Garena free fire vs pubg: krafton drags free fire to court in shocking development


PUBG smartphone vs không tính tiền Fire: Here we will be taking a look at how PUBG di động compares to Garena không tính phí Fire in terms of tải về size, gameplay and more.

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PUBG mobile was banned in India back in September 2020. Since then, PUBG Corporation has been trying very hard to relaunch the trò chơi in India. Many are waiting for the game to make a comeback, but till the time it does, sản phẩm điện thoại gaming enthusiasts have moved on lớn alternatives like Call of Duty: Mobile, Garena free Fire and more. Here we will be taking a look at how PUBG di động compares lớn Garena free Fire, and if it is a worthy enough replacement for the most popular battle royale game. Also Read - New State mobile gets new story missions with update: Details here

PUBG mobile vs miễn phí Fire: One can be played, one cannot

PUBG thiết bị di động is till date banned in India, và cannot officially be played in the country. Some people are playing the trò chơi using Korean APKs or VPN services, however, that is not legal. The trò chơi is not available for downloading in the country, & cannot be found on the Apple ứng dụng Store nor the Google Play Store. Also Read - Garena không tính phí Fire, AppLock still available on Samsung Galaxy Store even after being banned

PUBG Mobile và its lite version were banned under Section 69A of the Information giải pháp công nghệ Act in India. The government claims that the trò chơi was engaging in activities prejudicial khổng lồ sovereignty and integrity, defence and security of the country. Also Read - After latest Chinese phầm mềm ban, Indian govt to lớn continue scrutinizing applications: Report

Garena không lấy phí Fire, on the other hand, can be played freely within the country. & it is currently available to tải về on both the Google Play Store và the Apple ứng dụng Store.

PUBG di động vs không tính phí Fire: System requirements compared

RAM: Both the games require a minimum of 2GB of RAM, with 4GB being recommended.

Storage: PUBG smartphone requires 610MB of internal space on a smartphone, which is comparatively lower than miễn phí Fire’s 680MB of required space.

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PUBG smartphone vs miễn phí Fire: Player limitations

PUBG mobile Battle Royale mode allows 100 players khổng lồ take part at once, whereas, free Fire limits the number to 50 players.

Due to a large number of players in the game, maps are larger và the matches are longer. Thus, making it a much more fun experience for people to game. A few people might like faster gameplay, & for that PUBG di động has smaller maps và modes. On the other hand, không lấy phí Fire does not have larger maps, for players wanting longer gameplay.

PUBG điện thoại vs không tính tiền Fire: Conclusion

Considering that PUBG điện thoại is currently not available in the country, không tính tiền Fire is a decent game to play and pass your time with. However, when the trò chơi does eventually comeback, it will make the choice of moving back or staying harder for players. But considering that PUBG thiết bị di động has a lot more khổng lồ offer than free Fire, I would recommend that you make the shift for a better user experience.

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