Rank The Dlc In Order From Best To Worst

Fallout 3"s companions are one of the many reasons it remains so memorable, but some definitely make for better friends than others.

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Content Warning: This article contains references to sexual assault and murder

A revival of an old-school RPG franchise for a new generation, Fallout 3 was hugely popular upon its release in 2008, & still gets plenty of play nearly fifteen years later. It"s easy lớn see why the trò chơi remains so beloved, with Bethesda"s switch to lớn a more immersive first-person perspective, an expansive world, và a wide variety of fun, interesting quests as some of the highlights.

One of the Fallout series" more underrated selling points are its companions, a diverse bunch of characters with their own distinct personalities và play strengths, who can join up with the player to help him along his journey. Fallout 3 is certainly no slouch in that department, and the game"s eight companions also run the gamut from upstanding paragons of virtue to utterly despicable.


A former raider living out his retirement in Megaton, Jericho is one of the first potential companions the player will meet and easily the most loathsome. He"s by far the rudest và most bloodthirsty companion, & what little the player can learn of his backstory marks him as a murderer và (according lớn Moriarty"s terminal) a potential sexual predator.

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On vị trí cao nhất of all his bad qualities, Jericho will only join a player with evil karma, which generally requires going above and beyond khổng lồ take the most villainous actions possible. He is just an overall terrible và unlikable person.


The Fallout franchise is known for having some great robotic companions, but Fallout 3"s RL-3 rarely gets much attention from fans. A pre-war Mr. Gutsy model packing loads of firepower, RL-3"s personality is lượt thích that of a loud, brash military officer, & basically stops there, without any of the depth of a character lượt thích 4"s Nick Valentine.

What makes RL-3 an asset is that, for much of the game, his flamethrower và plasma cannon pack quite the punch, making him one of the more useful of the game"s companions from a chơi game standpoint. He just doesn"t have much of a personality, making him an unremarkable traveling buddy và more of a glorified weapon than a real character.


Fallout 3"s other companion who requires evil karma to recruit, Clover actually isn"t that bad of a person, all things considered. However, what makes Clover not so special is her whiny, childish attitude when she disagrees with the player"s decision, coupled with the fact that she finds a more sadist Lone Wanderer"s behavior "cute."

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Still, that doesn"t mean there isn"t a chance of redemption for Clover. Given that she can hold her own early in the game and she can be rehired by a player of any karma level, she could be a decent person if she had the chance.


As a high-ranking thành viên of the Capital Wasteland"s Brotherhood of Steel, Cross has a lot of responsibilities, & she fulfills them all with aplomb. She"s easily the most badass human companion in the game, with her super sledge being a solid melee weapon, & she"s an intimidating presence in her T-60 power nguồn armor (which is considered khổng lồ be one of the best armor sets in the franchise).

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What makes Cross likable in personality is her steadfast commitment lớn doing what"s right, only joining a good karma Lone Wanderer, and sticking by Elder Lyons in his quest to help the people of the wasteland. She may not be the most fun or larger-than-life character in Fallout 3, but she serves as a testament to lớn the Lawful Good archetype"s endurance, even in a post-apocalyptic world.

Because he starts the game as a nuisance lớn the Lone Wanderer, not khổng lồ mention a mere vault dweller with weak weapons & stats, Butch may not seem like he brings much to the table. But once you complete "Trouble on the Homefront," Butch becomes available as a companion, và this greaser wannabe actually proves himself a pretty endearing character.

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Butch may be a jerk in the initial Vault 101 quests, but saving his mom from radroaches earns the player his genuine respect & gratitude, và his overconfidence becomes charming rather than annoying. Also, the fact that he presumably makes it all the way to lớn Rivet thành phố on his own means that his tough-guy posturing might not all be for show.

Animal sidekicks have always been some of the most easily likable clip game characters, và Fallout"s dogs show that the developers understand that perfectly. When the player first meets him, he"s going toe-to-toe with the raiders who killed his master, showing right off the pat that he"s a good dog with undying loyalty khổng lồ his human companions.

Sure enough, Dogmeat will always defend the player from harm at great risk to himself, and with the Broken Steel DLC installed, he truly becomes a force lớn be reckoned with, able lớn take out the game"s most dangerous enemies. While the Fallout franchise has given players mercenaries, mutants, and robots khổng lồ pal around with, Dogmeat proves that sometimes humankind"s best friend is all one could ask for.

Charon"s backstory is similar to lớn what Bethesda tried to vì with Clover, only much more effective. A ghoul bodyguard who was brainwashed into blind obedience to whoever holds his contract, Charon gains sympathy points right off the bat, and his unique sniper shotgun makes him a valuable asset in combat.

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What makes Charon one of Fallout 3"s best companions is that, despite his brainwashing, he still has no tolerance for evildoers, as his former trùm cuối Ahzrukhal, & potentially an evil Lone Wanderer, find out after releasing him from his contract. A fundamentally good guy whose demons prevent him from being a true hero, it would be interesting khổng lồ see what kinds of adventures Charon gets up lớn when he"s on his own.

The only intelligent super mutant in Vault 87, Fawkes breaks the mold phối by his mutated brethren, being a wise, thoughtful person whose eloquence surpasses even the average human in the wasteland. The fact that his superior intellect left him shunned và imprisoned by the time the player meets him adds a tragic dimension lớn his story, making him easy to lớn feel sorry for & want to lớn rescue.

In addition lớn his surprising smarts, Fawkes is also one of the more heroic characters, showing up khổng lồ rescue the Lone Wanderer as they escape from Raven Rock. For his bravery, selflessness, và all around usefulness, Fawkes is an underappreciated character who rivals some of the best sidekicks in video games.

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