Nowadays, mobile gaming is getting better day by day because of the high-quality games available on phones. Now those days are gone when people use to play games on PC as all such things are now easily available on Smartphones with lots of extra features.

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Some of the recent games on the sản phẩm điện thoại platforms were Fortnite for Android and PUBG. When we talk about PUBG then it’s one of the best games lớn play. But there are many users who have reported some lagging issues on it while playing on mobile.

Now, this PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại lag issue is really irritating & frustrating as you cannot play the trò chơi smoothly. There can be several reasons for this because such types of games have higher-quality graphics, lots of animations, and many more. All these things can obviously lag your phone while playing PUBG.

So today in this blog, we will discuss what are the things that one should follow to fix lagging issue on PUBG mobile.

Let’s see what one of the users has reported about the PUBG lagging issue on game android while playing PUBG mobile.

Practical scenario

Hi guys I’m using a chú ý 9 on exynos chipset và pubg runs horribly on my phone. Only when I play it on smooth graphics then the trò chơi will run fine but any higher graphic settings và the trò chơi will start to lag and stutter & frames will fall. Any idea why this is happening on a flagship device or anyone facing a similar situation?? Feeling quite hopeless now…


Apart from this, there are several other users who have reported lagging or stuttering issues on the PUBG di động game.

So let’s go through this blog completely to lớn know what can be done lớn fix the issue.

But before that, let us reviews some important things about the PUBG game and then follow the fixes for PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại lag on Android.

About PUBG mobile Game

PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground) is one of the famous games developed by Tencent. This is one of the popular games trending nowadays in every mobile though it can be played on PC as well. This game has shown better performance in quả táo devices compared to game android phones.

In this game, players are dropped with the help of a parachute and after landing, their survival for life begins. Then players have to search for weapons khổng lồ kill enemies just to lớn stay alive. There are lots of options that can help them to stay safe và to kill their enemies. & at the end of the game, whichever team kills the enemies they are greeted as “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER”

The trò chơi is very interesting lớn play but the lagging issue has really troubled players a lot. Actually, the điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh version of the PUBG trò chơi consists of several bugs that tend to make the device slow.

But here I have tried khổng lồ give you some of the best ways to lớn fix the PUBG lagging issue on Android.

Hopefully, following the below ways will allow you to lớn reduce PUBG lagging on Android & help you khổng lồ play the game smoothly.

So let’s go through them.

How lớn Fix PUBG Lagging on apk Phones?

Follow the below PUBG smartphone lag fixes to troubleshoot this problem:

Fix 1: What Are the Requirements to Play PUBG on android Without Lag?

Before playing PUBG on mobile, you should know what the basic requirements are? Because if you don’t have the PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại requirements on your phone then obviously you will not be able lớn play the game smoothly.


Storage: 2.5GB

OS– apk 5.1 or higher

GPU– Adreno 505/ Mali T830 or higher

Processor– Snapdragon 430/ Kirin -655 or higher

Fix 2: What Are the Basic Optimizations to lớn Play PUBG on Android?

Few basic things that you must vì chưng to prevent any kind of lagging issue on PUBG thiết bị di động gaming include:

Reboot your device once before playing and it will be better khổng lồ clear out the cacheTry not lớn play games in di động data và connect your device lớn a stable Wi-Fi connectionGo to lớn battery settings > mở cửa battery saver và choose PUBG > click on no restrictions just khổng lồ enable a smooth experienceWhile playing games on Wi-Fi, it’s better to lớn turn on Airplane Mode lớn stop unwanted calls or popupsAvoid playing games while your phone is in charging mode

Fix 3: Uninstall PUBG & Again Reinstall It to lớn Fix Lag PUBG Mobile

When you come across a lagging issue on android while playing then one thing you can vày to fix the issue. Simply uninstall the game và again and reinstall it. Doing this can solve several issues including the lagging problem.

In fact, if the installation of the trò chơi is bad then it will never work smoothly. So once you should try this procedure lớn get rid of the PUBG di động lag issue on Android.

Fix 4: Clear Cache & Data of PUBG smartphone Game

Another useful way that can help you to solve PUBG điện thoại lag issue is by clearing the cache and data of the particular app. To bởi vì that, follow the below steps for how lớn make PUBG mobile run smoother:

First, go to Settings on your phoneThen go lớn Apps or App Manager or ApplicationsAfter that, click on ‘All Apps’ and tìm kiếm for PUBG Mobile, then click itNow click on Clear Cache. If a storage option is available then click on it và clear out the cache and data of the app

Fix 5: How to lớn Fix Network and Ping Issue in PUBG

Some of the users have reported about the lagging issues are of high ping or packet loss. In this, when any action is done in the game then it sends to the server. This ping is how much time it takes lớn reach the server và it happens actually.

