Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Specs


Sony"s tablets have quietly been getting better over the years. Prioritizing refinement over dazzling new features, the Xperia Z2 Tablet và Z3 Tablet Compact were two of 2014"s best. The Xperia Z4 Tablet is the direct replacement khổng lồ the Z2, & Sony has ticked off all the right checkboxes in creating it. With its slim profile, super-high res display and all the latest chips inside, it looks like a dream on paper. Does it live up lớn expectations?






As is par for the course with Sony devices, the Z4 doesn"t deviate wildly from the thiết kế of its predecessor, but that"s not a huge problem. The Z2 was thin, light, fast và waterproof; the Z4 is thinner, lighter, faster and... Waterproofer. We"ve seen this basic blueprint in some variation since early 2013, which makes the Z4 a fairly anonymous slab of plastic and glass.

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That"s not to lớn say there"s been no improvement since the last model, though. The Z4 is a noticeably smaller tablet, with slimmer bezels cutting its footprint down significantly. It now measures 6.57 inches tall (versus the Z2"s 6.8), và a clean 10 inches wide. The reduction in width represents a big step forward. Sony"s trimmed about half an inch from the Z2, which makes the tablet much easier khổng lồ hold given the screen"s 16:10 aspect ratio.

Although the dimensions have changed a bit, the only real "wow" factor here is the weight. The LTE version I tested is just 393g (0.87 pound). For context, the Z2 weighed 439g (0.97 pound), & the cellular máy tính bảng ipad Air 2 is 444g (0.98 pound). Now this may sound stupid, but the Z4 is almost too light. Something about the lack of mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa makes me scared that if I"d drop it, it"d shatter into tiny pieces. The tablet"s lack of heft and màu đen nhám plastic back just don"t feel reassuring when compared to lớn the iPad"s aluminum or even the Nexus 9"s soft-touch plastic.

Sony has changed a few things along the edges of the device, the most obvious being the removal of the Z2"s magnetic charging pins and IR blaster. It"s also moved the micro-USB port over to the right side, and has managed khổng lồ waterproof things sufficiently to negate the need khổng lồ hide it behind a covering. Not having to deal with a fiddly piece of plastic every time you want to charge your tablet is a big plus. There is still one flap necessary khổng lồ achieve the Z4"s IP65/68 water- & dust-resistant ratings, but it only conceals the microSD và SIM slots. Given how unlikely you are lớn swap out either with any regularity, it"s really not a big deal.

Internally, you"re getting everything you"d expect from a năm ngoái tablet. A Snapdragon 810 chip with 3GB of RAM; a 10.1-inch, 2K panel; 32GB of storage expandable via microSD; a 6,000mAh battery; & the usual selection of connectivity options lượt thích WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and, if you plump for the cellular version, cát 6 LTE. What does all that mean? Well, as you"d expect, Sony stuffed the fastest components it could find into its flagship tablet, but there"s nothing spectacularly exciting or new here.

Before we move on, a quick diversion: The first tablet Sony gave me failed its waterproofing test. Although there was no visible damage, some water had clearly entered into the display, as the tablet was receiving ghost cảm ứng inputs. The second tablet I received passed the same chạy thử with flying colors. Sony assures me that this was a pre-production unit, và that the issue is not widespread. As I"ve never had any problem with Sony"s waterproofing before, I"m inclined lớn believe the explanation. For full transparency, though, it needs khổng lồ be noted.

Display & sound


It"s been some 16 months since I first laid hands on the Z2. Its 1,920 x 1,200 display still holds up as one of the prettiest I"ve ever seen, so much so that I wouldn"t have complained that loudly if Sony had just stuck with it for the Z4. It hasn"t, of course, instead opting for an all-new 2,560 x 1,600 panel, which is utterly gorgeous. It uses the same Triluminos tech as the Z2, but ups both the pixel density và the maximum brightness. Blacks are deep; viewing angles are perfect; and colors are rich without being gaudy.

This is a gorgeous display, until you take it outside.

I struggled lớn find anything I disliked about this screen. Until, that is, I ventured out into my garden, put on an episode of Orange is the New Black and attempted to lớn take advantage of a rare moment of London sunshine. The display is plenty bright enough, but thanks to the Z4"s hyper-reflective glass, I had to lớn shift the tablet around a lot to lớn try and get a view unhampered by reflections. The Z2 had the same problem, và that nothing was apparently done to lớn improve things is saddening.

