Pes 2018 demo is coming at the end of august


The latest entry in the PES franchise comes with current-gene graphics, 4K support and many gameplay improvements

Baông chồng in the day, people used khổng lồ be able khổng lồ tell seasons apart using the Sun or the degree of decay in vegetation. Nowadays, you can tell whether autumn has arrived by checking if the lachạy thử Pro Evolution Soccer & FIFA are out, because they are sometimes more accurate than the Sun itself. One thing you cannot be sure of, on the other hand, is whether the new titles are going khổng lồ be worth your money.

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New features và a significant visual update

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 arrived without delay this year as well, bringing a lot of improvements & new features to convince the fans to make the switch yet again. However, if the last couple of entries in the series have sầu been quite disappointing in terms of gameplay and graphics, PES 2018 actually made an effort this year, & it would seem lượt thích FIFA has some competition again.

One of the most important changes comes in the gameplay department, given the fact that everything feels a lot smoother in terms of player movement & the way you exexinh tươi passes or shots. Not only that, but you can also enjoy many new strategic options & mix pieces, which is something that is not yet a refined chapter in the FIFA series. Furthermore, the Master League received a few upgrades và fixes as well.

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Gorgeous graphics with 4K tư vấn và high FPS capabilities

The controls can be a bit of a bother if you decide khổng lồ use a keyboard, given the fact that the game is obviously designed with consoles in mind, but since most soccer fans already have a controller handy most of the time, this shouldn’t be an issue. There’s also the matter of licensing, as it is customary in the case of Pro Evolution Soccer, because Konamày still doesn’t have all of the official licenses lượt thích EA SPORTS does.

However, probably the nicest surprise comes in the size of current-gen graphics, because the last few titles were incredibly outdated in this regard. Now, you can even play in 4K & 144 frames per second, which should make for quite the immersive experience. Not only that, but animations and facial models have received an nâng cấp too, making replays that much more enjoyable & realistic.

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A serious contender for this year’s FIFA

When it’s all said and done, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 appears to hit every mark this year, so the fans of the franchise can finally return to lớn their old love sầu. As long as you vị not mind the poor keyboard tư vấn và the missing licenses, PES 2018 is a strong soccer slặng with everything you need khổng lồ enjoy yourself in both single và multiplayer matches.

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