Chronology for kikuyu in kenya


Lavince, Patrichồng Lust of My Ink: A Poetry Anthology That Stirs Solutions in Your Heart 200pp The Writers Centre (Nairobi).

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Nyambura, Monica Chronicles of Life and Love: Expressions from Deep Within 108pp CLC Christian BookLink (Nairobi). Google Scholar
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Dobrin, Arthur Kwamboka’s Inquiry: A Novel 150pp Nsemia Inc (Nairobi). Google Scholar
Gazemcha, Stanley Forbidden Fruit 280pp The Mantle (New York) <2002>. Google Scholar
Jameson, Ron Leopard’s Lair: The Life và Loves of a Wartime Pilot 368pp Matador (Leicestershire). Google Scholar
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Kimani, Peter Dance of the Jakarandomain authority 342pp Akashic Books (New York). Google Scholar
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McVeigh, Jennifer Leopard at the Door 392pp GP Putnam giới (New York). Google Scholar
Musonye, Miriam M. Flower of a Stump 124pp Oxford UPhường (Nairobi). Google Scholar
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Ooko, Okang’a When You Sing lớn the Fishes 396pp Otía Kunta Octopus (Nairobi). Google Scholar
Pearson, Ridley White Bone 403pp Putphái nam và Sons (New York) <2016>. Google Scholar
Saitoti, Felix The Status Quo 281pp Aura Publishers (Nairobi). Google Scholar
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Smith, Wilbur A. and David Churchill War Cry 496pp William Morrow (New York). Google Scholar
St John, S. Mad Mischief: A Novel 440pp MCPhường Books (Maitland, FL). Google Scholar
St John, Lauren The Snow Angel 120pp Head of Zeus (London). Google Scholar
Wa Kyenvị Muli King Kamaliza 60pp Syokimau Cultural Centre (Nairobi). Google Scholar
Wa Thiong’o, Ngũgĩ Devil on the Cross 219pp Penguin (New York) <1982>. Google Scholar
K, John E. Inside Our Dark World 204pp Deluxe pháo (Kampala). Google Scholar
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Masembe, Ronald The Perfection Act 242pp Age Books (Kampala). Google Scholar
Mulumba, Ivan M. The Honking 311pp Mattville (Kampala). Google Scholar
Sherez, Stav A Dark Redemption 420pp Thorpe (Leicester). Google Scholar
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McNeil, Jean The Dhow House 327pp ECW Press (Toronto). Google Scholar
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Scholes, Katherine The Rain Queen 608pp Randomhouse Penguin (Victoria). Google Scholar
Thornton, Mark R. Kid Moses: A Novel 163pp Arcade Publishing (New York). Google Scholar
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Cockar, Mohamed S. The First Road lớn Nairobi 80pp Old Africa Books (Naivasha). Google Scholar
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Fernandes, Cyprian S. Yesterday in Paradise: The Life and Times of a Goan Journamenu in Africa 249pp Goa Book Club (Goa). Google Scholar
Gakunju, Jagi và Lynne Mansure Living on the Edge: Adventures in Business và the Wild: An Autobiography 279pp Wajee Nature Park (Nairobi). Google Scholar
Garrow, David J. Rising Star: The Making of Baraông chồng Obama 1460pp William Morrow (New York). Google Scholar
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King, Kenneth The Endeavourist: How One Man Tried to lớn Beat Extreme Poverty in Kenya 320pp RedDoor (Burgess Hill). Google Scholar
Lewis, Rhomãng cầu Forever Forward 318pp Tfutza Publications (Beitar Illit). Google Scholar
