Phím tắt shutdown macbook

So on previous computers, one could shutdown using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Option + Cmd + Eject/Power nguồn. However, the new Táo MacBook Pro w/ Touchbar has neither an eject nor a power key. Does this mean that the shortcut no longer exists for this computer?



Unfortunately it"s not an option. There is an option for a sleep comm&, but there is nothing for Shut Down or Restart. Modifier/commvà keys on the sleep button don"t work either.

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Build custom keyboard shortcut khổng lồ bring up shutdown dialogue (tá

cảm biến ID button shuts down the computer ( Support) Another button on touch bar would be redundant.

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Unlượt thích with older Mac notebooks, holding down cảm ứng ID on your 2016 MacBook phiên bản Pro doesn"t display a dialog with options lớn Sleep, Restart, or Shut Down. You can find these options in the thực đơn. If your MacBook phiên bản Pro is unresponsive, you can hold down cảm ứng ID for six seconds lớn force a shut down. lưu ý that you"ll lose any unsaved work if you bởi vì this.

Shutting down your năm 2016 MBP is not required unless not using for 36 hours (táo khuyế



You can add a sleep or shutdown button khổng lồ the touch bar in system preferences > keyboard > (set touchbar options - it"s not called this but I can"t regọi the option name, it"s toward the bottom of the screen) và then drag whichever optional button you desire to lớn the touchbar


There is no shutdown button on cảm ứng Bar (except hard poweroff), just a sleep button as customizable option, but we can add a Quickkích hoạt with Automator with a shutdown Script và assign a button on the Touchbar. I made a nice red "OFF" button. I wrote the detailed workflow and script to lớn make it in https://discussions.hãng, taking the programming from https://discussions.hãng

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