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Today, June 7, 2021, Vietnam’s leading publisher VTC Game shook hands with the famous Korean game company Gravity lớn officially announce the opening of the closed beta Ragnarok Online Vietnam lớn bring the hàng hóa lớn Vietnamese gamers. Ragnarok Online is considered one of the most attractive sầu MMORPG titles in Korea, attracting 25 million players in 37 countries, causing fever in many regions, especially Asia.

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Korean game company Gravity is considered the “boss” of the Ragnarok game series, having launched many products inspired by classic legends in Norse mythology at the world’s leading game exhibition G-Star. VTC trò chơi is one of the founders of the Vietnamese game market more than 15 years ago, having had great success with bringing many legendary international games khổng lồ the Vietnamese gaming community.

In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the day of judgment marking the end of the gods, Ragnarok is the earthquake và battle that ends in the destruction of the world. All species in 9 worlds, from gods, giants, monsters, demons… all participate in the war. After the gods’ efforts to lớn prsự kiện and delay the apocalypse, Ragnarok still happens according lớn the prophecy. But soon after, the earth revived, everything turned green again marking the beginning of a brighter new world order. That new world is a promised l&, where humans, gods và all other species live sầu peacefully, creating an endless cycle of nature và all things.

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Belonging to lớn the MMORPG role-playing game series, the plot is inspired by the classic war from Norse mythology, based on the manga of the same name by author Myung-Jin Lee. Accordingly, Ragnarok Online Vietnam will be an open-world tactical action game that immerses gamers in the medieval world và Norse mythology with cute anime style.

Gamers will conquer legendary monsters, travel through ruined ruins, collect equipment and choose lớn become a mage or swordsman, thief or merchant…, a variety of character lines. waiting for gamers khổng lồ discover in Ragnarok Online Vietphái mạnh.

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Bringing gamers into lớn the promised l& after the judgment day of Ragnarok, Ragnarok Online Vietnam giới promises to lớn bring players fiery battles with gods and demons with the context of 1000 years after the event that Ragnarok devastated the world. The game will officially open for the Vietnamese gaming community to lớn experience today, June 7, 2021, only for 1000 gamers, quickly register at https://ro.vtcgame.vn/.

After the closed beta, gamers will have the opportunity to lớn receive sầu many rewards in the following open beta based on the cấp độ achieved in this closed beta. In particular, gamers who have not re-birth at level over 100 have a chance of x3 rewards. To prepare to explore the mysterious lands, transkhung inlớn the warriors of Ragnarok Online Vietnam giới, gamers can follow detailed information about Ragnarok Online Vietnam here:

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