If you have a higher ping, the more time it will take to shoot a weapon. And almost every game uses ping & it should be low as a competitive aspect.

So khổng lồ fix this issue, you should ensure you are connected khổng lồ the right hệ thống while playing PUBG mobile. You have the option to select a vps in the đứng top left on the trang chủ screen. Just assume that if you are based in the USA then you have lớn select North America.

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Fix 6: Enable Developer Options khổng lồ Make Some Changes lớn Low Lagging Issue

Enabling the developer options is not a difficult task, it can also assist you to lớn solve how to fix lag in PUBG mobile. Simply go lớn Settings > About Phone and then click “Build Number” 5 times.

After the developer option is enabled, open it & do some changes as mentioned below:

Window Animation Scale to lớn 0.5xAnimator Duration scale khổng lồ 0.5 xTransition animation scale to lớn 0.5x

After changing these settings, now vị the following:

Enable Force GPU rendering, Force 4x MSAA, and also Disable HW overlays

For Redmi users who are playing PUBG mobile, they should Turn on MIUI Optimization

Fix 7: Decrease Lag Issue on PUBG apk by Using GFX Tool

Maybe you are not aware of GFX Tool but it is specially designed for PUBG games. It is used to unlock Full HD graphics with 60 FPS và other settings on graphics. This tool is available for Android and is comfortable in both Chinese & international trò chơi versions.

Now follow the steps for PUBG lag fix Android:

Remember lớn close PUBG if it’s running before installing the toolNow begin khổng lồ customize PUBG smartphone graphic settingsVersion: Choose the latest version of the PUBG Mobile gameGraphics: The graphics you will select should match your device’s compatibilityFPS: Frame per second should be up khổng lồ 60 FPS.Unlock HD: 3 options are available: Classic, Colorful and Realistic. Doing this will make the game “heavier” after activation.

When everything is phối up, simply tap on Accept. After that, a video clip ad is played and your settings will be applied.

You may come across an error during playing PUBG and in that situation, you need lớn tap on the Repair button in-game, then close the game & restart the GFX tool.

NOTE If you want lớn use the GFX tool then it should be installed previously before you play the PUBG mobile game.

Fix 8: mix Up the Graphics Options lớn Reduce Lag Issues on PUBG Mobile

This is yet another way lớn solve lag on PUBG smartphone or lag fix PUBG mobile. Follow the steps & do some changes to the graphics option.

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First, mở cửa the game & tap on Settings > graphicsHere you have lớn change graphics options to “Smooth”, style as “Classic” và Frame rate as “Low” and then disable auto-disable graphics

In fact, you can select a maps that is having low ping while playing the game. Also, don’t enable voice chat unless required & this can really lower the lag issue

Fix 9: Clear Cache of game android Phone

Clearing the cache và data of the PUBG mobile tiện ích is not enough. You must also clear the cache of your phone to fix lag in the PUBG mobile. 

This solution should work on your device if the cluttered cache on your phone is causing the PUBG to lớn lag on Android. To clear the cache of your apk phone, you need to follow these steps:

First, you have khổng lồ enter the recovery mode. For this, turn off your phone > press và hold the Power & Volume Up buttons for a while until you see the options on the screen.Now, use the Volume buttons to lớn navigate through the given options & the nguồn button lớn select the option. Here, select the Recovery Mode.After entering the Recovery Mode, select the Wipe Cache Partition option.Now, your phone will be rebooted & restart normally.

Fix 10: Stop Apps Running in the Background

There are so many app android phones which come with the features of disabling the apps running in the background và turning off the autostarting of apps. 

Open the Settings on your phone.Go lớn the Permissions.Tap on the Autostart option.Now, you can turn off all the apps that you don’t think are required to run in the background of your phone.

Fix 11: Disable Battery Optimization for mobile PUBG

We often enable the battery saver on our thiết bị di động for the long battery life. However, doing this may sometimes create issues while using some apps, and PUBG is one of them.

Some of the apps require high performance that is not possible in battery saver mode. So, if your PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại lags on the android phone, then make sure you have not enabled the battery optimization on the device.

If it is enabled, then turn it off by following these instructions and fix PUBG lagging after update 2022:

Open Settings > go lớn the Battery Settings.Tap on the Battery Saver/Battery Optimization option.Search for the PUBG MOBILE and turn it off.Now, try khổng lồ play the trò chơi again & see if the issue has been resolved or not.