Another cause for concern comes in the khung of the subpar stereo speakers mounted on either side of the display. The audio they pump out is tinny & distorted, especially at higher volumes. I could make a dozen comparisons, but here"s one that should illustrate just how bad things are. My iPhone 6"s tiny speaker offers better bass response, cleaner mids & highs, is less distorted at every volume level và ultimately goes louder. Khổng lồ state the obvious, the iPhone is not a paradigm of high-fidelity audio, and is easily bested by other smartphones like HTC"s One M9.

Given the Z4 is a 10.1-inch tablet with a killer screen, the poor speakers feel like a big oversight. Whether that"s a huge issue for you, though, really depends on where you"re going khổng lồ be using the tablet. Generally, if I want to watch or play something on a tablet, either I"m out of the house or the TV is taken. Because of that, I"m almost always going khổng lồ be using headphones anyway. If you"re likely to use a tablet in place of a TV or laptop, though, the audio unique might be a dealbreaker.


The Z4 comes with a modified version of android 5.0.2. Sony can have a pass from me on not including Google"s latest và greatest version, given that 5.1 wasn"t publicly detailed until after the tab was announced. That said, the custom Xperia interface hasn"t really moved forward over the past year, despite app android changing massively in the same time.

All of Sony"s additions are still present, such as the "small apps" feature, which lets you float a little calculator, browser, calendar, et cetera over regular applications, but virtually none of the Material kiến thiết tweaks that came with android Lollipop have been integrated. The pop-up tiện ích drawer, the Google Now tab to lớn the left of the home screen -- it"s all missing, leaving the same distinctly dated experience as found on past Xperias. The only meaningful change from the kiến thiết we saw last year actually came to lớn the Z2 with its 5.0.2 update: The multitasking thực đơn now offers large panel previews in place of the tiny row of horizontally scrollable icons.

I really don"t see much of a problem with Sony"s home screen changes. All the apps on the tablet are going khổng lồ be up-to-date, & the software experience here represents app android skinning at its least offensive. One thing I vì take issue with is all the apps that come preloaded with the Z4. The total number of Sony-specific software is comfortably into double figures, along with a slew of third-party apps. If I want Microsoft Office, Garmin Navigator or AVG AntiVirus, I"ll tải về them myself. At least all the third-party software can be uninstalled, as can some of the Sony stuff.

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About those Sony apps: They"ve changed a little from previous offerings, with "Walkman" and "Movies" making way for "Music" and "Video." Unless you"re in love with Sony"s ecosystem, though, you"re unlikely to lớn make much use of either. Virtually all Sony"s solutions are duplicated by either the suite of Google apps that comes with game android or well-known third-party apps. It"s purely a matter of preference, & mine is always with Google"s and other"s efforts. There is one notable outlier, one thing that Sony has going for it: PlayStation Remote Play.

Remote Play


Because I"m an avid gamer & a PlayStation 4 owner, the Remote Play feature, which lets you stream your PS4 from anywhere with an mạng internet connection, proved very useful. I"m one of roughly 27 people who bought a PlayStation Vita, & have played with Remote Play a fair amount. The experience on the Z4 tablet is far superior, thanks largely to the fact it has a good WiFi chip & supports real controllers. Setup is simple: Make sure you"re connected khổng lồ a WiFi network; insert your PSN ID; pair your DualShock 4 controller via Bluetooth; & away you go. So long as you allow your PS4 to vị so in the settings, it"ll wake itself up from Rest Mode to let you play.

As you"d expect from any game-streaming setup, how well things work depends a lot on the strength of the networks your PS4 và tablet are connected to. My console is hooked up to a solid (70 Mbps down, 30 Mbps up, 12ms ping) network via Ethernet, & when my tablet was on the same network, things were virtually flawless. Graphically, things are a tiny bit softer than when you"re playing on your TV, but đầu vào lag was low enough that I could successfully play (almost) any game I tried. That "almost" comes from my attempt khổng lồ play Ultra Street Fighter IV. It"s a trò chơi I"d rather play with a wired arcade-style thiết lập than a wireless controller anyway, so even the smallest amount of lag is too much for me khổng lồ cope with. Other twitchy games like Hotline Miami 2 and Resogun worked just fine.

What can you vì on a lesser connection? Quite a lot. My second thiết đặt (30 Mbps down, 7 Mbps up, 25ms ping) made Resogun a bit of a chore -- it felt something like playing online co-op -- but I managed to steer my beloved AFC Wimbledon team khổng lồ a second successive Premier League title in FIFA 15 with no trouble.

