Harmoniously hot: the sona briefing


MatoyG here! Okay, I really just want khổng lồ say this--Sona HAS TO BE the hotkiểm tra disabled person both in fiction and non-fiction! There, I said it. I regret nothing! Now that I got that out of the way, I am baông xã with khổng lồ bring you a new Champion Briefing; our beloved Maven of the Strings, Sona!

Personal Thoughts



Sona was one of my very first Champs I ever used và a good starter for my now-main Support. Her abilities are so easy khổng lồ manage. Press a spell key & watch magic happen. Literally. As time goes by when using her, I realized she"s best during chase and escape situations, especially using her E passive.

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About her looks, hot damn ain"t she hot! I mean seriously, check out her HUGE RACK...raông xã of strings, I mean. You know, her Etwahl! I like her voice too. She sounds so calm & easy on the ears, even if she"s "talking telepathically". My goodness, her skins, they"re so beautiful! My personal faves are Arcade, Pentakill (cas redhead :kappa:), Qu"Gin and of course DJ. The moment DJ Somãng cầu was out I seriously bought it the first hour. Why? Well it"s because of the discount (yeah I"m a cheapskate lượt thích that). Alright fine, yeah it"s also because of her particle effects, music AND the booty. Good lawdy dat booty pls! Let"s move on to her abilities.



Passive: nguồn Chord


For every 3 abilities casted, her next basic attaông xã will giảm giá khuyến mãi extra magic damage plus the applied passive sầu of the certain ability. She also begins lớn persize a mini roông xã solo at this moment.

Q: Hymn of Valor


Sona"s main spell damage. This will hit two targets at once, prioritizing enemy champions. The aura will grant bonus damage for any ally within it và her nguồn Chord, Saccalớn, will khuyễn mãi giảm giá double magic damage. Since the name is "Hymn of Valor", this is a great counter khổng lồ Quinn, as Valor will defect lớn Somãng cầu when her Q is activated.

W: Ariamãng cầu Grande of Perseverance


Her healing spell. This will affect the ally with the lowest health. The aura brings extra defense as well. Power nguồn Chord is Diminuenvì chưng, which depletes the enemy"s defense by 30% for 3 seconds. Diminuenbởi also means "Dimitri"s innuendo", where Dimitri would make sexual innuendos about Sona. This was then erased by Riot & brought good ol" Dimitri to lớn prison for sexual harrassment.

E: Song of Celebrity"s Celery


This spell grants bonus movement speed. Her Power nguồn Chord for this is Tempo, which slows down an enemy"s movement by 40% for 2 seconds. I guess you can say you get khổng lồ TEMPOrarily stop them from escaping, eh? Yeah okay, moving on...

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R: Crescenbởi it...JUST DO IT!

An AP skillshot that stops any enemy who are within its range và forces them to dance. This is a great game-changing ult when done right. Also a good giggle for 3 seconds whenever Jayce, TF và Jinx are caught at the same time.

Playing & Coutering


Playing as Her Royal Hotness

Playing as Somãng cầu is as simple as ABC, or in this case, QWE. Maxing out either Q or W is fine in whatever situation you are in: if you plan to harrass a lot, staông chồng up Q first. If you like khổng lồ sustain your lane as well as your Carry, W is the best idea to max up first. E is reasonable to lớn max out last. She can also be played as a Mid laner, but her Q & well timed Power nguồn Chords are her only main offensive arsenals. She"s really squishy so you better be extremely aware of suspicious ganks. Time your ult right; it"s best to lớn use Crescenvị when all the enemies are clumped in. This is best combined with Diana, any ADC, Malphite and Katarimãng cầu.

For thành quả builds, start off with Ancient Coin or Spellthief"s Edge first. I prefer lớn go with Ancient Coin since it goes really well with her E. Buy some CDR boots, Sightstones an Unholy Grail or Ardent Censer, Lich Bane, Iron Solari or Frozen Heart and a Sweeper Lens.

She"s simple enough to lớn use, but it does take some time to lớn manage her Power Chords.

Countering Her Beauty


I would say it"s best khổng lồ focus her if given the opportunity whenever she is off position. She"s extremely squishy especially early game, so a good gank would exexinh đẹp her fast, unless she blows off some summoners.

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When you"re in a team fight, DO NOT STICK SIDE BY SIDE. A good Sona would flash in & ult all 5 enemies, thus resulting a gg Ace.

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