Samsung galaxy note 6 rumor roundup: specs, release date, features and more


The long awaited Samsung Galaxy lưu ý 7 (expected to lớn be named Samsung Galaxy Note 6), introduced in August, and launched in September năm nhâm thìn was discontinued after numerous reports of overheating và catching fire.

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Samsung decided khổng lồ stop sales và shipment of Galaxy lưu ý 7 on October 10th năm nhâm thìn. The replacement program is still available to those who have sầu purchased this device. You can find more about it here.

President & CEO of Samsung Europe, YH Eom, wrote an open letter khổng lồ Galaxy chú ý 7 customers.

“As you have sầu heard – or experienced personally – we have sầu stopped production of the Galaxy Note7. We are working swiftly lớn ensure every Note7 device is safely returned. For those directly affected, we appreciate your patience throughout the replacement process.”


Samsung Galaxy chú ý 6 :Many great điện thoại thông minh models hit the markets every year, & there are always a few models that we are impatiently waiting for. When it comes to the year 2015, some of the models we have sầu been waiting were LG G4, Huawei P8, Samsung Galaxy 6, Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, Điện thoại HTC One M9, Google Nexus 6 and Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 5. We talked about all these smartphones before they were released. We all wanted to lớn know more about them, their specifications, features, price, & more because all high-over smartphones always bring something new và exciting.

That trover continues & smartphone enthusiasts from all over the world want to lớn be up lớn date. One of the smartphones that attracts a lot of attention already is the part of the popular Galaxy Note series, Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 6. Samsung is a company well-known for its high-unique smartphones as each device offers incredible user experience thanks khổng lồ tons of interesting features. They launched Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 5 in August, but people are already speculating about Note 6. That is a device we are going to lớn talk about here, và we are going to lớn mô tả all the details, rumors & guessing about the features, specs, release date & price.

Samsung Galaxy chú ý 6

Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 6

Samsung Galaxy lưu ý 6 Specification

See Samsung Galaxy chú ý 6 full specification 

Let’s start with the device’s specification. We have sầu gathered most of the details that are circulating on the Internet from the moment Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 5 became available. So, what the rumors say so far?

When it comes lớn its display kích cỡ, we can expect to see a 5.7-inch screen, same kích thước as on Note 5, but some rumors say it will be a 6-inch, or 6.2-inch screen. Another thing that should be mentioned is foldable display. According khổng lồ Business Korea report, Samsung is working on flexible displays that will offer a new experience khổng lồ the users. Even if the user bends the device, flexible display will produce the same picture unique.

“The industry believes that the commercialization of foldable smartphones will be possible in 2017, “an official from Samsung Display told the publication. It seems that two flagship devices will come with this new technology: Samsung Galaxy S7 và cảnh báo 6. Expected display resolution is 4K.

The đoạn Clip below shows Samsung announcement of Youm flexible OLED displays, và you can see the flexible OLED prototype.

Galaxy Note 6 will most likely have 16-core Exynos processor, developed và manufactured by Samsung Electronics. Thanks khổng lồ such a powerful processor, device will be able khổng lồ persize complex tasks with ease. Some models that have sầu been launched this year, such as LG G4, Samsung Galaxy S6 và Google Nexus 6 all come with 3 GB RAM. As the smartphone giải pháp công nghệ keeps getting better, we can assume the device will come with 6 or 8 GB RAM. The internal memory options are 16, 32, 64, 128 và 256 GB.

What about the camera? Many people take photos with their smartphones, & companies take that very seriously. We already know that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be a high-kết thúc điện thoại thông minh, so its rear and front-facing camera certainly won’t disappoint. Some speculations say the device will come with 30 megapx rear-facing camera, & a 16 megapx front-facing camera, which is pretty awesome. The report from ETNews says that Samsung is also working on dual-camera setup. According to lớn this report, the company won’t use the technology on Samsung Galaxy S7. It will probably be used on another flagship device, và Tech Gadget Central believes it will be Samsung Galaxy chú ý 6. Dual-camera technology will allow users khổng lồ record 360 degree videos in 4K, take live sầu photos & 3 chiều photos as well.

