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The Xiaongươi Blaông xã Shark 3 Pro, which first appeared on the market in spring 20đôi mươi, is explicitly designed for gamers, its sleek ergonomic thiết kế housing a powerful Snaprồng 865+ processor và lots of battery life. Thus far, we have sầu published its performance results only for audio; in this Reviews, we present a summary of how well it did in our new Display test protocol.

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Key display specifications:

7.1-inch AMOLED screen, 19.5:9 aspect ratioNo notchResolution: 1440 x 3120 px; screen px density: 484 ppiRefresh rate: 90 Hz

About Display tests: For scoring & analysis in our smartphone và other display reviews, engineers perform a variety of objective sầu và perceptual tests under controlled lab & real-life conditions. This article highlights the most important results of our testing. cảnh báo that we evaluate display attributes using only the device’s built-in display hardware and default apps. (For in-depth information about how we evaluate điện thoại thông minh and other displays, kiểm tra out our articles, “How tests display quality” và “A closer look at Display testing.”)

Test summary

Xiaomày Blaông xã Shark 3 Pro



Hmm, where khổng lồ begin? With an overall score of 61, the Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro comes in right at the very bottom of our Display rankings so far — a full 10 points behind the next lowest (the Hãng Asus ROG Phone 3), due in large part khổng lồ its poor showings in our readability and color testing, và especially because of its performance for đoạn Clip. In fairness, Xiaomày designed and markets its latest Black Shark offering as a gamer’s điện thoại thông minh, & its relatively high 90 Hz refresh rate reflects this choice. Indeed, its strongest points are its control of aliasing và its good performance in our motion and touch attribute tests, where for the latter in particular, it showed good accuracy & smoothness — important characteristics for serious gamers.

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Our highly trained display experts found the Blachồng Shark 3 Pro’s display dark in all cases, & at its minimum mặc định brightness settings at night, the screen was essentially unreadable. But the worst of the Xiaomi device’s thử nghiệm results were those for đoạn phim, và in particular in the color subcategory, where its output was so dark that our testers could not perkhung any meaningful analyses.

Analyses and comparisons

The Display overall score of 61 for the Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro is derived from its scores across six categories: readability, color, video clip, motion, touch, & artifacts. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at these display chất lượng sub-scores & explain what they mean for the user, and we will compare the Black Shark 3 Pro’s performance in several areas against its principal competitors, the OnePlus 8 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy Noteđôi mươi Ultra 5G, & the Asus ROG Phone 3.

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