Buoyed on by my success, I tested Remote Play with the worst connection available khổng lồ me -- the rather spotty LTE signal in my bedroom. With 5 Mbps down, 2 Mbps up & a 50ms ping, it"s very close to the bare minimum requirements Sony lists (5 Mbps down, 1 Mbps up). Performance took an expected hit, but much lượt thích using the PlayStation Now streaming service on a poor connection, if you pick your game, it"s still feasible. After swearing at FIFA 15 due khổng lồ both lag và visual artifacts, I went with Telltale"s Game of Thrones -- basically a choose-your-own-adventure book with some quick-time events. Despite the aforementioned artifacting and some occasional stutter, it was totally playable.

Using Remote Play khổng lồ stream đoạn clip is feasible, even over LTE.

So here"s a fairly new, basically unannounced Remote Play feature. Due lớn licensing reasons, you"ve never been allowed khổng lồ use apps lượt thích Netflix & Amazon Instant đoạn phim remotely. But Sony recently added a truyền thông media Player to the PS4, và there are zero restrictions on streaming it. If you have a hard drive or a USB stick connected lớn your console, you can basically use Remote Play to access any đoạn clip you have from anywhere in the world. I tested it out with a Louis ông chồng standup special & it worked like a dream even on my middling connection setup. Input đầu vào lag isn"t an issue if you"re just watching a video, so streaming over cellular was entirely possible, if a little stuttery on occasion. You can also control the system with an on-screen overlay, which is no good for games, but works just fine for the media Player.

I"m aware that streaming movies & TV shows absolutely wasn"t what Sony had in mind when it introduced Remote Play. If you"re the type who has a 2TB drive full of videos, though, it"s a really simple way to lớn access that library from anywhere in the world. The fact that I don"t need khổng lồ remember to lớn leave my PC on lớn play truyền thông media remotely (as I vày with Plex) is a big plus as well.

Keyboard dock


In the UK, Sony will not sell you a Z4 without an accompanying keyboard dock. While it"s unclear if that"ll be the case in the US, the fact that it"s bundled with every tablet here means I pretty much have khổng lồ talk about it. Long story short: I really don"t lượt thích the thing.

The keyboard dock connects wirelessly, with the tablet simply held in place by rubber inserts in a slot above the keys. The slot is hinged so you can change the angle of the screen a little, but not enough to ever make it as comfortable as using a notebook. In fact, when tilting the hinge as far back as possible, the weight of the tablet meant that it constantly toppled over on my lap. The keys themselves are well-spaced (for a 10-inch format, as least), and offer a decent amount of travel, but are squidgy enough that typing feels thoroughly unsatisfying. I managed lớn bang out about half of this đánh giá using the dock before giving up & switching to lớn my laptop.

Putting the dock"s deficiencies to one side, game android as a notebook OS is just a bit of a mess. Key apps that I use daily aren"t optimized for tablets, let alone laptops, và there are problems with keyboard input. For example: Hangouts recognizes a press of the Return key as "send message." Messenger and Slack see it as "start new line." That means you have to lớn touch the send button on the screen for every message. It"s just not a consistent experience. You"ll also run into applications that force portrait mode in their splash screen (hi, Spotify), and true multitasking is always out of the question.

Sony tried khổng lồ mitigate these problems by adding something lượt thích Windows" Start Menu to its build of Android. With the keyboard attached, tapping the bottom-left corner of the trang chủ screen opens a small pop-up with shortcuts lớn recently used apps & the "Small Apps" mode. You"ll also see a row of icons where you can pin your choice of applications, making switching between productivity apps pretty easy. It"s well-done, but it doesn"t really trang điểm for Android"s other shortcomings as a notebook OS.



I don"t think I"ll ever understand the daily horde of tourists wandering around London snapping photos with enormous tablets. These people bởi vì exist, though, and thanks khổng lồ them I had to lớn swallow my pride to lớn head out of the office & do the same.

As far as I can tell, the Z4"s rear-mounted 8.1-megapixel camera is no better than the subpar one found on last year"s model. If you"re into your photography, you"ll find the photos it takes are often disappointing. So much so that after a few days, I became stupidly happy whenever I managed lớn capture a decent image, lượt thích I"d developed a rare photographic form of Stockholm syndrome. There"s a general softness to lớn all the images, something that"s especially noticeable when you try & take a close-up shot. Colors are reasonably accurate và the software does a good job with trắng balance, but subpar low-light performance really limits you at nighttime. | | 68gamebai | new88 | game bài đổi thưởng | | C54 MOBI | j88