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One of the biggest issues people have with their smartphones these days is the poor battery life. As we can see, Galaxy Note 6 will be a pretty powerful device able lớn persize complex tasks, which is why one of the predictions is the improved battery – 4200 mAh.

We can also expect a new kiến thiết that may include metal & alloy components. The company is certainly working on a new design considering the fact the handphối will most likely come with foldable display. It will probably be sleeker and slimmer, available in two colors, black and White. Perhaps they will introduce new colors later, as it was done with Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 5. There are two new colors: pink gold và silver titanium, and for now, these devices are available in South Korea only.

What about the operating system? The latest Android version is Marshmallow (6.0), but as we all know Google is continually developing Android since the initial release, so we cannot speculate about the năm 2016 Android version.

Samsung Galaxy lưu ý 6 Features

Main Features

1 CPU16-core Exynos processor


3 Camera30 MP

It seems that Samsung Galaxy chú ý 6 will bring many interesting features, at least that’s why rumors say. We have already mentioned foldable display that Samsung is working on, and dual-camera setup. What else? Well, there are camera features such as image stabilization & tự động focus.

We should not forget fast charging giải pháp công nghệ. As I said before, every smartphone user has issues with poor battery life. When you buy the device, everything will work fine & you’ll be satisfied with the battery life as well, but after some period of time you’ll have sầu khổng lồ charge your device every few hours which can be pretty frustrating. It’s not surprising that battery life isn’t as long as we want it to lớn be considering the fact smartphones are more powerful than ever, and that we can bởi vì so many things from calling, texting, browsing the Web, to lớn taking photos and videos, và more. That’s where fast charging technology comes into play. Some rumors say that in just 4 minutes, 40 % of the battery will be charged, and that’s amazing.

We can also expect dustproof display, waterproof surround and fingerprint scanner. We don’t know yet will the Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 6 come with Cảm biến 3 chiều, giải pháp công nghệ everyone is talking about. Apple introduced this công nghệ with their iPhone 6s. The device senses how much pressure the user applies to lớn the display và 3 chiều touch introduced Peek & Pop. This feature allows the users to pReviews the nội dung. For instance, you can peek at the tin nhắn that’s in your inbox with the light press. It’s pretty interesting and very useful. Many companies that manufacture Android phones are planning to present this giải pháp công nghệ & it seems that the first Android phone with Touch 3D will be ZTE Axon Mini. Perhaps one of Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 6 features will be cảm ứng 3 chiều as well. We’ll see.

We are sure Samsung will bring more new features we don’t know anything about, which is why everyone is impatiently waiting for the company to lớn make an official announcement.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Price

What about the Samsung Galaxy chú ý 6 price? The phone will be costly for sure, but we only have sầu some predictions when it comes khổng lồ pricing, and here is what predictions say. The handmix will cost around $1200 in the United States, EUR 1086 in Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Spain…), and £705 in the UK. Is that surprising? Not so much, especially if we have new technologies & features in mind. After all, it will be a high-over điện thoại thông minh and such smartphones are pretty expensive sầu.

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Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 6 Release date

The lademo handphối from the popular Galaxy Note Series, cảnh báo 5 was launched two months ago, và people are already asking when the cảnh báo 6 will see the light of the day. Again, we can speculate, but when it comes khổng lồ cảnh báo Series, there is a pattern that company follows when launching the smartphones. Galaxy Note 2 was released in September 2012, Galaxy lưu ý 3 was released in September 2013, chú ý 4 in September năm trước, và the lathử nghiệm, Samsung Galaxy chú ý 5 in August 2015. With that in mind, we can predict Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 6 will become available in September 2016.


We have gathered all the info about Samsung Galaxy Note 6 that are circulating around, và we have sầu shared everything that we know so far: specs (foldable 4K display, 16-core Exynos processor,4200 mAh battery, 6-8 GB RAM, 30 megapx rear-facing camera…), features (foldable display, dual-camera cài đặt, fast charging giải pháp công nghệ, optimal image stabilization, auto-focus…), price và release date. For now, all we have are speculations, but that’s the trend with every high-end điện thoại thông minh. There will be more rumors and news for sure, và hopefully, we won’t have sầu to lớn wait too long for the official announcement from Samsung. Note 6 will be a hot topic for sure, & as soon as we find something new & interesting, we’ll chia sẻ it with you!

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