Save 75% on sky force reloaded on steam

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Update (6/1): Although Infinite Dreams said Sky Force Reloaded wouldn’t come to lớn Android until the 2nd, it looks like the Google Play links is already live! Sky Force Reloaded brings better graphics và different levels, new boss battles, và much, much more. Head khổng lồ the Play Store liên kết below to try it out for yourself.

Original post (5/31): Infinite Dreams, developer of the popular Sky Force series of games, has just announced it will bring Sky Force Reloaded to lớn the Google Play Store on Thursday, June 2.

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One of the developer’s most popular điện thoại titles, Sky Force 2014, has been included on many of Android Authority’s “best Android games” lists over the years, so needless to say we’re extremely excited to lớn play the next shoot ’em up game in the series. In case you’re unfamiliar, the Sky Force games are known to be very addicting. You control a ship that’s constantly shooting lasers, và it’s your job lớn avoid enemy fire, shoot down other ships, và rescue stranded people throughout each màn chơi.

Sky Force Reloaded doesn’t seem khổng lồ change the winning formula much at all. While details on the game are scarce at the moment, controls, graphics & gameplay seem lớn be pretty much in line with other Sky Force titles. You’ll still be bombarded with plenty of lasers & rockets, và it looks lượt thích you’ll still be able to collect stars to nâng cấp your ship.

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If you just can’t wait for Thursday lớn arrive, Sky Force năm trước is available in the Google Play Store for free. There are some in-ứng dụng purchases you’ll want to be aware of, but none that get in the way of gameplay. And of course, when Sky Force Reloaded makes its way lớn Android, we’ll update this post to let you know right away.

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