Msisở hữu, Sisonke Always Another Country: A Memoir of Exile và trang chủ 311pp Jonathan Ball Publishers (Johannesburg). Google Scholar
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Newton, Babior The Raila Conspiracy: The Secrets behind Denying Hlặng the Kenyan Presidency Scholar Feed Publishers (Nairobi). Google Scholar
Njoya, Timothy M. We the People: Thinking Heavenly, Acting Kenyanly: Timothy Njoya: A Memoir 400pp WorldAlive sầu Publishers (Nairobi). Google Scholar
Ojiambo, Peter O. Kenyan Youth Education in Colonial & Post-Colonial Times: Joseph Kamiru Gikubu’s Impact 190pp Palgrave Macmillan (Csi, Switzerland). Google Scholar
Okello, Sam & Gitobu Imanyara Raila Odinga: Racing with Destiny: The Battles, Tears and Triumphs of a Patriot 208pp Sahel Publishing (Nairobi). Google Scholar
Ooko, Okang’a Kisumu 519pp Obố Kunta Octopus (Nairobi). Google Scholar
Osusa, Tabu & Bill Odidi Shades of Benga: The Story of Popular Music in Kenya: 1946-năm nhâm thìn 645pp Ketebul Music (Nairobi). Google Scholar
Panwalker, Anvà The Place of Cold Water: A Memoir 405pp CreateSpace (New York). Google Scholar
Patterson, Bruce D. The Lions of Tsavo: Exploring the Legacy of Africa’s Notorious Man-Eaters 231pp Eđến Point Books (Vermont). Google Scholar
Perpetua Wanjiru Macharia Foundation Perpetua Wanjiru Macharia: An Educational Ambassador CUEA Press (Nairobi). Google Scholar
Rawlence, Ben City of Thorns: Nine Lives in the World’s Largest Refugee Camp 384pp Picador (New York) <2016>. Google Scholar
Roscher, Ellie Play lượt thích a Girl: How a Soccer School in Kenya’s Slums Started a Revolution 206pp Viva Editions (Jersey City, NJ). Google Scholar
Sagar, Dekow D. Life in Exile: The Untold Story of Civil War và Refugee Life 200pp Concierge (Omaha, NE) Google Scholar
Sempele, Lorna The Colourful Bead Necklace of My Mother Tongue 55pp Empiris (Nairobi). Google Scholar
Sharma, Rajinder A Life Post-1939 298pp Austin Macauley Publishers (London). Google Scholar
Smith, Lynley Zainabu’s Story 211pp Zaccmedia (Preston). Google Scholar
Strong, Joyce Hope Rising: The True Story of a Place in Kenya Where God Dreams và Miracles Happen! 198pp Xulon Press (Maitl&, FL). Google Scholar
Swift, Robyn A Kenya Beginning Jabiru Publishing 381pp (Smithfield, QLD). Google Scholar
Topps, Tim Umzindumê mẩn Letter 94pp Matador (SI). Google Scholar
Walton, Christopher Making Things Happen 260pp Grosvenor House (SI). Google Scholar
wa Thiong’o, Ngugi Birth of a Dream Weaver: A Writer’s Awakening 238pp London (Vintage) <2016>. Google Scholar
Weiss, Brett H. Just Give Them a Hug và the Rest Will Be Easy: How One Person Can Make the World a Better Place, One Child at a Time 235pp iUniverse (Bloomington, IN). Google Scholar
Wylie, Jill Barefoot và Pawprint: A Kenya Childhood 163pp Netsoka Books (Cape Town). Google Scholar
Acan, Grace Not Yet Sunset: A Story of Survival and Perseverance in LRA Captivity 188pp Fountain Pub (Kampala). Google Scholar
Bonneur, Christine Losing Six Kids: My Failed Adoption Story 201pp iUniverse (Bloomington, IN). Google Scholar
Cakaj, Ledio và Roméo Dallaire When the Walking Defeats You 402pp HSRC (Cape Town). Google Scholar
David, Saul Operation Thunderbolt: Flight 139 và the Raid on Entebbe Airport, the Most Audacious Hostage Rescue Mission in History 446pp Baông chồng Bay Books (New York). Google Scholar
Kabali-Kagwa, Philippa N.

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Flame & Song: A Memoir 189pp Sooo Many Stories (Kampala). Google Scholar
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