One Piece: Who Was Rocks D

Untitled renora was phối up from the start you cant argue otherwise: one punch man Manga scanlation archive: Webcomic scanlation archive: If you vày want khổng lồ know where it"s been, so far the most complete chapter archive is here: scrapped chapters are self-explanatory. The Volume chapters folder has chapters as they appear in the finalised print version và outside it are the chapters that are online but not yet revised or published.anti korrasami ( it was just a last minute retcon thrown in at the last minute between two incompatible girls that required them lớn be ooc ( bryke admitted lớn only asking the network if they could bởi it in middle of finale combined with nonexistent buildup while makorra got mcuh more interactions and hints to lớn getting backtogether ( lượt thích overcoming the mutual flaws/issues that led to lớn the b2 breakup ( neither of them would have worked with anyone in b2) in first place which is why they were able lớn interact better after the development it wasnt due to lớn not being fit for a romatnic relationship ) anti bumbleby
Like gendo ikari , dragon took his wife’s name when he married into the Monkey family. Garp never refers lớn Dragon as “my son” but always denotes him as “Luffy’s father.” & after Chapter 550, family classifications should be looked at very closely!

very important fact is that Garp or someone has never said that rồng is his son in the manga.

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In the Japanese chapter 439 released about 10 years ago,, Garp refered khổng lồ Luffy as “a child of my child.”


resembles luffy


this would add context lớn this guy asking if its his fate he would know who luffys grandpa is on his fathers side ( & he doesnt know about luffys dream which he shared with his brothers )

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thank you for the addition :

rocks d xebec


there is the resemblance

and luffy alludes lớn sun wukong a monkey born from the stone/rocks so it fits for luffy to lớn be the child of a member of the rocks family who takes on the monkey family name so luffy would be a monkey ( referring to the family ) born from the rock(referring to his fathers family )

Shí Hóu (石猴)Meaning the "Stone monkey.” This refers to sun wukongs physical essence, being born from a sphere of rock after millennia of incubation on the Bloom Mountains/Flower-Fruit Mountain.

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both luffy và xebecs name reference something to do with ships

A xebec, also called a zebec, is a two- or three-masted sailing vessel common in the Mediterranean from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries. Xebecs were used mostly for trading, but could also be found as naval vessels & pirates.

In sailing, luffing refers to lớn when a sailing vessel is steered far enough toward the direction of the wind (“windward”), or the sheet controlling a sail is eased so far past optimal trim, that airflow over the surfaces of the sail is disrupted & the sail begins to lớn “flap” or “luff” (the luff of the sail is usually where this first becomes evident). This is not always done in error; for example, the sails will luff when the bow of the boat passes through the direction of the wind as the sailboat is tacked. There is a real life pirate called

Roche Braziliano (sometimes spelled Rock, Roch, Roc, Roque, Brazilliano, Brasiliaan<1> or Brasiliano) (c. 1630 – disappeared c. 1671) was a Dutch pirate born in the town of Groningen. His pirate career lasted from 1654 until his disappearance around 1671. He was first made famous in Alexandre Exquemelin’s 1678 book The Buccaneers of America; Exquemelin did not know Braziliano’s real name, but historians have found he was probably born as Gerrit Gerritszoon và that he and his parents moved khổng lồ Dutch-controlled Brazil. He is known as “Roche Braziliano”, which in English translates khổng lồ “Rock the Brazilian”, due lớn his long exile in Brazil.

and there are multiple examples of oda basing real life pirates

oda stated that in the real world luffy would be from brazil


Since the God Valley Incident occurred 38 years ago & Dragon being currently 55 years old post-timeskip, he approximately would have been 17; this is the same age as Luffy was when he started his adventure. Also roger trusted garp to lớn take care of his kid if roger saw garp protect the son of xebec roger would have no doubt garp would have protected his kid và both ace và dragon would have changed their surnames khổng lồ an important woman of their life

At the time of the God Valley Incident, dragon would lớn be around 17. The same age as when luffy started his journey.

luffy alludes to sun wukong a monkey born from the stone so luffys father being the son of rocks d xebec means he was born from a union between the monkey & rocks family ( not lớn mention luffy is currently going against kaido an oni in ancient japan they built monkey statues to lớn repel oni )

heck even if dragon really is garps son and luffys mother was the daughter of xebec it would hold true )

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