Chibi Samurai Wants A Pet: An Adventure With

In this new additon lớn the Little Kunoichi series, author & illustrator Sanae Ishida’s beautiful art pairs with a gentle, fun lesson, featuring Little Kunoichi’s buddy, Chibi Samurai.

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Inspired by Little Kunoichi’s relationship with her pet ninja bunny, Chibi Samurai sets off to find a companion for himself. He explores many possibilities from Japanese culture–both real và mythical–thinking about how each creature might be as a pet.   Little Kunoichi & her pet bunny cheer hyên ổn on as he searches & searches, until finally Chibi realizes that the perfect pet, just right for a little samurai, has been with hlặng all along.

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SANAE ISHIDA writes, sews, draws, và takes photos almost every day. She lives with her husb& và daughter in Seattle. She is the author of a book of sewing projects & personal essays, Sewing Happiness, as well as three children"s books in the Little Kunoiđưa ra the Ninja Girl series. Both she và her daughter have sầu too many handmade clothes.

Featured in the Seattle’s Child summer reading issue"Ishidomain authority seamlessly weaves Japanese cultural references inkhổng lồ the text và art... A delightful romp."—Kirkus Reviews"The watercolor art with pen and ink whimsically complement this well-told tale... expands on the fun and whimsy of the previous book và will leave readers eager for more adventures with Chibi and Little Kunoiđưa ra."—School Library Journal"A wonderful addition lớn the series.... This book is SO MUCH FUN." —Let"s Talk Picture Books

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