Pubg mobile: basic settings to improve your game



Best PUBG Mobile control settings

There"s a whole bunch of settings to lớn tinker with in PUBG: Mobile. Before we get started on the best controller settings, from the basics to lớn advanced ayên ổn settings, it is important khổng lồ remember higher FPS is always a great way to play.

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Read more: PUBG mobile Lightweight Installation Function: How to reduce tệp tin sizeWith this in mind, you should piông xã the "smooth" option in graphics settings, combined with picking at least "high" frame rate, lowering your graphics if you need lớn, & definitely disable Anti-Aliasing to get a smooth experience.Before we get to the sensitivity settings for PUBG: mobile in the next section, you should first go through the basic control settings. First up, most of the default options are perfect for beginners in terms of Vehicle and Standard controls, especially if you use the "two-finger thumb" method.Check out the các mục of basic control settings for PUBG: sản phẩm điện thoại below.Ayên ổn Assist: EnabledBlock Sight Warning: EnabledShotgun Firing Mode: TapBolt-Action + XBow Firing Mode: TapDisplay Left Side Firing Button: Always OnGyroscope: Always OnLean Mode: TapScope Mode: TapPeek và Open Scope: EnabledPeek và Fire Mode: Enabled(Picture: PUBG Corporation)As you get better và better at the game, you can adjust some of these PUBG: sản phẩm điện thoại basic control settings to suit your playstyle. As a beginner, you can also enable the auto-pickup feature khổng lồ help you out, & enable 3 chiều touch.

Best PUBG: Mobile sensitivity settings

While we think the PUBG: mobile sensitivity settings in this section are the best, you should always experiment to find the sweet spot which works best for you.

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Read more: PUBG Mobile Metro Royale: chơi Game and how it worksDon"t forget to lớn mix a colourful crosshair as well. While there"s no real best crosshair in PUBG: điện thoại, something colourful which stands out and is relatively big will always help up your game.Cheông chồng out the best PUBG: sản phẩm điện thoại sensitivity settings below.

Camera Sensitivity: 

First up, for the basic camera settings, you will want 3rd Person at 80%, followed by Camera at 80%, and lastly, 1st Person at 58%. Then, follow the PUBG: sản phẩm điện thoại advanced camera sensitivity settings below.(Picture: PUBG Corporation)

Gyroscope Sensitivity:

(Picture: PUBG Corporation)

ADS Sensitivity:

(PUBG Corporation)Keep in mind the best PUBG: thiết bị di động sensitivity settings could differ from player to player. Test them out & adjust as needed, since the settings above are just baseline recommendations.

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Read more: Two million PUBG điện thoại cheaters banned ahead of Season 16 launchHopefully, these best PUBG: Smartphone control & sensitivity settings will help you get more chicken dinners.

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