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All of us know that SBSettings is an awesome ứng dụng for Cydia users. Wait a minute! You don’t know và never heard of SBSettings? You MUST explore this tiện ích as it is one of the most sought-after Cydia apps over the years. According khổng lồ a retìm kiếm, 99% of Cydia users who installed SBsettings rarely uninstalled them. This is because SBSettings is one awesome ứng dụng that is able to lớn turbo up your iPhone. It makes everything run faster. People who easily get frustrated with slow response from phone will fall in love sầu with this app easily.

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There are a few methods offered by SBSettings khổng lồ allow an iPhone users khổng lồ have a faster way to lớn manage their phone settings as well as enabling and disabling features, for example, Công nghệ Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi connection, airplane mode, 3G/4G, brightness of the screen, & other often used toggles. The traditional way to lớn turn on your iPhone Wi-Fi is to lớn go to lớn Settings -> Wi-Fi Networks -> On/Off. With SBSettings, you can do it in just one swap. Besides, SBSettings is able to hide the on-screen weather report which comes with iOS 7. Couldn’t wait to lớn get this app? Let’s see how to lớn install SBSettings on iOS 7. These steps are the same for those who are running iOS 6, iOS 5, as well as iOS 4.

How to lớn Install SBSettings on iOS 7


Here are a few tasty steps lớn install SBSettings on an iPhone. SBSettings is không lấy phí for tải về so there won’t be any cost.


Step 1: First of all, you must underst& that SBSettings work only on a jailbroken device. Thus, you have to lớn jailbreak your iOS 7 and install Cydia to your iOS device. Tap on the Cydia (Brown color icon) on your home screen to open it. At Cydia, tap the Search bar on top and search for SBSettings. The instant result will shows a few things related khổng lồ it, for instances, SBSettings A Drawn Theme, SBSettings AnkiMini, SBSettings BluePad AS, SBSettings camHD.

Step 2: Tap on SBSettings (usually it is the first result) & tap on the Install button located at the top right corner. Make sure you are installing the lademo version for iOS 7.

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Step 3: Your screen will show “Continue Queing”. If this happens, tap on the Confirm button khổng lồ continue the installation.

Step 4: Let the installation run by itself. It is usually a blaông xã background with many words that you don’t underst&.Step 5: It takes less than 5 minutes for the installation. Tap on Restart SpringBoard when it is done. What now? mở cửa SBSettings & customize your own iPhone lớn make it run quicker.

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How lớn use SBSettings


Since SBSettings is an phầm mềm that makes your life easier, it is of course easy lớn be used. You will see SBSettings drop down from your status bar when the installation is done successfully. By mặc định, there are a few toggles such as Airplane, công nghệ Bluetooth không dây, Data, Location, SMS Alerts, Wi-Fi, and others. Tap on the More button on bottom left if you want khổng lồ change these quiông chồng toggles. Tap on the Set Toggles button once you get inkhổng lồ the setup page.

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You will see a danh mục of toggles and this is where you can select which one to be appeared at the quick bar. It is just ON or OFF. On top of that, you can also use SBSettings themes in case you want to make your iPhone look nicer.

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