Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Features, Specifications, Details

The Samsung Galaxy F, or Galaxy S5 Prime, is finally here, but not really.

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It isn’t going by either of those names và won’t be looking as polished as they were rumored to lớn be. Instead, Samsung has chosen lớn christen it the Galaxy S5 LTE-A to lớn focus more on the uber downloading speeds new buyers could be getting & to lớn distract you from feeling a bit cheated for buying a Galaxy S5 that is now somewhat dwarfed by this.
To be fair to Samsung, it has actually pulled off a stunt lượt thích this before. In late June, it revealed an LTE-Advanced capable version of the Galaxy S 4 bearing slightly upgraded specs, but limited it only to Korea. But around October, it silently launched the device in Europe. But considering the Galaxy S 4 was already about 6 months old in the market, it wasn’t exactly shocking. This time, it’s a bit different because this new version is also substantially better than the flagship.This Galaxy S5 LTE-A is everything the Galaxy F/S5 Prime was rumored to lớn be. Well, almost everything. That WQHD 2560×1440 resolution in the same 5.1-inch Super AMOLED screen? It’s there. That generous 3 GB serving of RAM, paired with 32 GB of internal storage.

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Yep, it’s there, too. How about the brand new Qualcomilimet Snaprồng 805, running at top speeds of 2.5 GHz on each of its four cores? You betcha! Perhaps the only thing that didn’t pan out is the Optical Image Stabilization that some have hoped to make an appearance, though thankfully the Galaxy S5 LTE-A also sports a 16 megapx shooter. You know what else is the same? That perforated bachồng cover that seems khổng lồ have been the butt of jokes when it comes khổng lồ Samsung’s flagship.
One new feature that wasn’t included in rumors is the LTE-Advanced capability that Samsung has sneaked in as well. This theoretically means tải về speeds of 225 Mbps, three times faster than regular LTE. Besides that, the device has everything that the Galaxy S5 itself has, both in hardware like the heart rate monitor & fingerprint sensor, và software features like Ultra Power Saving Mode, Kids Mode, và Download Booster, which probably sounds a bit redundant with LTE-A around. It even shares the same IP67 dust và water resistance rating.Those who already bought the Galaxy S5 might be feeling a bit edgy at the moment, but there is a bit of a good news, unless you’re living in Korea. The Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A will, for the time being, remain confined in South Korea. It will go on sale on June 19, available initially from SK Telecom, with carriers KT và LG U+ following later. The price is also nothing to lớn be envious of, as it will carry a price tag of 940,500 KRW, which, when converted directly, sits at around $9đôi mươi. Those who will be getting this device nonetheless will be met by several color options, including Copper Gold, Charcoal Blachồng, Shimmery White, Electric Blue, Sweet Pink và Glam Red. Samsung’s Korean trang web already published the official press release for the device, but then mysteriously took it down.SOURCE: Samsung
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