Fix 12: Remove Unnecessary Apps to miễn phí Up Storage Space

To play the trò chơi without lagging or stuttering issues, you must have enough storage space on the device, especially when you’re playing a heavy game like PUBG. PUBG thiết bị di động keeps generating & deleting the files in the background of the device while playing the game.

So, if you have a low storage space on your game android phone, then you may face the PUBG mobile lagging issue. Hence, always ensure that you have enough space on your hone to lớn avoid these problems.

Fix 13: Enable Overclock Mode

Many game android phones come with the Overclock mode feature, especially if you have a gaming phone. Doing this helped many users to fix the PUBG lag on android phone issue. So, if your phone has this feature, then enable the Overclock mode.

If you are a Redmi phone user, then you won’t find this feature however, there is a similar feature called MIUI optimization. So, turn on this feature to reduce the lag problem on PUBG.

Fix 14: Disable Unnecessary Services

Players always suggested running games with minimum services enabled on the device. There are so many unwanted services on game android phones which are not required, such as GPS location, Bluetooth, vibration, auto-rotate, printing, etc.

So, if any of these services are enabled on your device, then disable them to resolve PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại lags on Android.

Fix 15: Install PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại on Phone’s Internal Storage

You are always recommended to install the PUBG MOBILE tiện ích on your phone’s internal memory storage, not on the external storage.

It is because games on internal storage perform better than being on the SD/memory card as it works slower. Hence, for better gaming speed, install the trò chơi on internal storage.

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Fix 16: Use BAGT Tool lớn Fix PUBG mobile Lagging/Stuttering on game android Phone

Just lượt thích GFX, BAGT Tool is also a graphics optimization tool that works great when PUBG lags on app android devices. Now, follow these instructions lớn find out the complete usage of this app:

Launch Google Play Store > tìm kiếm for the BAGT ToolInstall the BAGT Tool on your smartphone.Open the BAGT Tool app.Now, choose the Game Version of the PUBG installed on your phone.Next, set the following settings as per your requirements:Graphics Quality: SmoothResolution: Medium/HighShadow Quality: NoneColor Style: Classic/ColorfulShadow Render distance: LowMoving Shadows: DisabledFrame Rate: 60fpsLight Effects: NoneDetail Render Distance: LowSound Enhancement: Low/HighRendering Quality: LowAntialiasing: NoneTexture Quality: HighGPU Optimization: EnabledSave all the Settings.

Now, try to run the PUBG Mobile và see if the issue has been resolved or not.

Bonus Tip – How khổng lồ Fix PUBG Emulator Lag Issue

There are many users who play this game on their PC & it is only possible with some emulators. Emulators are the software that lets a computer work just similar to another computer system.

But here also the same issue can be found & in fact, lots of users have reported about the lagging issue on PUBG Mobile while playing on PC.

Now it’s really a difficult situation to lớn handle.

I have gone through several forums và discussions và found that several of them have suggested using different emulators to lớn fix the issue.

Though you cannot deny the fact that PUBG mobile contains lots of bugs but the issue is from the tiện ích side. So lớn fix the issue, you can use Tencent Gaming Buddy which is a PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại emulator that can give you some better performance while playing the game.

Even there are other emulators as well that can help khổng lồ reduce the lag issue of PUBG di động on PC lượt thích MEmu, BlueStacks, Nox Player, etc.

If trying these emulators also troubles you & the same lagging issue you get again và again while playing the game then you can visit this blog to lớn fix PUBG mobile lags on Tencent Emulator for PC.

Related FAQs:

There could be several factors that can lead khổng lồ PUBG lagging problem but the two major reasons for this issue- one is a poor or weak network connection và another is graphics settings which are too high for hardware on your device.

If you want lớn stop PUBG from lagging, try the below tricks: không lấy phí up your device storage Use the game booster Uninstall needless apps Clear the PUBG ứng dụng cache Disable the battery optimization Enable the overclock mode & MIUI optimization (Mi Users) Disable unnecessary services Use BAGT Tool or GFX Tool Use correct graphics settings Reinstall PUBG the mobile tiện ích Choose the accurate server

Below find out the list of best GFX tools for PUBG: The GFX Tool apk FlashDog Panda game Booster và GFX Tool for Battleground Novytool Battlegrounds Advanced Graphics Tool HD Graphics Tool


So now coming khổng lồ conclusion, I hope whatever fixes discussed in this blog for the PUBG lagging on apk issue are easy to lớn follow & you will surely get rid of the PUBG di động lag issue on Android.

Following the above fixes will now help you khổng lồ play the trò chơi smoothly without any problem.

Further, you can visit our Facebook & Twitter pages & if you have, any questions then you can here.


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