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Having become famous thanks khổng lồ livestreams, some streamers have established their own companies và become entrepreneurs.

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A few years ago, livestreaming flourished in Vietnam giới with many companies specialized in recruiting, training & developing streamers. It was the golden time for streamers when livestream platforms spent a lot of money lớn lure the most popular streamers.

Global platforms like Facebook Gaming were willing khổng lồ pay up lớn US$10,000 to sign exclusive sầu deals with big names like Chyên ổn Se Di Nang or Nam Blue. Meanwhile, the smaller platforms backed by Tencent, such as Nimo TV & Nonolive, also paid a lot of money to hire Do Mixi, Dung CT or Ttốt Giao Ba.

Now, when livestreaming has passed its peak in Vietnam giới, streamers have had to find a more stable direction. Many of them turned into businesses before the Covid-19 pandemic, but not everyone was successful.

From bread khổng lồ coffee

Famous streamers are opening their own companies.

The first famous streamer doing business was Dung CT (real name: Nguyen Anh Dung). This veteran streamer built his name thanks lớn his humorous PS4 gaming sessions with colleagues in 2018.

Dung CT opened an accessory cửa hàng and a restaurant in Hanoi, which attracted a large number of his fans every day. The success of this streamer became the motivation for a fairly famous streamer at that time, PewPew (Hoang Van Khoa), khổng lồ decide khổng lồ quit his job to vì chưng business.

PewPew bread siêu thị quickly attracted thousands of customers each day. The owner planned to lớn expvà the br& in the North. At that time, PewPew invested in shrimp farming with the ambition of creating his own supply chain.

After the huge success of PewPew, other streamers opened their own shops, for example the game coffee cửa hàng of streamer ViruSs (Dang Tien Hoang), the banh canh (rice cake) and cyber game shop of Uyen Pu (Tran Thi Phuong Uyen), the cat coffe of Linch Ngoc Dam (Dam Thi Ngoc Linh), và the restaurant of Misthy (Le Thy).

Meanwhile, Do Mixi (Phung Thanh Do) và Ttuyệt Giao Ba (Phan Tan Trung) chose lớn sell goods online with the help of their families. Both of them maintained a regular livestream to lớn maintain their loyal fan base.

Their own companies

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The owner of PewPew bread siêu thị once shared that he had welcomed up to lớn 4,000 customers khổng lồ the cửa hàng after it opened for a week.

Unlike popular streamers, some others chose a more silent direction. The most typical case was streamer ViruSs, who decided khổng lồ turn lớn music by opening a studio in Vương Quốc Của Những Nụ cười.

But the most successful streamer was Chim Se Di Nang, who established his own company with charter capital of VND14 billion (nearly $700,000).

It is likely that streamer Do Mixi is about to form his own company lớn manage his YouTube channels, the Mixi Food brvà, and other properties.

The owner of PewPew bread shop once shared that he had welcomed up to lớn 4,000 customers khổng lồ the siêu thị after it opened for a week.

But things did not always go smoothly. PewPew had to cthua thảm one of his bread shops, while VirusSs closed his music studio in xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện Thái Lan and a coffee siêu thị.

Meanwhile, streamer Dung CT và his colleagues mix up DUT Studio khổng lồ make a ‘Made in Vietnam’ horror game, which is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Phuong Nguyen

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