổng lồ something.

The earpieces are much like those of the standard SoundMagic E10. They’re aluminium throughout, even though there appears lớn be a ‘split’ half-way down the bud. Both parts are metal.


The cable is a little different, though. Where normal E10 earphones have a braided cable, the E10BT use a standard round one. It’s more susceptible khổng lồ tangles, but at least there’s less cable to get tangled.

SoundMagic includes an almost ridiculously comprehensive sầu selection of tips with the E10BTs. There are two slightly different styles of normal rounded tips (SoundMagic calls them bowl- & domed-shaped), dual-flange và vented tips. This last kind lets in some air, rather than blocking off your ear canals completely, so you can hear what’s going on around you. This makes the E10BT igiảm giá for runners.


The tips come in a few different sizes, giving a total of 10 pairs in all. That might just be the most I’ve seen in 10 years of reviewing headphones.

The SoundMagic E10BT also come with a carry case, và a charge cable that you can plug inlớn your laptop’s USB port or a phone charger. One of the main benefits of using a separate battery is that these earphones last far longer off a charge than most at the price. Budget wireless headphones tend lớn last six-eight hours, but these carry on for 10-12 hours, depending on volume at which you are listening.

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SoundMagic E10BT – Wireless Performance

Until recently, the wireless performance of most budget Bluetooth wireless earphones is best described as patchy. You’d get pretty regular blips from movement, from interference of other devices, or just for reasons unexplained. In my experience at least, the SoundMagic E10BT’s wireless performance is on a par with pairs several times the price. I’ve heard no major wireless blips from these earphones.

These earphones use a Công nghệ Bluetooth 4.2 chipset that SoundMagic says it capable of 24-bit hi-res streaming, but with no support for aptX or aptX HD, it’s a hollow claim. There’s also no NFC.


SoundMagic E10BT – Sound Quality

The SoundMagic E10BT sound is very similar lớn that of the other E10 earphones, even though it has a 13.5mm dynamic driver rather than the 10milimet one used in SoundMagic’s wired pairs.

Sound quality is great for the price, comparable to lớn some non-wireless earphones costing a similar amount. It’s an accessible, slightly bass-skewed full tone, but one with decent mid-range definition và detail that’s comparable with the better £30-50 ‘normal’ earphones.Related: Best wireless headphones


The SoundMagic E10BT has an accommodating sound with zero harshness. It’s hard to imagine many people taking against it too much. It’s the reason that the SoundMagic E10 have sầu been so easy to lớn recommend as a solid budget phối for the past few years.

However, I’ve always been more a fan of SoundMagic’s E50 tone – although these aren’t available as a wireless phối. The extra bass and mid-bass of the SoundMagic E10BT is enjoyable, but neither does the otherwise decent definition any favours. If you think of a vocal as a box, its outline is very clear on the top half, but towards the bottom it becomes diffuse, confused with the low-mid content from other instruments.

You’d have lớn spkết thúc a lot more than £69 khổng lồ get perfectly defined mids from a wireless set. However, it does highlight the difficulty with recommending wireless earphones. The E10 family offers very solid entry-level sound, but its limitations become more apparent when you’re paying £70 rather than £30-odd.

At the same time, SoundMagic adds less to lớn the cost for the privilege of công nghệ Bluetooth không dây wireless than most major manufacturers.


Should I buy the SoundMagic E10BT?

Of all the affordable in-ear wireless headphones I’ve tried, the E10BTs are ahy vọng the few I’d be happy to lớn recommkết thúc, alongside the surprisingly decent Skullcandy Method Wireless. If you’d like a more ‘hi-fi’ sound, also check out the Beyerdynamic Byron BT, although their sound has a tiring edge that won’t appeal to some.

The one part to consider carefully is the battery box – and whether it will irritate. Unless you run topless, its just a case of clipping it to lớn your shirt – but when you consider that a big part of the wireless craze is convenience, maybe it will prove a turn-off.

In the wider world of sub-£100 wireless headphones, I’d also suggest considering the Urbanista Seattle, which offer a bigger, more engaging sound for £đôi mươi extra. However, note that they’re on-ear headphones.

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