How To Use Restore10 Lite On Ios 10


Instructions for Semi-Restore lite, since no one seems to know how to lớn use executables:

It should save sầu to lớn your documents thư mục by default. Leave it there if you want to lớn follow these commands exactly as they are written.

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xuất hiện MTerminal, type


cd /private/var/mobile/Documentschthủ thuật +x SemiRestore10-Lite./SemiRestore10-LiteThen let it vì chưng its thing.


You can also import tệp tin using filza. Move tệp tin lớn usr/bin. Change sticky permission khổng lồ 0755. xuất hiện mterminal, type "su", enter password, type "Semirestore10-lite"

***Remove "" when typing a comm& on mterminal.

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For experts: Can I use Semày Restore & after Erase all content? if we use now without Seni Restore, thats make cydia its safe ?

Sort of. You should run semirestore, then install Filza, then erase all content & settings. After you mix up your phone, the cydia and Filza icons will be on the trang chủ screen. Reinstall the Yalu app, jailbreak, then open Filza và navigate to lớn the root folder. Now delete ".installed-yaluX" và ".cydia-no-stash". Then reboot, rejailbreak. Once this is done, open cydia. You will notice that even though Filza is installed, it isn't recognized by cydia. To fix this, just install Filza through cydia.

I successfully ran Semi-Restore using the above sầu method, rebooted, then ran "Erase All Content & Settings" and it completed no problem.

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Can somebody tell me how khổng lồ use it without Mterminal because cydia is broken on my phone và that's the main reason why I want to restore?

You can use ssh as well. Go lớn settings>wifi>tap the "i" on your network. PLUG IN YOUR iPHONE TO A COMPUTER USB PORT Then open Terminal on mac or get Putty for windows & type "ssh root

You can tải về it lớn a computer & use iFunBox khổng lồ place it in the thư mục. Do you have Apple file conduit 2 installed?


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