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Pokemon distributed throughout the maps based on Google Maps & Pokestop or Gym is also based on that that formed, depending on the areas where having many Pokemon, many Pokestop and Gym are different, in this article will help you khổng lồ point through places where Poketháng, Pokestop, Gym in Poketháng Go are most concentrated in Vietphái mạnh.

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Poketháng Go is the most attractive sầu game not only in the world but also in Vietnam giới. However, in Vietnam giới, it is quite disadvantageous when Poketháng, PokeStop or Gym only focus on certain points, the remaining points are quite sparse and when playing Poketháng Go, many people wonder why they can’t see any Pokemon forever.

For beginners, if you bởi vì not know how khổng lồ play Poketháng go, the first thing khổng lồ vì is lớn find out what Pokemon Go is lượt thích Pokestop in Poketháng Go, how khổng lồ use it and why you need PokeStop. Also what is the gym in Pokemon, what is the function of the thể hình in Poketháng Go. And when you learn all about those things, you really need this article.

Places with lots of Pokemon, lots of PokeStop và Gym

The first is the Northern Region, typically Hanoi

1. First khổng lồ mention is Ho Guom, One of the most famous places, attracting a lot of tourists, so it’s no surprise that this is a crowded area of ​​Pokemon Go players.


2. Next it is West Lake with a large area of ​​more than 50 Pokestop in this area with 17 Gyms, so many groups come khổng lồ compete for Gyms, in addition, there are also many high-class Pokemon here.


3. Area Ba Dinc Square, Bach Thao Park are 2 places that gather a large number of Pokestop with Gym because this is also an amusement park and a park. In Bach Thao Park alone, there are more than 16 PokeStop already, this is a suitable weekover place for Pokemon Go gamers.


4. Quoc Tu Giam Temple, It is unbelievable for such a small area, but there are 5 PokeStop and around it there are many different PokeStop, the special feature that many people visit here is the place where the famous Poketháng Pikachu often appears.


Central Region, typically Danang

In the Central region, there are many locations but would lượt thích to lớn list the typical areas, the most crowded & the most readers.

1.First is not any area other than the legs Ham Rong bridge on the child Han River famous in Da Nang, this is an area of ​​8 PokeStop and 1 Gym.

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2. There is also another area Marble, one of the tourist destinations in Da Nang is suitable for young people traveling abroad on weekends, there are 6 PokeStop with 2 Gyms, besides the nearby locations are also scattered a lot.


Southern Region, Ho Chi Minh City.

There is no doubt that Ho Chi Minc City is the city with the most Pokestop, Gym and Poketháng types.

1. The first is park September 23 famous in Ho Chi Minh City, there are 9 PokeStop that both practice sports và check PokeStop very conveniently.


2. The second bar area to lớn mention is Independence Palace & Tao Dan Park, These 2 locations are adjacent to each other & there are 13 Poketop here.


3. The 3rd place is also the most that wants lớn say here Saigon Zoo và Botanical Gardens, There are 23 Pokestop.


4. And the last place on the list is Nguyen Hue walking street Famous, this place is famous for gathering the largest number of people in Ho Chi Minch City with up khổng lồ 10 Pokestops và 1 Gym in this area.


Above is a danh mục of the most Poketháng, Pokestop and Gym locations in Vietphái mạnh. Of course, the danh mục is still missing many locations and areas & in the upcoming articles will update further, sending readers more locations.

Xem thêm: Cách Vô Hiệu Hóa Adblock Đối Với Các Trang Web Bạn Yêu Thích In addition, Poketháng Go can be played on a PC you know, playing Poketháng Go on a PC is easy & convenient but we still encourage you to go out instead of using Bluestacks lớn play.

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