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Two New PUBG Maps (và Miramar Update) Revealed For 2021 PUBG"s Creative sầu Director has revealed the studio"s Dev Plan for 2021, announcing a remaster for Miramar, two new 8x8 maps, & a respawn mechanic.

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PUBG Miramar Map Remaster
The creative director of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has revealed PUBG"s 2021 roadmap, starting off with a remaster of the Miramar maps and two new 8x8 maps. The successful 2017 multiplayer battle royale for PC has since come khổng lồ consoles and thiết bị di động devices, with PUBG Mobile having hit one billion downloads in March of this year.

PUBG recently entered a new season, adding a new pajama party-themed Survivor Pass and changes to its Erangel maps, which were widely requested by players. Along with the game"s consistent updates, PUBG Corp also announced several new projects that fans can expect in the future. This includes a new PUBG di động game titled PUBG: New State, which is currently in development, & a sci-fi horror game helmed by Dead Space creator, Glen Schofield, set in the PUBG universe titled The Callisto Protocol.

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In an IGN interview, PUBG Creative sầu Director Dave Curd divulged the first part of the developer’s plans for the game in 2021, revealing that a remaster of Miramar & two new 8x8 maps are in the works. The remaster of the game’s desert bản đồ is expected to come first, with Curd stating that the main focus for the map will be graphical updates, including new weather effects such as sunrise, sunphối, clear skies, & overcast. The bản đồ will also undergo some minor changes khổng lồ improve gameplay, such as the removal of objects in front of windows, & closing more windows in high rise buildings.

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Curd also revealed two new 8x8 maps, Codenamed Tiger, và Codename: Kiki. Tiger will be Korea-themed, paying homage lớn PUBG Corp. and parent company Bluehole"s Korean roots, which Curd has stated will feature a “beautiful fall color,” và “novel architecture.” Most interestingly, Tiger will bring with it the respawn feature, although the nitty gritty of how the mechanic would function was not discussed in detail, the developers no doubt took notice of the popularity of hotline of Duty: Warzone"s respawn feature, if not the initial battle royale respawn beabé system in Apex Legends. The other 8x8 maps, Kiki, is expected to release around by early 2022. This map will be more exploration-based, bringing more new, undisclosed mechanics. Kiki will provide a variety locations khổng lồ explore, including everything from “mysterious underground labs khổng lồ massive sầu skyscrapers khổng lồ swamplvà to lớn subways to lớn underwater buildings.”

It seems that PUBG’s developer definitely has a lot up its sleeves at the moment, and more details can be expected as they year goes on, as this is only the first half of the PUBG Corp. 2021 Dev Plan. While the battle royale’s player count has dwindled from its all-time peak of over 3 million, the upcoming updates aim lớn help revitalize the game"s community.

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PlayerUnknown"s Battlegrounds is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, và Stadia.

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